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So I'd just completed the school year, being a very nice little bookworm who mostly kept to herself... I was happy to be generally well liked, even though I started off with a certain SOMEONE at -5, and having had made more or less no effort towards the social scene.


And then it hit me; all of those times I'd been nice and helpful, I didn't really even think about doing something different. The thought of being indifferent had crossed my mind at times, but never of pointing, laughing, and just generally being a Very Unpleasant Person.


And so, that's what I turned my eye towards fixing - looking back over the year, and seeing just what I COULD have done.




Or, roleplaying text aside, while I generally play as a nice person, I didn't really feel like I was given many opportunities to act otherwise - there are a lot of bullying actions available if I study them, but those are really rather... Context free. There's no way of sort of "slipping into" being a bad person, of justifying it to yourself, or just being opportunistic - being a bully takes a very deliberate choice, and it comes at a very deliberate cost to your time in actually studying. Likewise, there aren't a lot of ways to hurt severely hurt your relationship with other characters - if a student doesn't start bullying you before they find someone else they enjoy messing with more, you're not likely to see them do a lot to hurt your relations.


So, I've decided to go through all of the events, and see where I can think of options where you could just generally Be Mean. Within reason, of course - I'm thinking more along the lines of "How can the player be more like Joana?" and not "How can the player be more like Voldemort?" (the appreciation many board members have of Mastery nonwithstanding...)


I haven't gotten far yet; in fact, I don't even know if this computer has enough memory to actually compile a mod. But, well, it's fun to write up the options, and someone else might enjoy them as well :) . That said, though, the writing isn't really consistent with the quality of the ACTUAL writers, so any pointers on how to make the style more consistent would be welcome... As, for that matter, would any pointers on making the bullying more realistic. I'm not really a mean person, so I'm not really clear on how to write a convincing mean... Or at least, one that doesn't venture all uncomfortably close to farce.


With that in mind, here are the options I've written so far; for the sake of convenience, I have also reproduced the original event text.


Astrology Event 5


You enter your Astrology class when you notice one of the flying star decorations floating by the ceiling is out of control and is creating a mess for the other decorations. You realize that left in its condition, it could prevent you and your classmates from paying attention in class.

Exit 4 - Bully. Make one of the nerds do it.*


*Not wholly satisfied with that description, though it DOES get to the point...

Main Text - Ugh! With that star swirling out of alignment, it'll disrupt the whole lesson... And you just KNOW that Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Kate Badcrumble won't let you leave until it's repaired and the lesson completed. No, someone has to do something, but who...


Your eyes glance over to [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Ausdauer Mollers*. She's always seemed bright enough. Maybe she can fix it...


*Some might question this particular pick; while I don't really know that much about Ausdauer, my reasoning in choosing her were that, out of the students available for the Astrology class, she was one few who had both 1) high intelligence, and 2) a very nonagressive feel to their description. She doesn't have any Clockwork expertise, but... Well, she's smart, she can figure it out :) . That said, if there's a better pick, I'd be happy to switch... Although I very much like how the failure option on this went.

Success! - Walking over to her, you put a hand on your hips, tilt forward, and pull down that stupid book she's always reading.


"Hey, genius, don't you see we have a problem here? If this display isn't working before [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Kate Badcrumble comes back, we're going to be here all day!"


She blinks at your sudden interruption, and looks up at you. "And what do you want me to do about it?"


"Isn't it obvious?", you reply, crossing your arms. "Fix it!"


She stares at you, perplexed. "...How?"


"I certainly don't know, and I certainly don't care. But you're smart - I'll bet you'll know everything you need to within fifteen minutes. And..." you sneer, pulling her book away, "...if you happen to be feeling a bit lazy today... Well, you'll not be seeing this again... So I think you'll find yourself focused, no?"


A worried look on her face, she scurries off as you take her seat and relax. And what do you know, fifteen minutes later, that annoying star falls back into alignment! She really is clever, isn't she?

Effects - +1 Intimidation, -1 relationship with Ausdauer, +1 stress for Ausdauer, -1 stress for you

Failure... - You glance back at the star one last time, as you walk over. Just why did they have to make the darned things so high up, anyway?


Looking back to your... friend... however, you find something most distressing. She's gone! Vanished! Gated!


You blink in surprise. She was... Right here... How did this happen? You look around hurriedly. She's not anywhere else in the classroom that you can see either!


You sigh in frustration... I guess there's nothing you can do but take a seat and wait, then. Eventually Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Kate Badcrumble fixes the errant star and the lesson commences, but true to your worries, it makes you late for everything else that day.


And just to make things worse... As you stood up, [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Ausdauer Mollers stood up right beside you as well! How doe she keep doing that?

Effects - -1 observation, +1 relationship with Ausdauer*


* Well, you DID sit with her all class, even if neither of you said much :) .


Random Event Botany 3


As you hurry across campus, you hear a squeal of surprise.


You turn to see the flailing legs of [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Everwine von Zoedorf sticking out from a fat red plant near the pathway.


Looks like one of the carnivorous plants escaped the school’s botanical gardens and now it’s trying to eat a student!

Exit 4 - Teasing. What an absurd sight! You can't help but stop and laugh.

Success! - Everwine stuck in a plant! What a sight to see, his little legs squirming about, trying to get free. How did it even catch him? It's a plant! It doesn't move! Not even the slowest of turtles could be caught by something completely immobile! Maybe that stupid paper he's always scribbling on blew into it, and he tried to get it back...


Well, however he did it, now he has two problems - an angry plant, and a certain someone who think's they're funny.


Fortunately for him, before long a gardener comes to check on what's causing all the laughter... Unfortunately for you, he doesn't happen to think it as funny.


The detention was worth it, though!*


*...How exactly DOES one write text laughing at someone being eaten by a plant? I know of Acadamagian students who would do it, but I can't for the life of me think of anything resembling what they'd say...

Effects - +1 Teasing, -2 Vitality for Everwine, -1 character, -1 stress, -1 relationship with Everwine, Reprimand*


*I imagine the staff frowns at students ignoring life-threatening situations...





Random Event Botany 6

As a result of your continual tardiness, Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/William Vickery* has assigned you the unenviable task of weeding the class garden. Sometime in your second hour of backbreaking labor, you come across a type of weed you've never seen before and give it a tug. Is that a scream you hear? You give the weed another tug. Yes, it's definitely screaming. You've never heard a weed scream before. Clearly, this thing doesn't have much interest in being pulled.


*I somehow question whether Vickery would be so careless as to let a student slip detention by pushing it off onto someone else... But, well, he didn't notice you just cover the problem up in Exit 3, right?

Exit 5 - Bully. Screaming plants? Somebody else's problem!

Main Text - Ugh, what a racket... You don't even want to be NEAR this thing when it's not muffled by the ground! Who else can handle this for you... Ah, there's [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default)*. They can pull this for you... With suitable... Motivation, of course.


You stand up, and brush the dirt off your robes. Striding confidently up to [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default), you put on your most unconcerned of faces.


"Awfully weedy, this garden, isn't it?", you say, looking nonchalantly about. "I think it's time for somebody to do something about it, don't you?"


"Ah, so that's why you're still around after class... Good work, this place really needs it!", [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default) enthusiastically replie.


You glance away and sigh... This is going to call for a more direct statement, isn't it...


"I was thinking that that someone should be more... You, than I," you say with a menacing expression




*I'm not entirely comfortable with going with a purely random person here... While there are a few students who could plausibly react like this, Botany has plenty of students who that sort of reaction is horribly unsuited to!

Success! - [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default) turns a pale shade, as [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default) gets your drift.


"I, ah, see... I'll go grab some gloves, then." [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default) says.


"No need," you say, already in the middle of taking yours off. "Take mine!"


[Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default) glowers at you as you walk away... But at least you'll not have to deal with that din as you go!


Ten minutes later, as you hear a distant scream, you smile at your eardrum's safety.

Effects - +1 Intimidation step, +stress for whomever you pressed into serving your detention, -1 relationship with same person, -1 stress for you.

Failure... - Suddenly, you feel the presence of someone behind you... Someone... Tall. You're not certain you want to turn around...


"Actually, I could have sworn that the someone I assigned this to was more you than [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default), miss [Character]Character/Self. Consider yourself assigned to detention."


Wearing a shade that blends in quite well with the nearby beats*, you glower at [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default) as [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Botany/Random Character (Default) laughs, before turning back towards the curiously screaming weed...


