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  1. No, that would be meta gaming since the joke wasn't there in '39.
  2. Don't let Welly hear that. He'll hunt you down as a heretic.... also what Legate wrote. XD
  3. Thank you very much legate. As you can see in my post above I wasn't aware of it. I'd like to point out for the hasty reader: I was speculating about all the possible destroyers the KM might have ingame. And I "declared" 7 to 8 of them as "probably in". And that's a realistic number I guess. But I admit later '39 additions can inclue destroyers commissioned after the 1st of Sep. So that derails my speculation a bit. ^^"
  4. They are forgotten by the allies because they were an embarrassement for the allies and by the germans because KZ-prisoners and also the more prominent sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff around the same time. And W.G. were "true germans fleeing the evil russian" and could also be spun against Russia as a war crime (which it wasn't in the most technical sense of the definition). And Cap Arcona gained prominence in germany later on, compared to Steuben or Goya, which had a similar fate to Wilhelm Gustloff. But that aside: The story of the HMT Lancastria is a tragedy in it's own right. Especially since there actually was a real cover up of it. Which was never the case with the ships ninja or I mentioned.
  5. Just a hint about "prussian destroyers": Hans Lüdemann. I couldn't find his birthplace, but his name indicates he was rather from the Kingdom of Hannover, not Prussia. So one off your Prussian list. (I think I mentioned it somewhere else already)
  6. Hi alle zusammen, Ninjapacman gave me the initiative to talk german starters. If I did not miscount the KM has 20 potential starters. (1934 and 1936 destroyers ready prior to Sep 1st '39) Was anywhere mentioned how much starter the major powers will get each? 5 or 6? What will you do @Ninjapacman, if there is one more prussian than Z17? Z8 maybe? Her namesake was a prussian and did a very "prussian" thing at the end of the war. Which could be the reason why Z9 is not in the game, because they did "it" together, but Z9s namesake wasn't prussian. Or Z20 could be an interesting choice if you like Torpedoes and I would think it's in the game for one very good reason. It survived as the only 1936er if I'm not mistaken. Z19 is probably in and a good choice if you like CQC, war heroes and hate England. Btw if I choose Z18 I so much hope Z21 is in the game as well. That'd be sweet. But I think it's realistic to say she was scrapped from the list for being too similar in name background. Z3 is very similar to Z1, so she's maybe out as well. Z5 on the other hand..... this little 1934er is connected directly to Graf Spee. Ninja, if she's in.... maybe she leads you to Spee. As starter or later reinforcement. One of Z6, Z14 and Z15 could be in. Or all. Because their namesakes have a direct connection to the Skagerrakbattle*, which is still to this day the most important sea battle in german naval history. And all three ships survived WWII. And the namesake of Z15 died on the one of Z14 after his ship was sunk. Just a little something maybe? The namesake of Z16 also died in the Skagerrakbattle, but in contrast to the others: Z16 sunk during WWII. And hell yeah Z10 would be one for.... "if I told you I'd have to kill you", maybe? At least she can probably speak fluent english. Z2, Z4, Z7, Z11, Z12, Z13 are probably all out as well, since they all strike me as rather.... uninteresting, compared to the others. Except maybe Z13 because "unlucky number", but then again: Z1 and Z3 (who put together are 1 and 3 = 13). That's just my speculations. I take the approach of "doubled history equals one of them is not in the game", but the "ships with very similar namesake stories are more likely to be all in the game" approach is valid as well. But each major fleet has only between 15 and 20 ships total in '39 so naturally not all Zerstörer will be in it. *Battle of Jutland for all british spies.
  7. Oh, it is. Or do you think they'll let you start with a Battlecruiser? @Ninjapacman To not bore the uninterested, follow me here.
  8. The french navy should send its regards to Urza. He just doubled its points and linked it to the other majors. He also helped the IJN nick place 4 from the soviets.
  9. One thing keeps bugging me for a while now: How will the uninterviewed starter be able to compensate for their lack of fame, compared with the interviewed DDs?
  10. Here's my vote. Enjoy. All letters are written in german, because Korky knows only tiny bits of english. First letter, in an official envelope of Korky's unit, addressed to INPF Communications office, to the hands of Ms. Argyris. My vote is Diana Argyris/INPF DOC and Viola Pascal/Italy. I split my resources 50/50.
  11. I want to give an elaborated answer, but I lack the time for it. How long will this be open?
  12. As someone without inside knowledge of game developing I was unsure, because you dropped the "connecting Frontend - Backend" terminology and that made it look to me like you'd progressed further. But you connected some parts, and the outstanding parts are to be done in that field of problem? "the client" is the term I'm looking for here? Or did I get confused again? Also if the client is ready, then a beta will launch or is there still additional work to do?
  13. Some ideas: End one: It would not be mentioned in germany if possible, german navy personnel had to remain silent about it and the ship would be decommissioned by the german navy. It would go over to the INPF completely and ignored if possible. Most german captains would refuse to serve together with it. End two: The Belle would be publicly treated as a traitor, tensions against Belles would arise on different levels. Maybe the german navy would try to blow it up "by accident", maybe not. It would never again be mentioned in the "Wochenschau" (weekly news reel), radio and the newspapers, except in a negative way to spin the "jews are evil and deserve to die" narrative. She would probably be called "the jewish belle" which sounds descriptive, but anything "jewish" is meant as an insult in nazi-germany in general. German captains would be treated as traitors if they cooperated with that Belle. End three: The jew would be killed if possible, the Belle put under interrogation (assited by Belles like Nürnberg, natürlich) or sunk.
  14. The german navy has deconstructed one it's last two landing crafts. It was a surprise deconstruction, when it was to be repaired for a last time. So it's scrap already but not decommissioned. The official decomission will take place in late October. Now the german navy has only 1 naval landing craft left, the Lachs. Who really is a "alter Lachs". *ba-dum-tuss*
  15. Sooo... are we out of 1938, the Anschluss of front- and backend is complete?