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Bugs in Patch 14


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That *is* a great Spell, and one of the hidden ways to get ahead, as it were.


If it's supposed to be that way, fine then. My intention was not to second guess your game design and balance. I'm sure a lot of people would be delighted to stumble upon the spell and people like me have the liberty not to use it. I wondered because I happened to get it with my first ever character on the first week she entered the Academagia. That profile is easy to boost during character creation and one only need a level 5 in a certain subskill to unlock the spell.

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Is this still the active Bugs thread? We're on Patch 16 now.


Anyways, assuming it is, then I want to report that Natto's Back Room doesn't do what it should. It says it will increase three Negation skills by one step each (or one Negation skill by three steps), but it only seems to increase one, and only by one skill step.

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Hmm- we'll look at Natto's Back Room in DLC 4.


As to the Spells and 'cheating'- you are actually intended to use your Spells to succeed on Exams. That is not cheating, per se, but rather a demonstration of the abilities you are learning at University! That said, there are some future classes which are much more strict, but these are generally non-magical subjects.

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A couple of possible spell content issues (some are maybe not really a problem). Note these are based on a game started under the Vernin DLC (though since patched to patch 15).


1.) Bitter Stalks: Still listed as Beneficial. I know this ones been reported before because friends used to cast it on you, so it's possible the coding has been fixed but the displayed content for the spell hasn't been as far as I can tell.

2.) Blood Tarantula: Has spell types Incantation, Affliction, Monster, and Summoning. Should probably be Gates rather than Incantation like the other Gates spells.

3.) Calafon's Balancing of Humours: I think wires got crossed; the spell removes stress, a bad emotion, and causes joy but its action type is listed as Hostile and Monster despite there being nothing in the description about monsters. Additionally the phemes are really weird for a healing revision type spell (Movement, Attack, Location, and Unleash).

4.) Channel Masters: The text describes this as a Glamour spell with no reference to Astrology, but it's listed as an Astrology, Music, and Knowledge type spell.



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Random Event Docks 8

The rope holding them in place must have broke


Random Event Theft 1

Arithmetic exit, failure

You quickly find a memeber of the city guard

Typo - member


Random Event Theft 3

"As if!" snaps She before she storms off

In that case it is Els


Lore - Rimbal to a Battle & Student Essay Comparing Rimbal to a Battle

They have identical content, and I gained them both together


Playing a new game started under patch 15, I just got reprimanded for skipping detention but I didn't have any detention scheduled.

I'm pretty sure because I didn't get punished for anything up to that point in that game.

Maybe not a coincidence : I also got reprimanded for trespassing on the same day, which was possible since I was visiting a location.

I was under the impression this issue was resolved before, it's strange. Hope I am not missing something.

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You *should* not get a Detention same Day, but...we've gone through three Patches on this, and it's possible it's resurfaced. If you don't mind:


1) Verify your content by pressing F12. Your version should be:

2) Please send me a pm to a RapidShare link of your save, I'd like to see it, if possible.



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I'm still playing with my patch 14 save (almost Veranix) and encountered these:


[event] Vernin Common Room 5

- <Asmita Tidar's Clique> actor link should be <Asmita Tidar's name>


[shop?] Joy of Music - Catalog C

- on Nivelos 27, I scheduled "Study at the Venalicium Library", "Academagia Public Pratice Room #4", and "Study at the Library of Mantle of Stars"

- after confirmation (and some processing time), the above 'shop' presented itself but with no items to sell

- also, of note, at the EotD report, my Lyre and Violin subskills was increased by 1 SS and yielded 'Joy of Music - Catalog B' and 'Joy of Music - Catalog C' respectively


[event] Student - Cante

- typo --> 3/4That's understandable

- typo --> 3/4he thinks


[event] Physical Event 15

- typo --> even more startled by you then you are of him

- should be "than"


[event] The Challenge of the Tower

- typo --> The ghost waves your forward

- should be "you"


[event] Professor Briardi 2

- "blasting Professor <Briardi actor link missing>. Practical joke?"

- "Whatever the story, Professor <wrong actor link> is no novice"

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After casting a spell (6th finger) with the 'silence' pheme (increases move silently and lowers listen) my befriend parrent skill went through the roof - from 8 (or so) to 44.


It seems a bit strange all in all (though I suppose my chance at making friends should be good just now) I'll send a PM with a link for the savegame if it is wanted.