*...Do the school's gardens even have beats? For that matter, do they grow anywhere in the game? "Beat red" might not even be an idiom, there...

Effects - +1 stress, -1 relationship with whomever you TRIED to press into serving your detention, -1 intimidation, -1 observation, Reprimand



Botany Event 8


While strolling through the garden one day, the earth beneath you starts to shake, knocking you off your feet. As you watch in terror, a giant insect burrows its way out of the earth in front of you.


You leap to your feet and stare into the (eyes?) of a 6 foot long beetle. You can’t exactly call what you’re looking at a “face,” but whatever it is, it doesn’t look happy.

Exit 5 - Bully. To think, someone would try and fool you with such a lame trick... They'd better be prepared to pay!*


*For those not familiar with the event, it's a cleverly(?) made costume, revealed through an Observation roll.

Success! - You shake your head, reach forward, and pry the head off of the stupid thing. Grabbing[Character]Character/Random (Default) before [Character]Character/Random (Default) can run off, you take the opportunity to exchange a few words with your newly-captive audience.


"Listen up... If you don't feel like letting your little stunt here become the new laughingstock of the school, you'll give me everything in your pockets... Now."


Glumly, a purse of pims appears through the neck.


"I said everything, [Character]Character/Random (Default)."


"But... But all that's left is my wand!",[Character]Character/Random (Default) protests.


You put on your least sympathetic grin.


"Is that so? Well, then, I'll just have to hold on to it until you pay off your debt, now won't I...", you say with sickening sweetness.


[Character]Character/Random (Default) swallows, knowing that this "debt" isn't likely to be light...

Effects - +300 Pilms to you, -300 pilms to him/her, +1 stress to him/her, -1 stress to you, -1 relationship between you, +1 teasing, +1 wrestling

Failure... You shake your head, reach forward, and pry the head off of the stupid thing. Grabbing [Character]Character/Random (Default) before [Character]Character/Random (Default) can run off, you take the opportunity to exchange a few words with your newly-captive audience.


"Listen up... If you don't feel like letting your little stunt here become the new laughingstock of the school, you'll give me everything in your pockets... Now."


But before [Character]Character/Random (Default) can respond, you hear a shout from your left.


"Everyone, come quick! [Character]Character/Self has captured a giant beetle!"


Wha... What!? Even if it had its head on, who could be foolish enough to mistake this costume for a giant beetle!? You're strong, but you're not that strong!


Still, the shout had its effect, and now you're surrounded by a swarm of students...


"Oh, wow, what a cool costume!", "How did you make it? Can you make me one?", "Are you practing for a play? You're so cool!"


You sigh, and loosen your grip... This has clearly backfired horribly, and you've no leverage over the wildly grinning [Character]Character/Random (Default) now...

Effects - -1 relationship between you.


City Street 1


Walking down the street, you suddenly trip and fall flat on your face. Luckily, your fall looked worse than it felt. You're fine.


Standing up and brushing yourself off, you look around in embarrassment; [Character]Character/Selection/Morvidus/Vettor Conta and [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Girars de Periarde are nearby, but they don't seem to be paying attention to you.

Exit 5 - It's an act. They're out to get you.

Success? - With a furious frame on your face, you storm over to them and demand to know why they thought they could trip you and get away with it. [Character]Character/Selection/Morvidus/Vettor Conta tries to get a word in edgewise, but you'll not have one word of his lies, and raise your voice over his. Emphasizing your point with wild gestures, you stop only one step shy of actually drawing your wand before you storm off, knowing that if you stay a second longer, you'll actually come to blows.


[Character]Character/Selection/Morvidus/Vettor Conta and [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Girars de Periarde exchange confused looks as you leave... Not that you can see them, of course.

Effects - -1 relationship with both Vettor AND Girars, -1 Temperance, +1 stress


Random Classroom 11


You feel ready to doze off in the classroom when a terrible crash awakens your attention.


A goblin has jumped through the window. And, odder than that, it is being chased by a faery.


You have to admit, with a wicked-looking sewing needle and a glint in her eye, the faery is looking pretty formidable for her size.


Immediately, the class is thrown into an uproar.

Exit 4 - Manipulation. Today's class is boring. Escalate the fight!

Main Text - Ugh, today's class has been so dull... Professor [instructor]Instructor/Class/Character/Self/Random Class (Default)'s been doing nothing but droning on for the last hour! Finally, a break from it all!


Only... It looks like the goblin's really gotten the upper hand in his escape. In the chaotic setting of the classroom, he looks about prepared to slip through the door!

Success! - In a loud voice, you announce to the class, "Hah! What a coward that goblin is, can't even take a lowly faery!"


Just as you'd hoped, the goblin pauses at the door... Which you deftly close in front of him. With no place to flee, he throws a furious glare at you, and darts underneath the professor's desk. While the faery darts under to pursue, you dart beside [Character]Character/Class/Random Class (Default)/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship and draw your wand. Seeing that things are about to get worse, [Character]Character/Class/Random Class (Default)/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship follows your lead.


As expected, the goblin emerges from the desk, barely restraining a struggling faery. As he heads for the window, you cast a quick stunning spell at the goblin - which "accidentally" misses, and "accidentally" knocks the wand from your hand. Surprised, the goblin loosens his grip, and the faery bursts free - taking to the air, and searching for her sword. Narrowing his eyes, the goblin frowns in your direction. Showing your empty hands, you discreetly nudge your head in [Character]Character/Class/Random Class (Default)/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship's direction - not pausing to think about it, the goblin bursts towards the "meddlesome wizard".


Meanwhile, the faery deftly dodges a bevy of spells cast by your classmates, half of whom drew their own wands after the first spell was cast, in a beautiful aerial dance.


And amidst all the chaos, you take a seat near the back, and enjoy the whole show. Who said that class would be dull today!

Effects - +1 incantation spells, +1 innuendo, +1 insult, -1 relationship with whomever you set up*, Reprimand**, -3 stress


*Maybe -1 to more people? I imagine a lot of people didn't care for what you did... Though, by that standard, maybe we should have some +1s for those who did...


**There wasn't good part to mention it in there, but the professor was not happy.

Failure... - In a loud voice, you announce to the class, "Hah! What a coward that goblin is, can't even take a lowly faery!"


Unfortunately, your words seem to have missed their intended mark... The goblin doesn't hesitate a hair, and darts through the door. Meanwhile, the faery seems to take offense at being called a "lowly faery", and promptly turns her needle towards you.


You're soon sent to the nurse to have your newfound status of "pincushion" reversed, but you're not at all certain that's how you meant to get out of class...

Effects - -2 vitality





A question about the events, though... I notice a large block of them labeled as "complications". I assume that they're triggered by the "complications" field in event exits, but I think I've encountered a few independent of any adventure or other event, and I don't think I've actually seen them triggered by either of those before. Did I fail my observation check, or did I fail my reason check?


Also, in Rolls, I note that you can set your roll against either a threshold or a target... But I don't see a field for setting whose attributes and skills to check, when using target. How do I set that, exactly?

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Awesome work, thank you! I believe this is in time for DLC 5. :)


I believe you made both your Observation and your Reason! Complications were originally a distinct kind of Random Event, and I believe some of the ones in the Mod Tools (about 200) no longer serve any purpose. In the current implementation, they are mechanically unconnected, if checked (not necessarily named) as Complications.


For Rolls, if you want to change the Attribute/Skill that the Target will Roll (in the case of contested Actions/Abilities/Spells- but dont't do this for Stories!) you'll need to change the Roll Type to Initiator vs. Target Roll. Then, you can alter the Attribute and Skill for both.


If that answers your question correctly? :)

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Awesome work, thank you! I believe this is in time for DLC 5. :)



:o ! I'd not even considered it seeing official use! I'm glad that I could be useful to the game ^^ .



For Rolls, if you want to change the Attribute/Skill that the Target will Roll (in the case of contested Actions/Abilities/Spells- but dont't do this for Stories!) you'll need to change the Roll Type to Initiator vs. Target Roll. Then, you can alter the Attribute and Skill for both.


If that answers your question correctly? :)


Not quite... In the roll field, I can see how to switch to Initiator vs. Target, but I don't see a field to define who the Target is. Maybe I'm missing a stage entirely in setting up rolls?


While I'm asking questions, is there a faster way to specifically define an effect happen to a Random character called in the Event then using the Actors list? Whenever I open Actors, loading the full list takes a good ten minutes - presumably because it has to look up every single event and each actor in it.


