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Duel - Huh?


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My character put a vendetta on Girars, who promptly challenged him to a duel. Later, I selected the Duel Adventure. My character was given the 3 choices about the duel (I chose au moichoir). He made his choice. That was that. The event/adventure ended. The tally at the end of the day told me the duel would take place in 14 days.


Finals were also coming up. I devoted his time to casting spells to help with those and to increase my strength since it governs dueling. My character's duel was at 4 (including Duel Tours or whatever that is).


I expected an event when the duel took place. None.


Instead, All I got was a message that my character was defeated and that settled the matter. I never had a chance to actually duel or select fighting spells or anything. Is this really how it was supposed to happen? It was...anticlimatic. And I'd like to at least see why and how my character lost. He was stronger than Girars, he had dueling skills (Girars doesn't) and he was more than topped out in glamour, enchant, incant and revision.


:P Yes, I wanted to win! Mainly, though, I wanted to play it out.



P.S. I repeated this twice but haven't played past the notice.

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Please Lock. :P



I replayed from the point of declaring a vendetta. Apparently the one time I chose to skip class to study, the block said "attend duel" and not "attend class." I just saw the "attend" part because I'm used to it being for class. So, my fault.


Maybe have it say something like "Fight Duel" instead of "Attend" so dummies like me don't make that mistake?

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I think we are going to try to color it differently. Text first, and ultimately (perhaps) another graphic there. We'll see about that. :)





I only have 3 weeks to play through to actually duke it out. I feel pretty dumb that I wrote over it. I got detention for life in my first game because I pretty much skipped half my classes for a week. My students have been goody two shoes (about attendance) ever since. Figures the first time I skip in ages I'd mess it up. :P


A different color would work a treat. Also, is it possible to have pheme description roll overs during the actual duel? Just because I don't have them memorized doesn't mean my student doesn't. (You've probably already thought of that.)

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