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I know it's going to be quite annoying to hear NO DEV UPDATE again, so here is another question:

How much time does the team plan to leave between the next dev update and launch? We're almost three quarters through the year at this point, and I don't know whether there might be enough time for the beta-testing, feedback and troubleshooting in the period of time left before the end of the year. Not to offend anyone here, but the pace of development (as we can see anyway) over the last 6(?) years does not really hold much promise. Of course, I have an absolute zero amount of experience concerning game development, so this question might not make much sense.

Anywho, it's nice to see Yavuz again and see her go all "young whippersnapper" on Wichita. :D 

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It's hard to judge- the first thing that will happen is the Kickstarter Beta. So, once we're done with the Store & Equipment there'll be a set of updates and trailers talking about those features. That's also the same time they'll set a date for the Beta.

I can't say for certain how long the Beta will run- a month, or a few months, depending, before we go to Open Beta. But you'll be playing this year...barring any magazine explosions. ;)

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Well, this year seems to be approaching Orient-levels of ammunition explosion, isn't it? 


I jest, of course, it's approaching Crossroads-levels. (Although making explosion jokes at this time of year seems a little in bad taste, doesn't it?) :unsure:


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