And final question... I've noticed that a lot of events using random characters seem to call specifically male or female characters. Is this so that you don't have to either use a link for every single pronoun reference or write around pronouns entirely :P ?





My next five events... I was a bit sleepy when I wrote these ones, though, and it showed a bit in the quality of some of them...


Classroom 14


You’re in a special lecture, writing down a list of common ingredients, when a note is slipped onto your desk by [Character]Character/Male/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default).


It’s folded over and addressed to [Character]Character/Female/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default).


Do you read it or pass it on?


Exit 4 - Blackmail. Check it... And then make some pilms off it.


Main Text - You're nobody's herald service! [Character]Character/Male/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) gave you the note, so it's yours to do with as you please! And if he doesn't want "what you please" to be handing it to Professor [instructor]Instructor/Random (Default)... Then he'll have to change your mind with some gil.


You quickly hand him back a note saying as much.

Success! - [Character]Character/Male/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) shoots you a furious glance as he reads your note, but still slips you a few coins.


Smiling, you hand the note over to [Character]Character/Female/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default), who giggles a bit before hiding the note away.


Not as many pilms as you'd like, but, well, for a heraldry service, your range is rather limited...


Effects - +10 Pilms to you, -10 Pilms to him, -1 relationship to you both.


Failure... - [Character]Character/Male/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) mouths at you, "you're bluffing".


Well... Maybe you were, but you certainly can't back out now!


"Professor [instructor]Instructor/Random (Default), Professor [instructor]Instructor/Random (Default)!", you say as your hand shoots up. "[Character]Character/Male/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) is passing notes!"


Professor [instructor]Instructor/Random (Default), grimacing at your sudden and unexpected respect for the rules, tells you to bring it to [instructor]Instructor/Random (Default). Putting on your most innocent of faces, you comply. Judging the look on the professor's face, it would seem [Character]Character/Male/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) is in a spot of trouble now...


And judging by the looks on the face of the rest of the class, you've not made yourself many friends!


Effects - -1 relationship to three classmates, -3 merit for the student you tried to blackmail, -3 relations with the student you tried to blackmail*


*A bit harsh maybe, but I'm combining three -1 penalties with him; -1 for trying to blackmail him, -1 for following through with the threat, and -1 for him making you look like the villain (goody two shoes?) in front of the entire class.


Classroom 5


Suddenly [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Rui da Casga leans over to your desk and taps your shoulder.


He dangles a small packet in front of your nose.


“Quick! I need you to toss this in the air when [instructor]Instructor/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar comes in!”


You can already hear footsteps.


What do you do?


Exit 4(Prequisite; having completed the investigation into What The Packet Is) - Bully. Ooooooh, sounds like fun! But... You have someone more fun in mind...

Success! - Sure, it'd be fun to see Professor [instructor]Instructor/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar do the itchy dance, but you've served enough detentions already.


No, let's get this powder on to [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship - it's been an entire day since you last got to see [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship squirm!


Walking up behind [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship, you pour the whole pocket over him, and smirk maliciously as [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship scratches all over.


"Better hope [instructor]Instructor/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar doesn't notice you 'disrupting class with your antics', [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship", you whisper at [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar/Random Character (Default)/Low Relationship as you head to your seat... You're just lucky that the professor didn't notice your snickering as your words prove prophetic!

Effects - -3 merit to Victim, -1 relationship with Riu*, -3 relationship with Victim**, -1 Stress for you, +2 Stress for Victim


*Well, if Riu just wanted to pull a prank on someone he didn't like, he didn't need your help at all! You replaced the poor trickster's plan with one far less grandiose in scope...


**Again, it might be a bit harsh, but 1) you doused him in itching powder, 2), you got him in trouble, and 3), you did it in front of the entire class.

Failure... - I didn't include one for this particular exit; while I could write one up, "open a packet of itching powder over a sitting person" seems a bit hard to mess up. The teacher might come in before you're finished? You might open it messily and get some on yourself as well? Either could be included, but the tradeoffs for success are steep enough that I'm not really certain it needs one, given that you had to complete the investigation roll for access to the option.


Exit 5 - Revision*. Itching? Surely you can do better than that!


*I'm not really certain this is properly the domain for Revision. Enchant seems better for altering the properties of an item, but it also seems to take a good deal more time, from what I've seen... Also, to be proper, a Chemistry check should be demanded, but that would involve a second Investigation roll.


Main Text - So, make the professor itch, eh? Nice, nice, but it's been done before... No, you have something much bigger in mind.


Turn Professor [instructor]Instructor/Class/Selection of Class/Grammar bright orange on top of it!


Casting a quick bit of revision on the packet, you toss it in the air as he enters the room. Time seems to stand still as it floats above him in the air, and...

Success! - ...Bursts into a bright shower of orange ash!


Settling over the good professor, he seems shocked... And as his skin begins to assume a highly unnatural shade, he starts to look distinctly uncomfortable. Almost as though he's dancing, he raises first one shoulder, and then the other, and tries to rub his right leg against his left. He shuffles to his right and then his left, before awkwardly pressing himself against the wall as though he fears the class might suddenly rush at him.


A preposterous thought, of course - the class is far too busy laughing itself to the floor. It seems he notices that, as he makes a most undignified retreat, muttering something about how he was headed for the infirmary, and that class was canceled for the day.


Effects - -1 Random Grammar Subskill*, -3 Stress, +1 Revision Spells, +1 Playfulness, +1 Relationship with Riu


*Well, you DID get class canceled that day... (It should really be -1 Grammar to everyone taking that class, properly speaking, but that seems a bit extreme)

Failure... - ...Lands firmly on his forehead with a plop.


...You're fairly certain that exploding packets of itching powder aren't supposed to go "plop".


As [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Rui da Casga glares at you for having ruined his prank, you protest quietly to yourself that his packet must have been defective somehow - that you messed up your spell is unthinkable!


As [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Rui da Casga points firmly at you when the professor demands to know who through that, however, you quietly think to yourself that he's being a terribly poor sport about all of this...


Effects - -2 Relationship with Riu*, -1 Revision Spells, Reprimand


*-1 for ruining his prank, -1 for him ratting you out


Classroom 8 -

You’re in the middle of study hour, intently concentrating on your assignment, when you suddenly notice Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Giovanni di Lucca Alazzo standing in front of you.


“Would you mind delivering these papers to [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Contzel Ringraeyer? She’s in the Dimmae Theater this afternoon.”


The professor slams a stack of papers on your desk.

Exit 4 - Bully. Two can play the "Make the hapless student do it" game.

Main Text - With much meekness, you begin to gather your things and tell professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Giovanni di Lucca Alazzo you'll do it. He nods, and leaves the room without saying another word.


With distinctly less meekness, you stop putting your things away, and walk over to [Character]Character/Random (Default) sitting at a nearby desk. Dropping the papers onto [Character]Character/Random (Default) desk, you say, "These papers need to go to [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Contzel Ringraeyer, fast. She’s in the Dimmae Theater this afternoon.”


"Huh? Why do you need to give her papers?", [Character]Character/Random (Default) responds with a bit of surprise.


"I don't... [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Giovanni di Lucca Alazzo does, and I doubt he'll be happy with you if there's any delay... Nor will I, for that matter," you say nonchalantly.

Success! - Muttering cross curses under [Character]Character/Random (Default) breath, [Character]Character/Random (Default) quickly grabs the paper and takes off running.


Smiling, you go back to your desk and go back to your assignment. Five minutes later, [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Giovanni di Lucca Alazzo comes back into the room.


"[Character]Character/Self? Didn't I ask you to deliver those papers?" He says, with a touch of surprise.


"Yes, sir," you reply meekly "I've just gotten back from delivering them."


He sighs. "You're a terrible liar, [Character]Character/Self..."


Indignant, you try and keep a defiant look off of your face. "Liar! If you don't believe me, ask [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Contzel Ringraeyer if she has papers!"


He shakes his head and leaves. "Three demerits for you, [Character]Character/Self."


Thirty minutes later, he comes back in, looking a bit embarrassed. Not quite looking at you, he says, "Six merits.", and continues on his way... You can't quite tell what he's murmuring as he walks off, but you think you hear gates* mentioned... Maybe "honesty" wasn't the best approach here after all?


*Okay, I doubt that any professor would actually leap to the conclusion that students were practicing advanced forbidden magicks to deliver a paper more swiftly, in the heart of a location known for accurate identification of such practices... But it amused me :) .

