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Corrupted Save


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Sunday & Monday save reloading the Monday save the game did become corrupted but after it got corrupted even deleting GCC & CatchV3 don't help

The Log don't show anything that looks problematic to me

[Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:06:01.4865802+02:00] - [Info] - [ 936073360 ]
[Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:06:02.7074042+02:00] - [Info] - [= 934691288 ]
[Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:21:07.7851652+02:00] - [Info] - [ 938756400 ]
[Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:23:12.3976725+02:00] - [Info] - [ 1040204456 ]
[Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:28:59.4203016+02:00] - [Info] - [ 1078346632 ]
[Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:36:21.336082+02:00] - [Info] - [ 909373816 ]
[Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:45:15.7781458+02:00] - [Info] - [ 921222896 ]

link for Saturday as well

Is Academagia, Steam or Windows 10 hosting a other catch for Academagia beside the GCC and CatchV3?

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No, the only special I used was a spell that temporary increase familiar skills.

Edit: you also need my mods for lading this game. Forgot to mention that.

Edit 2: also complete uninstall, remove of the Academagia folder, GCC & CatchV3 did give me the same corruption after install the game in a different directory.

Edit 3: If you can confirm that any of the 3 save are uncorrupted to you I will try get them over to my Laptop and try there ^^

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Ok just found out Friday save is fine, not sure if the corruption started with the Saturday save or the save files got corrupted after I tried to load them. Good I have the save for each day of a full week or this 3 day of corruption before I even realized something is wrong could have mean the end of my game!

Doing now the very same actions again didn't result in a corruption so far, somehow I suspect that something during the 5h I had the game running in the background before did going back was the issue for the corruption.


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1 hour ago, Legate of Mineta said:


No, it shows the same patterns as what we have seen in Y1, but otherwise, no reason for the corruption. :(

They did create a new kind of a log, though, so that might help in further testing.

Can the improved log system be released for Y1 as part of a new patch for Y1?

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