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No electricity in my area so I had to go somewhere else where I could report these:


[event] Hallway 7

- Diplomacy exit did not give "gold coins" as stated at the success text


[shop] Joy of Music - Catalog C

- does not appear in my list of choices for the Shop action


[event] The Tournament (Battlemace adventure)

- typo --> only a matter of time until Luca succumbs your advances

- should be "Ferdinand succumbs to your advances"

- typo --> shake everyone's hand a bid them

- should be "and"


[shop] "Value sold for X items:"

- does not update correctly when an item has been deselected

- also in the EotD report, the purchase shown is a negative value (in programming, that's just alright but... I hope you get what I mean)


[event] Rampant Creature 4

- Materials Knowledge success exit

- typo --> It will made an excellent trap

- should be "make"


[skill] Courage

- its level 10 skill perk, the Ancient Snake Pit (+1 SS Courage and Poisons), is kind of improperly given since one's Courage is already at maximum (assuming no expansion to its skill level maximum, which is most likely the case)

- either the location be made available earlier in the "skill perk tree" or the location's benefits be modified


[item] Astrologer's Eye

- the description does not match its effect (it gives a +1 to the Astrology parent skill and not to the skill level maximum)


[event] Shopping 7

- Repairs success exit

- typo --> the shopo keeper gives you

- should be "shop"


I'm still playing my patch 14 save just in case...

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although Joy of Music C is already completed, I believe

I've already acquired the 'Catalog C' but it still does NOT appear in my list of shops in the Shop action.


Some more I encountered from my game:


[event] Performance 12

- typo --> figure out what get rid

- should be "how to" or "what could"


[event] Homework 9

- typo --> a small worm appears and beings eating

- should be "begins"


[ability/action?] Inspire (by Honors Plafox)

- typo --> above the crises of the moment

- should be "crisis"

- at the EotD report, why "All All Students"?


[location/ability] Run Down Classroom

- typo --> for a two weeks

- should be "a period of" or "a duration of" or something to that effect OR just simply remove it

- also my character failed on it even though it has no required roll(s)


[event] Spellcasting 19

- typo --> Putting the wand parrel to her eyes

- should be "parallel"


[item???] Monteon Steel

- missing description; my character 'learned' about it not added though


[ablity] Gamers' Guild

- its description does not match with its effect, specifically, the Planning subskill is increased by 1 Skill Level instead of by 1 Skill Step (based on what's stated in the EotD report)


[event] Homework 5

- typo --> shake you head

- should be "your"

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I should see and could acquire whatever items 'Catalog C' offers IF there is a way to buy from that catalog without going through the Shop action (coz I'm pretty sure that there is no Catalog C in the list, Catalog A & B is there though). And yes I'm still playing with my patch 14 savegame with the 'Riddles of the Queen' mod included (already at Anedius, preparing my character to sabotage my rival in her finals /grins).

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Again, I'm still on my patch 14 save:



16 Anedius 1658 EotD report:


You attended class Astrology.

You attended class Arithmetic.

You attended class Music.

- You have learned about Article, Second Weapon of Bullies, by Olin Moor.

- You have learned about Strength.

- You have added Extract Protection to Yourself.


- I'm very sure those came from improving one's Intimidation subskill. Also of note, the Music subskills taught in the Music class have all been maxed to 10.

- There was a random event (Pursuit 7) on this day but the Negation Spells success exit would surely not give such a reward.



19 Anedius 1658 EotD report:


You attended class Astrology.

You attended class Arithmetic.

- You increased Your Journalism Skill Level by 1.

-- You have learned about Pen and Pad.

-- You have learned about Scry.

-- You have learned about Blackmailing and Other Such Avocations I.

You attended class Music.


- the random event I had on this day was 'Student - Malacresta' with the Theory of Astrology success exit

- how did I manage to do that?



23 Anedius 1658 EotD report:


You attended class Glamour.

You attended class Revision.

- You have added Bad Spout to Yourself.

You attended class Enchant.


- I'm sure that the 'Bad Spout' spell cannot be acquired by attending the Revision class (I've already earned that spell from a previous random event)

- random event for this day was 'Rescue 9' whichI ended with a successful Courage exit

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It is only yesterday did I noticed such 'behaviour' since I knew that I've already maxed out the subskills taught in those classes. And it wasn't really matching the rewards that should be given in the random events that I encountered on those days.


I'm going to check the EotD reports on the days previous to those I listed above and try to deduce when it started (if I could).

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I checked up on the Mod Tool and I saw these entries under the 'Skills' tab of the 'Classes' category. Subskills that a student gets a free skill step increase on a specific day when he/she attends that class are listed there. It's kinda odd though why some subskills unrelated to the class are added in there.

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