Effects - +1 Intimidation, -1 relationship with the bullied, -1 relationship with Alazzo, -1 stress, +1 stress for Bullied, +1 Running for Bullied

Failure... - "Oh? Then I guess you'd best deliver them," says [Character]Character/Random (Default), going back to [Character]Character/Random (Default) assignment.


You're about to try pressuring [Character]Character/Random (Default) some more, when Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Giovanni di Lucca Alazzo steps back into the room.


Cursing your luck, you pick the papers back up and run out of the room before he can ask why you've left your things half-packed...


Effects - -1 relationship with the person you tried to bully, +1 Composure to the person you tried to bully, +1 Running, +1 Stress

Common Room 1


It's a pleasant afternoon in the commons area for a change. Most of the students are working on their assignments, and the few who aren't have politely found quiet activities in which to engage.


With surprise, you note that even the normally rambunctious study groups are accomplishing their studies in low volumes.


That is, until several of them leap up, shrieking in surprise and alarm.


Sighing, you close your book and prepare to head to the libary, when all of a sudden a creature flies up towards your face!


Reacting quickly, you stop it from causing you any harm and notice that several other students are being similarly accosted by a horde of diminutive pixies!

Exit 5 - Hide. Enjoy the free entertainment!


Main Text - Oh, this should prove a fun time... All the big, brave wizards being trounced by something a hundredth their size! You needed a break anyway, and this should be just the thing.


You look about for someplace unobtrusive to stand and watch...

Success! - Over there by the doorway should be good. If anyone notices you were there, you can claim you just came in, and the pixies should be too occupied by... Pretty much everywhere else, if the chaos around you is any indication.


Leaning against the wall, you spend the next half hour watching books being stolen, hair being pulled, clothing being torn, mud being slung, and every manner of pernicious mischief that can be perpetrated by someone the size of your hand.* You'd have to say that the high point of it was the look on [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Zoe Melis's** face when they shredded her notes for the last month, however! Unfortunately, the ten minutes you spent howling in laughter does not seem to have gone unnoticed by your classmates...


Ah, well. If they couldn't handle a few pixies, why would they matter to you?


*Is this remotely what they were doing? I'm not entirely certain what pixies do, that's prohibited by an "Anti-Annoyance Treaty".


**Poor Zoe, so picked on by all the other students with the "Stress Zoe!" action, and now by random events as well?

Effects - -1 relationship to five* different students, -2 relationship with someone you already have low relations with**, -3 relationship with Zoe***, -3 Stress****


*Maybe too many? But you were just very publicly a... Well, let's just say it's not a very nice person.

** They took it personally, and also to accelerate relationship decay with someone you're on poor terms with.

*** If Zoe's on poor terms with all the other bullies, why not you :) ?

**** Possibly too much, but given how many people you offended, I'd certainly hope you got a good laugh out of it...

Failure...- Over by the fountain should be good... They'd have to walk on water to sneak up on you, and you'll have a nice, clear view of the entire room.


Sitting down, you spend the next fifteen minutes smirking as you watch books being stolen, hair being pulled, clothing being torn, mud being slung, and every manner of pernicious mischief that can be perpetrated by someone the size of your hand.


...And then you spend the next fifteen minutes struggling vainly to try and dry your cloths, after some five pixies poured a bucket of water on you. It would appear that water isn't a good barrier against things that can fly! Though it seems your less sympathetic classmates got a good laugh out of it...

Effects - -1 relationship with three classmates*, +3 stress**


*I just assumed that while you weren't laughing a lot until the last ten minutes (that you didn't get to see if you failed), people still noticed you smirking at everyone in a fairly visible spot.

** For symmetry with the success.


Common Room 11


You’re wallowing away some time in the common room reading a book. It’s nice to read something that you won’t be tested on. In between chapters, you notice a large stack of papers in the middle of the room. You ignore it; probably someone’s homework.


You then decide to wallow away some time by writing. It’s so nice to write something that won’t be graded. As you finish your first page, you notice the stack of papers in the middle of the room has doubled in size. A curious sight but you ignore it, probably several people’s homework.


Next, you decide to wallow away some time by drawing. It’s so nice to draw something that you won’t have turn in to a professor. As you finish the outline of your figure, you notice the stack of papers in the middle of the room has doubled in size again! The room is starting to get cluttered and if those papers were to tip over, they could easily hurt someone.

Exit 4 - Bully. Looks weird. Time to deploy the Guinea pig.

Main Text - Looking at the expanding, looming pile of paperwork, you're suddenly beset by visions of your teachers. Endless papers, all waiting to be graded... And all waiting to fall and pin you under them.


You can hardly stand to look at the thing, let alone go near it!


Fortunately, [Character]Character/Random (Default) has just entered the room.

Success! -


"Hey, [Character]Character/Random (Default)," you say, "Doesn't that pile of papers look like it could hurt someone?"


"Woah, yeah. Where did it come from?", replies [Character]Character/Random (Default).


"No idea. I was doing a bit of relaxing, and when I glanced over, this massive pile was here," you respond.


"Well... We really shouldn't leave it here... It'd smother you if it fell," [Character]Character/Random (Default) says, worriedly.


"So what are you waiting for? Time to start cleaning," you say coolly.


"Huh? Why me?" [Character]Character/Random (Default) says with surprise.


"Well... Because it's not the only thing here that could hurt someone..." you say meaningfully.


[Character]Character/Random (Default) sighs, and goes to deal with the papers. As [Character]Character/Random (Default) takes the first few papers, a bucket of glue falls on [Character]Character/Random (Default). Then feathers flutter down on top of [Character]Character/Random (Default)...




Isn't it nice to experiment on something the professors won't see?*


*Ugh, the dialogue in this wasn't natural at all. I'm only really happy with the last line of it... I'll have to rewrite the rest of it later.

Included here in case someone else has better lines for them before I do, however.

Effects - +1 Intimidation, -1 relationship with the Bullied, -1 Stress, +1 Practical Jokes, +2 stress for Bullied

Failure... - "Hey, [Character]Character/Random (Default)," you say, ""Doesn't that pile of papers look like it could hurt someone?"


"Woah, yeah. Where did it come from?", replies [Character]Character/Random (Default).


"No idea. I was doing a bit of relaxing, and when I glanced over, this massive pile was here," you respond.


"Well... We really shouldn't leave it here... It'd smother you if it fell," [Character]Character/Random (Default) says worriedly, moving behind you.


"So what are you waiting for? Time to start cleaning," you say coolly.


"But..." says [Character]Character/Random (Default) with venom in her voice, "I said it would smother you if it fell!"


And with that, [Character]Character/Random (Default) pushes you into the papers! You feel a dull pain on your head that you just know is going to bruise as the stack tumbles over you, and you feel crushed by the weight of endless assignments...


Just as you extract yourself from the mountain, a bucket of something sticky falls on you. Lifting your coated arm to sniff, it smells like... Glue? Suddenly, feathers flutter down around you... Great, now you're a giant chicken.


[Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) steps out from the closet.


"Hah, serves you right! Trying to bully [Character]Character/Random (Default) into my trap instead... I knew I was right about you!" [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) proclaims in a self-righteous tone before storming off.


Ugh... It looks like you failed this particular test, you think, as you go and find something to get all this glue off...

Effects - +1 stress, -1 vitality, -1 relationship to both the prankster and the one you tried to make trip the prank, -1 intimidation, +1 manipulation to the one who turned the tables.

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Very cool work. :)


For your questions:


You actually define the Target via your Effects. If, for instance, you created an Ability which had a Default Effect that Targeted, say, Kurt Henning, then Kurt would be the Target. Any Roll which you created would reference him and his statistics as the Target. On the other hand, if you chose 'Choice of Character' for the Effect's Target, then any Character the Player chose would become the Target.


None of that applies to Stories- you never, ever want to use anything but 'Initiator vs. Threshold' in Stories. Similarly, you do not want to use Actors in your Effects, unless in a Story. Most of them won't resolve otherwise.


For defining an Effect that happens to a Random Character, you can simply use: Character/Random. You do not need to open the Actor list at all. :)


Finally, you are definitely correct about the pronouns. We discovered that many writers had difficulty writing purely gender neutral, and that by specifying gender we were able to get much better results. :)


Let me know if you have any more questions, or if something is unclear. :)

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You actually define the Target via your Effects. If, for instance, you created an Ability which had a Default Effect that Targeted, say, Kurt Henning, then Kurt would be the Target. Any Roll which you created would reference him and his statistics as the Target. On the other hand, if you chose 'Choice of Character' for the Effect's Target, then any Character the Player chose would become the Target.


