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Is the word Coster borrowed from Forgotten Realms?


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When playing Baldur's Gate again recently, I was surprizsed to encounter mention of a coster in the game. Researching, I discovered that a Coster in the Forgotten Realms setting is a "company which gathers smaller merchants together to form temporary or permanent alliances focused on safety and protection while traveling" - shich is consistent with the Falcon Costers' role in Academagia. Certainly, they do not seem to be sellers of fruit and vegetables on streets, which is an alternative meaning of coster (from costermonger).

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3 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


It comes from the historical meaning of the word, which is an association of small merchants, iirc.

How fascinating. I suppose that I should expect little else from a game which uses real Latin and has a Berber language as a major language.

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