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Hey there! I'm a foreign fan of the game, and I'd like to try to translate it to my mother tongue. Thus, I have some questions to the community concerning the process. First, does the game support Cyrillic? If it does, where can I find all the texts of the game and how can I extract them?

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I don't know if the game supports non-Latin alphabets, but I can tell you that, unfortunately, due to a licensing issue the Team cannot release up-to-date mod tools that are capable of modifying all of the game's text. The best you can manage is to set up an instance of Windows XP, which the current mod tools still (somewhat) fully supports and functions within, and make your changes to the DLC 15 mod base, since all later DLC packs are made with too advanced of a version of the Team's in-house tools for the horribly outdated public mod tools to open.

Sometime after Y2's release we're supposed to get Y2 mod tools, which IIRC is supposed to work with Y1 as well (and work much better, in fact, the current tools are slow as molasses), but when that comes out is anyone's guess.

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