None of that applies to Stories- you never, ever want to use anything but 'Initiator vs. Threshold' in Stories. Similarly, you do not want to use Actors in your Effects, unless in a Story. Most of them won't resolve otherwise.


Oh, I see... Well, that's mildly disappointing. When I saw the Actor vs Target category under Rolls for Effect, I thought that making most of the Bully rolls contested would be neat, as their difficulty would scale with the year and whomever the random student was.


But I can work with Thresholds - I hadn't even considered contested rolls until I thought I saw the option there, after all :) .


For defining an Effect that happens to a Random Character, you can simply use: Character/Random. You do not need to open the Actor list at all. :)


Oh, does that mean that Character/Random will preferentially go to the same random student chosen for the event :o ?


What would happen if I specified two random students for an event? And what target should I choose if I want the effect to go to a third, unnamed student?

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Ah, I misunderstood you. You are correct- if you want the Benefit to be associated with the Actor within an Event, you do need to specify it. I thought you were talking about a purely random Character.


For this:


"What would happen if I specified two random students for an event? And what target should I choose if I want the effect to go to a third, unnamed student?"


Each of these targets would be a different Actor, and you could specify the Target of an Effect to target any one of these- but you'd have to use Actors. :)

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Five More Sleepy Events


I'm not really comfortable with how much violence was in three of these... Hopefully, the next five will be more peaceful.


An Unusual Question - is there an Expulsion effect hidden somewhere in the list of effects? I didn't notice one glancing through, but there's a lot of possible effects in there, so I could easily have overlooked one...


If not, then could said effect be duplicated by, say, issuing fifteen Reprimands at once? Or would that break something?


Common Room 3


While hanging around the commons area one afternoon, you overhear [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) shouting angrily.


Believing your collegemate to be under attack, you hurry to [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) aid, only to find [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) aggressor to be a seemingly harmless stack of papers.


"This is impossible!" [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) yells in aggravation, and you can't help but feel a bit of curiosity as to what an impossible homework problem would look like.


Of course, all of this depends on how good you are with arithmetic. Should you give it a go?


Exit 4- (prerequisite; identify this as a false impossible problem) Manipulation. Repay this interruption with Embarrassment.


Main Text - Professor Valente wouldn't deliberately decieve her students... So [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) must have spent [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) time in class staring out the window instead of listening.


As you read through the problem further and further, you get more and more annoyed at having to waste YOUR time because someone else couldn't pay attention... Or at least, had to go and make a fuss about their own self-inflicted woes.


Maybe it's time to teach [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) a lesson about paying attention. Since the problem looks impossible, it shouldn't be hard to "prove" its impossibility with only slightly faulty math, in a way [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) can't blame you for.


Success! - As you run through the steps with [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default), you carefully explain how each step creates a new step in a continuing pattern, forming either an infinite sequence or loop, depending on the nature of the particular problem. There's no point in trying to reach the "end" of these sorts of problems, because there's never any "end" - though the pattern itself may be significant in some forms of magic*.


As you talk, you make certain [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) focuses on your explanation as you "forget" to carry a one, forcing the problem to leap back to a point five steps ago instead of entering the final set of steps, and point out how the problem continues to duplicate at this point.


Confident in your explanation, [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) thanks you for your help and prepares for tomorrow. You expect that Professor Valente's disappointment will explain why Academagia employs teachers instead of leaving teaching to the students...


*An assumption, perhaps unwarranted on my part.


Effects - +1 Manipulation, -1 Arithmetic Theory to the student you "helped", -1 Merit to same, -1 stress to you, +1 stress to him.


Failure... - As you run through the steps with [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) you carefully explain how each step creates a new step in a continuing pattern, forming either an infinite sequence or loop, depending on the nature of the particular problem. There's no point in trying to reach the "end" of these sorts of problems, because there's never any "end", though the pattern itself may be significant in some forms of magic.

As you talk, you make certain [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) focuses on your explanation as you "forget" to carry a one, forcing the problem to leap back to a point five steps ago instead of entering the final set of steps, and point out how the problem continues to duplicate at this point.


"Wait... You made a mistake on this step. That should be a seven, and not a six," [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) helpfully points out.


"Ah... You're right, sorry," You stumble a bit in your explanation. "So, as you can see, that, ah, makes this step, off by one... And this step... Ah..."


You trail off as your carefully constructed lie falls apart, and the final step works out to zero.






Neither of you says anything.


"I, ah, thought you said this pattern turned into a loop?"


"I... Thought it did..."


With a face full of embarrassment, you start hastily gathering your things.


"I'm sorry, I just remembered I'm late! I promised my familiar I'd spend more time with her!"


Unfortunately, what with your familiar staring at you quite curiously, you think this lie is going to face the same fate as your last... But at least you'll not be here when that one comes undone.


Effects - +1 Stress, -1 Composure, -1 Relationship with the other student.


Common Room 4 -


You arrive back at the [College]College/Character/Self common room after a long day of classes, only to find [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) and [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Joana Lio y Rossollo arguing again. These days, those two just never seem to quit!


It seems like whenever they are in the same room one of them will start with the other.


Exit 5 - (Preqrequisite; notice their conflict is over a pen) Manipulation. Make this fight their last one.


Main Text - They've finally fallen to bickering over pens now? This silly little feud has gone on long enough. It's time for them to declare a winner.


"You know, Joana, I think I actually saw [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) take your last pen..." you interject.


The two fall silent and stare at you for a moment...


Success! - [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Joana Lio y Rossollo gives her knuckles a sickening crack, and looks at [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default).


"So it was you!" Joana crows. "I was just stealing from a thief!"


As you step out of the room, you hear the argument start to turn to blows... You doubt [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) will want to be in the same room as her in the future, let alone argue. Finally, you might start to find some peace around here...


Effects - +1 manipulation, -3 relationship with whomever Joana was arguing with*, -1 stress


*-1 from lying about her, -2 from getting her beaten up by Joana


Failure... - [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Joana Lio y Rossollo gives her knuckles a sickening crack, and looks at you.


"I'm not missing any pens." Joana says, looking down at you. Has she always been that much taller than you?... "What are you trying to do here?"


You back up into the door, which seems, unfortunately, to be closed... As Joana advances on you, your final thought is that at least it should quiet the fight between Joana and [Character]Character/College/Self/Random Character (Default) for a while...


Effects - -2 relationship with Joana*, -3 with whomever Joana was arguing with**, -2 Vitality


*-1 from lying about her, -1 from getting beaten up because of her.

** -1 from lying to her, -2 from being beaten up by her


Random Event Common 8


You’re returning from the dining hall where you were getting a glass of water. You begin to ruminate on the inconvenience of how when you're thirsty, you either have to go to the dining hall or to your room, where you keep a canteen, in order to get a drink of water.


If someone could invent something that would make it practical, feasible, and fashionable to have water with you everywhere you go, they'd probably be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.


Never mind such craziness, you think as you enter the common room where you plan on spending some time reading. Suddenly the tempting gleam from some clear liquid in an ornate bottle resting on a table catches your eye.


Near the bottle is a sign reading "New Fantastic Beverage: Take A Drink!"


Exit 5 - Bully. Let someone else test the drink for you.


Main Text - You pick up the drink, and take a look. It seems perfectly ordinary, really... You're pretty sure you've drunken several things in the past that look quite similar.


Nevertheless... You're not really in the habit of drinking random things just lying around, and [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) is sitting right over there.


Success! - You casually set the drink down next to [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default).


"You look a bit thirsty... Drink up." you say in a firm, but disarming, tone.


"Ah... I'm sorry, but I'm really not. I had three glasses at lunch..." replies [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default), worriedly.


You can tell [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default)'s lying. [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default)'s drinking that glass right up with [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) eyes... There's just the matter of trust, given how obviously suspicious that drink was to anyone who saw it! Well, you'll just have to work past that, won't you...


"[Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default), you wound me! Here I am, making a friendly gesture, and you go and toss sand in my face... Why, I'm not at all certain how to take this. I would hate to think we were no longer friends..." You say in your most injured of tones.




Honestly, it rings pretty falsely even to you, but that seems to send a tone all its own, as [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) turns as pale as a sheet, and picks up the drink.


