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Event choice colors may be a little off


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I'm not affected by the success bug, but I have been succeeding at a subset of purple event choices. It seems to happen when I have one or two highly trained subskills inside a parent skill that is not highly trained, for example -


Revision 1

Revision methods 10

Revision phemes 1

Revision spells 1

Theory of Revision 2


I just got the event where you face an escaped tiger within the menagerie. I tried to use revision, which was purple for me. I appeared to succeed, the text told me I only grew a foot but that was enough to affect the oddly-colored tiger, which returned calmly to its cage.


A few events ago, I had a somewhat similar success with purple or red, in a parent skill that I had some leveling within. I wrote the first one off as coincidence, but now I'm wondering if this might be coded, and if it's working right, because these definately were purple colored choices.

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kk. Though, oddly, if I happen to have a 5 or so in at least one subskill within the parent skill, I seem to almost always succeed at these purples. Another one just occured. Glad it's not a bug, I've had a solid taste of the success bug, so 'suspicious' successes look suspicious to me, even if they are reasonable (I'm used to failing purples, when I don't have the success bug... or purples being downgraded to a lesser color, when I do have the skill.) ;)

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In my curent game I think I managed 5 or 6 Adventures choosing Red Options. (Pure Patch 2 Game)

But Maybe some Bonuses arent calculated in when deciding what color is shown for a option. (I know I haved at last in some a increased Rate of Success and also used Champions Room for all)

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