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A question regarding the game


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So I remember chancing upon this game years ago when it was first released, it looked really interesting. I only bought it recently on steam and saw in game it asked me to pick between two mods First Touch of Summer which I gathered from these forums and steam that it was the latest update with the DLC 17, and Summer's Blush which I can't find any information on, my question that might have been covered somewhere is whether I should enable them both or just one of them and if someone could explain it a bit I'd be grateful.

Thank you.

Ps. Kudos to the devs for such a simple yet detailed and complex game, it truly is a hidden gem.


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Ah, I wasn't sure myself because of the information on steam stating FToS as the latest update and no mention of Summer's Blush even when searching online. I was currently searching the threads here for clarity on that, so thank you for the swift reply.

I know I'll have fun, it might be a niche game but it's my kinda game, so thanks again!




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