"So... So do you know what it is?" asks [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default).


"Not a clue. But I'll be sharing it with you, so it's hardly poison..." You reply cavalierly. [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) doesn't seem to press the inherent contradiction in your statement.


Putting on a brave face, [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) takes a deep sip... And promptly falls over.


Slightly worried, you start to move to check her pulse, but relax once you notice that she's still breathing... In slow, deep breathes. It seems she's just asleep.


[Character]Character/Female/Selection/Prudence Cossins steps out into the open, with a big bucket of glue, and a whole bag full of feathers. The prankster herself, you'd wager.


"Hey, Prudence." you say by way of greeting.


"Hmm... Not the duck I thought I'd catch, but fun all the same! Want to help me put the feathers on?**" she replies cheerfully. You have an unpleasant feeling you know who the "duck" was supposed to be...


Instead of answering with words, you pull out a handful of feathers, and look at the sleeping [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default)... You might actually feel guilty if it was someone you liked, but this was [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default)...*


*This entire exit really kind of skeeves me out, actually... Forcing someone into being drugged for a prank, whether you knew that was going to happen or not, just gives me the creeps. But, well, what actually happens in the event isn't actually objectively worse than what happens in a lot of other events... This one just creeps me out more, somehow.


**I'm almost certain this is not remotely something that she would ever say. I just don't know how to write her dialogue - I've seen enough to know how she doesn't speak, but not enough to know how she does. If someone could take a second look for that line, I'd be grateful; all it needs to convey is that a) she wasn't aiming for the character who drank it, but B) she'll be happy to play the prank on them instead.


Effects - +1 Intimidation, +1 relationship with Prudence, -3 relationship with whomever you bullied*, -1 stress for you, +1 stress for the duck.


Failure... - You casually set the drink down next to [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default).


"You look a bit thirsty... Drink up." you say in a firm, but disarming, tone.


"Mmm... I'm really not, I had three drinks at lunch... But you certainly do." [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) says in as equally as firm a tone. "Why, I might even think you were thinking of playing a prank on me, if you weren't about to take a drink of it yourself... And, why, I'd hate to think that you weren't my friend... Why, I make take that very poorly indeed..."




[Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) is such a drama queen. But, well, it would be best to be on [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) good side... Or at least, on a side whose guts [Character]Character/Low Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default) doesn't hate.


Lifting the brew to your mouth, you hope to whomever's listening that this isn't something poisonous, and take a long, deep drink.


When you wake up, you find yourself lying in the garden, covered in feathers. You really, really hope that you just had a wild night that you forgot all about, and that you weren't just the victim of the most obvious prank ever... How in the world are you going to intimidate anybody as a laughtingstock?


Effects - -1 Intimidation, -1 relationship with the person you tried to make drink, +2 stress


Random Common 9


You decide to have a seat in one of the chairs of the common room for a moment and see [Character]Character/College/Selection of College/Godina/Random Character (Default)/Male completely engrossed with counting coins on the table nearby.




Despite his counting and recounting, he seems a tad disappointed with the amount that keeps coming up.




“I have to create a new spell for class, and I need twenty pims* to buy my last component. I only have one.” [Character]Character/College/Selection of College/Godina/Random Character (Default)/Male sighs.


*Ooops. I'd been spelling it "Plims" before... Wonder why I imagined the stray l.


Exit 4 - Bully. You think that count is off by one...


Success! - [Character]Character/College/Selection of College/Godina/Random Character (Default)/Male has a pim, and it isn't yours. Your course of action is clear.


Walking up to the coins lain out on the table, you start picking them up.


"Hey! What are you doing!?" he yells.


"Isn't it obvious? I'm doing my civic duty, and cleaning up this litter you've left laying about..." you say calmly.


"But... But those are my coins!" he says, practically crying.


"Then I guess you ought have taken better care of them," you say as you start to walk away, "because I doubt you'll appreciate the outcome if you raise a fuss."


You smile as the sound of sobbing behind you confirms your conclusion.


Effects - -1 Character*, -3 Relationship with the one you robbed**, -1 Stress, +1 Intimidation, +1 Pim, +3 Stress to the robbed.


*Should probably be in most of the exits I'm writing, honestly.


**-1 for robbing him, -1 for robbing him when he's poor, -1 for ending his chances of getting his component for class.


Failure... - [Character]Character/College/Selection of College/Godina/Random Character (Default)/Male has a pim, and it isn't yours. Your course of action is clear.

Walking up to the coins lain out on the table, you start picking them up.


"Hey! What are you doing!?" he yells.


"Isn't it obvious? I'm doing my civic duty, and cleaning up this litter you've left laying about..." you say calmly.


"But... But those are my coins!" he says, practically crying.


"Then I guess you ought have taken better care of them," you say as you start to walk away, "because I doubt you'll appreciate the outcome if you raise a fuss."


The sudden pain of an Incantation spell going hitting your back disagrees with you. [Character]Character/College/Selection of College/Godina/Random Character (Default)/Male quickly gathers up the scattered coins as you recover, and scampers off. Who would have known he had a spine?


Effects - -3 relationship with the Attempted Robbed*, -1 Vitality


*Even if you didn't succeed, he remains aware of what the implications of your act were.


Crafting 6


As you're heading to class, you pass [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Herbert Downes working on his confounded homework organizing machine, which he’s been trying to perfect for ages now. Just when you’re right beside it, it decides to backfire, spewing a cloud of soot all over your robes.


Your class starts in three minutes, how are you going to get clean?


Exit 5 - Bully. You can be late for class, if it means you have time to deal with Herbert...


Main Text - Immediately, you push [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Herbert Downes up against the wall.


"What are you thinking, getting soot over my fine robes?" You fume. "Do you have any idea how long these will take to clean?"


You punctuate every third word by firmly reapplying him to the wall.


"Do you not understand the concept of 'working in private'? Perhaps the basics of engineering? The importance of hygiene? Or are you just plain too thick to understand anything at all?" You rant at him.


"Please... Wait..." He says in a weak voice. Good. Perhaps the wall is improving his intelligence through osmosis. "I... Can make this better..."


Cautiously, you slow the rate with which you apply the percusive theory of re-education.


"I'm listening..."


"I... Can clean you with my magic... You can always go back to... Hitting me against the wall... If it doesn't work..." He says, cringing.


It's worth a shot...*


*I'm really not comfortable with how graphic this passage was... But at the same time, I'm not wholly certain how to render it less so, without risking divorcing the player's actions from their implications.


Success! - You back up a step to give him room to cast. Honestly, you're not worried about him running, in the state he's in.


Tracing a few quick glamour phemes with his wand, he swiftly makes your clothing as good as new... ...Though now, he's thoroughly filthy. You knew you were right when you accused the pig of not understanding hygiene.


Continuing to fix a dark glower upon him, you compose yourself, and rush to class. It was worth taking the time to explain why testing hazardous inventions in the halls is a bad idea, but you really don't want a reprimand for being late!


Effects - +1 Intimidation*, -2 Vitality for Herbert, -2 relations with Herbert


*This didn't really involve much intimidation, but I imagine he's not going to keep this a secret, and that will start intimidation rumours about you.


Failure... - You back up a step to give him room to cast. Honestly, you're not worried about him running, in the state he's in.


Tracing a few quick phemes with his wand, you're suddenly thrown into the opposing wall! Cringing in pain, you think to yourself that maybe it wasn't the most brilliant of ideas to trust a wizard you were physically assaulting seconds ago...


As you rise unsteadily to your feet, Herbert is nowhere to be seen. Now you're in pain and late to class, in addition to being filthy. Wonderful start this day is off to...


Effects - -3 relations with Herbert*, -1 Vitality


*An additional -1, because now the feelings are mutual.




And... Now, with those five posted, I'm going to go to sleep.

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  • 3 months later...

Ack, it's been a good deal longer than I meant to go without updating... My apologies, I got a bit caught up in current events these last few months, and haven't had much time for writing ^^; . But, time to correct that! (A good thing I didn't mention any of my other mod-related plans, else I'd be even further behind...)


Random Event Dance 4


You go to sit down for a minute, and you can’t help but overhear a snippet of a nearby conversation.


"[Character]Character/Male/Selection/Magsa Nembo? Really?" says a girl who giggles way too much.


"That’s what I heard," responds another girl, this one all in black. "Supposedly, [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Magsa Nembo knows about this secret cave."


The girl in black shrugs.


"I don’t know, though. [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Magsa Nembo isn’t always a reliable source."


