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Irregular Studies At Cantu's School


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A quick note on this Ability: it has some fun Effects (including Attribute boosts), but the odds are about 1:60 for an Attribute. The 'best' effect you can win is 1:120.


Overall, I'd say this Ability needs an Automatic Effect in addition to the (rare) possibility of the more interesting (not always positive!) rewards.

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Can you load buffs on the same day and have them take effect in your evening action? For instance, you cast a spell with a sleuthing boost, train in sleuthing and then have an event/adventure/ability that requires a sleuthing roll.


Will the two boosts from morning and afternoon apply?


Asking because, one, I'm unsure myself and, two, the example above used that.


(It appears to me that friendship increases aren't applied until the end-of-day tally.)

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