"But a real dragon’s cave?" asks the giggler. "Isn’t that a little hard to believe?"


The girl in black shrugs again.


"No harder to believe than half the other stuff that goes on around here."


She looks around, notices you, and says, "Maybe we should talk about this somewhere more private …"




Exit 5 Intimidation. Gossip is never reliable. Find out more information from the source.*


*(requires you to have kept listening)



Main Text


[Character]Character/Male/Selection/Magsa Nembo wasn't hard to find at all... He's the one in the center of the small group of people speaking in suspiciously soft tones. If they were trying to avoid notice, their frequent laughter rather defeated the purpose...


No matter. You stand up a bit straighter, put on your sternest face, and march straight up to Magsa.




"So, I hear you've been poking about dragons, eh?", you say, as you cross your arms. "Care to let the rest of us know where this cave is?"


The tone of your voice makes it rather clear that carelessness would be unwise - the group falls quite silent quite quickly, and [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Magsa Nembo can't hide his alarm at having to share his secret. The colour's drained right out of him!


"Of course. We wouldn't dream of hiding this from you!", he stammers out. "Here, let me write the directions down for you..."*


You'd never pegged him as such an explorer... The directions are surprisingly long. He really will finish whatever he sets his mind to, won't he...


As you walk away with a smirk on your face, you hear him say, "Of course, not all of the attention has been positive... That's the trouble with starting rumours..."






Tomorrow, you set off to find the cave, taking a nice, big, bag with you to carry back the many forbidden treasures it must hold. The path is rough, leaving you covered with scrapes and bruises, and the directions seem slightly off in places, but you can generally find the landmarks its referring to... Until about halfway through, where it tells you to head east... Where the only thing east within sight would be a nice, big drop off a large cliff. You spend a few hours trying to figure out where you went wrong, before deciding that [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Magsa Nembo must have given you bad directions. Fuming, you make your way back to the doors, sore all over...



*I don't really know if any of this is in keeping with Magsa's character... I don't really know much about him, past what's in his description, which doesn't really address issues like this...


Effects: +1 stress, -1 vitality, +1 Cartography, +1 intimidation, -2 relationship with Magsa, -1 relationship with two random people (a couple of the people who Magsa was talking with before you marched up to him demanding to know where the dragon's cave was; presumably, you made a poor impression)




"So, I hear you've been poking about dragons, eh?", you say, as you cross your arms. "Care to let the rest of us know where this cave is?"


You think that the tone of your voice makes it rather clear that carelessness would be unwise - until the group bursts out laughing.


"I can't believe that worked!", one of them exclaims, "Some people really will fall for anything!"


"But a dragon's cave?... Really?", says another, shaking her head, "I can't believe people are so gullible..."


Your face burning a bright crimson, you quickly back out of the crowd and walk hastily away. The fact that it seems a lot of other people are falling for this rumour as well is little comfort to your ego... Hopefully your role in this will be swiftly forgotten!



Effects: +1 stress, -1 confidence, -2 relationship with Magsa, -1 relationship with two random people


Random Event Dance 8


The music picks up, and you begin to feel the urge to dance. It’s surprisingly catchy music, in fact, you can even see the professors tapping their feet up on their dais.


Wait … it’s too catchy. There’s something in it of spring, and youth, and blooming flowers. You’ve heard about that sort of music.


As a murmur of surprise and bewilderment spreads over the crowd, the musicians seem to shimmer and then blur. Instead of four perfectly respectable human musicians, there are four satyrs up on the stage, beaming happily! They must have gotten in under a glamour spell!


Satyr music is famously bewitching. Your legs are already beginning to twitch on their own. If you don't stop these enchanting tunes soon, you'll be doing nothing but dancing.


Exit 3 Satyric Revelry. ...And this is a problem, why?*


*Or is this a completely, wildly unrealistic reaction for anyone to have? I can easily see how it could be, but from the failure text from the other exits, it does look like everyone enjoyed the party, even if they hadn't intended to dance...


Success!... By default!


Oh well, soon everyone is dancing, and singing, and shouting uproariously. The professors try to calm things down, but to no avail, pretty soon they join in the fun and are dancing as boisterously as everyone else. The noise is magnificent, the mess even better.


This is a party that will live through the history of the school.


Effects: +1 Satyric Revelry, -1 stress


Random Event Daytime 6


You’re walking down the hallway on way to your next class. You’re feeling quite pleased, because not only are you actually on time, but your homework is done.


However, as you approach a four-way intersection in the hallway, you hear a terrible yell coming from around the corner.


A moment after the blood-curdling scream, a few students sprint past you, gasping for breath, and with a look of sheer terror in their eyes.


Darting around the corner, you discover several bats flying around [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Everwine von Zoedorf.


He's on the ground, trembling in fear and and protecting his head with his arms.


It's quite apparent, [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Everwine von Zoedorf is having a problem with bats.


Exit 4 Teasing. What an absurd sight! You can't help but stop and laugh.


Success! ...By default!


Everwine beset by bats! What a sight to see, cowering on the ground, as bats dive at him. How did they even catch him? They're bats! We're indoors! Not even the clumsiest of students could fail to hide behind a door! Maybe they snuck up on him, a stealthy pack of ambushing bats...


Well, however he did it, now he has two problems - angry bats, and a certain someone who thinks they're funny.


Fortunately for him, before long a professor comes along to check on what's causing all the commotion... Unfortunately for you, she doesn't happen to think it as funny.


The detention was worth it, though!*


*You'll note the similarity to what I wrote for Botany Event 3... As dissimilar as the events are for poor Zoedorf, the reaction of the cruel player character seems to be the same :( .


Random Event Dialectic 5


This has to be the longest dialectic class yet. You start counting the bricks in the wall, again, wondering how much time is left in class. “Everyone pass your homework to the front,” Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Tarvixio Sido barks. You reach into your bag and rummage through the loose parchment. You spent hours on this last night. With a dawning sense of horror, you realize that you’ve left your assignment in your room.


Exit 4 Pure luck. Change the name on someone else's assignment to your own.


Main Text


It will never work*. There's too many ways it will go wrong. Someone will notice what you're doing, [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Tarvixio Sido will notice that this assignment looks nothing like yours, the student you're cheating will wonder why she got a zero... This will never, ever, work. It is the height of folly to even try.


But you're desperate. Taking a deep breath, you take one of the papers passed to you, lower your eraser to the page, and hope that against all reason that nobody is looking...


*This is not an exaggeration, at least how high I set the roll threshold for my own file; seeing how ridiculously unlikely it would be to work in real life, I set the threshold to 15, on a Luck/Pure Luck roll. It might not be unthinkably hard late in the game, or with a few spells, but most people running into it most of the time probably won't be able to succeed; that said, if the other options are unlikely for you as well, well, maybe you'll be a bit desperate :) ...




...And it works. Somehow, it works.


[Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Dialectic/Random Character (Default), who handed you the papers, is too busy staring at the clock to pay attention to you, [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Tarvixio Sido is staring down at his papers, and nobody else is looking at you. It's as though the entire world, for one brief, precious minute, decided that you did not exist.


Not wasting this chance, you quickly write down your name in the void where some other poor student's name once resided, and pass the papers forward. You keep expecting someone to cry out, "I saw everything! That's not [Character]Character/Self's paper at all!", but nobody does.


For the rest of the week, you keep expecting [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Tarvixio Sido to call you aside, to mention that he has some questions about why a paper bearing your name bears no resemblence to your handwriting - but he never does.


Gradually, you relax a bit... But still, taking such a wild risk was extremely stressful for you.


Effects: +1 stress




...A hope that was as futile as it sounded.


"Hey!", says [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Dialectic/Random Character (Default), who handed you the papers, "What do you think you're doing!?"


Putting on a disdainful expression, you try and bluff your way out of this.


"What does it look like? I mispelled my name, so I'm fixing it before I turn it in."


[Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Dialectic/Random Character (Default) expression says all you need to know - the only part of that story that was believable was that you were writing on a paper... One that's quickly established to not be yours, as soon as [Character]Character/Class/Selection of Class/Dialectic/Random Character (Default) loudly draws the attention of the entire room to what you're doing.


A hefty number of demerits and the scorn of your classmates later, you question whether you should have just taken the zero...


Effects: -5 merit, -2 relationship with two people (the person who caught you, and the person whose assignment you stole), -1 relationship with three other people (As far as they're concerned, it could be their assignment you try and pass off as your own, next), -2 relationship with Professor Sido, +2 stress


Random Event Disguise/Infiltration 13


You feel someone tap your shoulder and turn around to find one of the groundskeepers peering at you - not Tangleroot or Dirt Princess or Three-Splinter Ned. Someone you don't know.


You’re curious about what he could possibly want and say as much.


He tells you that he needs you to get him a box he left inside the Venalicium Library. You find this a little odd and look him up and down.


The groundskeeper seems a bit scruffy and he has an eye-patch over his left eye. You can see the edges of a scar peeking out from underneath it.


It also looks as if his uniform is a little too loose for him. Do you trust him?


Exit 4 Blackmail. Demand money for the box.*


*I'm not entirely certain that this exit is a good idea, as it suggests a course of action on the part of the player with greater implications than this event could properly cover, but... Well, it would certainly seem to be keeping in the character of some players :o .


Main Text


Smirking at this suspicious-looking man, you inform him that you're good friends with all of the groundskeepers, and that he is most certainly not employed here.




But, you go on in an almost gloating manner, you'd be quite happy to forget you ever saw him, for a minor sum of pims... And as you're in a generous mood today, you'll even fetch his box for him.


Surprise flashes across the face of this curious "groundskeeper", before he takes a quick look about, takes out a small purse, and hands it to you. Smiling, you walk to the library, and take a quick glance at the purse... It seems to be about 100 pims. Quite the generous man, this "groundskeeper". The box sits there on the table, exactly where he said it would be... You pick it up, and muse as to whom else must be involved in this plot. Surely, he didn't just materialize this box out of nowhere, in a library halfway across town...


Shrugging, you pick it up and take it outside. It's none of your business, really. The groundskeeper gives you a smile that seems to be missing half its teeth, winks, and walks off into the night with the box. What a strange man.


The next day, you hear about how a box of ancient scrolls went missing from the library, presumed to be stolen by pirates.




Maybe this wasn't the best of deals you've struck... You'll be in serious trouble if anyone realizes you were involved - quite likely expelled, actually, once they realize you took payment for this. Hopefully nobody notices you acting nervous for the next few days...

Effects: +100 Pims, -1 Ethics, +1 Stress




Your smirk turning to a sneer, you can't help but elaborate on how this illustrious academy would never associate with someone sharing this shabby-looking mans disgusting appearance - from how his filthy garments are barely a step up from rags, to the unpleasant odor surrounding him, to his missing teeth, to his uncouth manner, to...*


He curtly cuts you off, his eyes flashing dangerously, with a single sentence. "You never saw me, kid."


He turns around and walks away at a brisk pace.


...Did you overdo it?


*This litany of insults may or may not be grounded in any form of reality; he sounded shabby from the other exits, but the initial text merely describes his clothing as ill-fitting. That said, it doesn't sound wildly improbable that the character might exaggerate a bit in establishing that the pirate doesn't really fit in with the school :) .


Effects: +1 stress, -1 ethics, -1 etiquette



And that concludes my latest work. On an somewhat related note, I was thinking of writing up a new couple of new emotions, tied to high bullying-type skills in conjunction with an absence of more "proper" skills (such as the Heraldry or Society skills) or Ethics/Temperance; called "Thuggish Demeanor", or somesuch, it would hamper the character's more normal social interactions while providing a bonus to more unpleasant interactions... But mainly, it could be used as a prerequisite for enabling these exits in events (or disabling more selfless exits, come to think of it...), so that the player won't run across responses that are thoroughly out of character for them as often. I'm not entirely certain as to what skills to tie it to, however...


Edit: "ragged garments are barely a step up from rags" struck down by the department of redundancy department, pilms to pims fixed.

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(Pilm instead of Pim)


...Gosh darn it, and I told myself that I'd remember the correct spelling after the last time I did this. Instead, I struggled to remember if it was "Plim" or "Pilm" -_- ...


Nice :) but probably already to late for the next DLC.


Eh, it'll take me a few months to go through all of the events anyway, no doubt :) . I just hope my new job next week doesn't put me further behind schedule... But at this light pace, it really shouldn't :) .

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Random Event Docks 2


Since you’ve spent a lot of time around the docks—and heard the personal accounts of countless students who have been there—you know by sight all the sailors, captains and merchants.




Yet, as you scamper down the planks, rushing on your quest, you notice a very odd looking woman. You stop and stare as she walks by.




Then you realize why she looks so odd. She’s not a woman. She’s a he - and, even more odd, a pirate dressed in women’s clothing.




This can’t be good for the docks.




You have to find out why this pirate is walking on the docks in drag, it is just too odd of a sight to let go. If something happens because there's a pirate on the docks, it could ruin what you're trying to accomplish.



Exit 4 Blackmail*. If he's in disguise, he'll probably pay to avoid attention...


*Luck + Blackmail, more specifically; it's not the usual pairing of skill and attribute, but since the difference between success and failure in this case (threatening to draw more attention from "everyone", vs the guards) is based in something that the character would have no logical way of knowing, it seems more fitting for this case.


Main Text


If he is up to something nefarious, it could indeed interfere with your plans, but... Well, this looks to be a really easy way to earn a few pims, and quite frankly, dressed up like that, he'll probably be caught before anything too bad happens.


You wait for a chance to speak without being overheard, and then sidle up to him...




"If you don't care for me to let everyone here know who you are, 'ma'am', I would appreciate it if you gave me your purse...", you whisper.


The pirate gives you a disgusted look, but quietly gives you a small purse. You smile in response, and walk away - your plans for the day will have to wait, but they weren't all that important anyway.


You glance back at the pirate as you go - the poor thing looks quite broken*, now, and seems to be muttering to himself. You can't quite make out what he's saying, but you think you hear something about betting and rimbal... You can't help but giggle a bit at it. He really thinks he'll be able to sneak into the game dressed like that?


*Losing a bet, being humiliated in front of the entire town, and now being blackmailed by children... The poor thing really has had a hard day, hasn't he?


Effects: +20 pims, +1 observation, -1 ethics




"If you don't care for me to let the guards know who you are, 'ma'am', I would appreciate it if you gave me your purse...", you whisper.


The pirate gives you a disgusted look, and keeps on walking. You can't quite make out what he mutters to himself, but you think you catch something about "kids these days"...


You don’t know why the pirate is dressed like a woman, what the pirate is up to, or why he doesn't care about his secret being revealed. It's a little unsettling to say the least, and you decide to return to Academagia to be on the safe side - especially now that you're on the pirate's bad side!


Effects: -1 ethics, +1 stress


Random Event Duel 1


You’ve been waiting for [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Girars de Periarde and [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Corradin d但lfi to duel for a long time, and so far, the wait has been well worth it. Their level of disgust for each other shows in the spells that fly across the dueling field; blue bolts break against red shields, green fogs are broken up by swirling winds, and orange blasts counter gray spheres as the duelists hurl spells against each other. The protection spells that the Refereeing Wizard [instructor]Instructor/Class/Selection of Class/Incantation placed around the area have already come in handy as some of the spells go astray and fizzle at the Negation Wall surrounding the duelists; as one of the spells disappears right in front of you, you breathe a sigh of relief and silently thank Professor [instructor]Instructor/Class/Selection of Class/Incantation for making the Negation Wall so powerful.




A rumble from overhead breaks your concentration from the duel before you. Looking up, you see a gray cloud slowly rotating overhead. Even as you watch, you see the cloud become more and more solid. Sparks begin to show in the cloud as the rotation speeds up. A roar from the crowd brings your attention back down to the duelists; in a stroke of insight, you realize that something in the protection spells has gone wrong and that the cloud is forming because of the duelists’ anger! The sparks in the cloud start to elongate, and you figure it’s only a matter of time before lightning starts striking on the dueling field, or even worse, into the crowd!


Exit 4 Two mortal enemies cursing each other as a storm rages overhead... How dramatic!


Success! ...By Default!


A smile crossing your lips, you keep your eyes glued to the field and wait for the storm to begin - you'd not miss a scene like this for the world!


Sure enough, the next barrage of spells the duelists exchange sees a cascade of lightning raining down between them. Locked in their struggle, neither seems to notice - they must each have mistaken it for a part of the other's spell. The crowd, however, can tell whats going on, and rapidly begins to disperse in a panic. Though several students jostle past you, the last causing you to stumble, you continue to watch the scene before you.


The storm rages on as the two prepare their next spells, heedless to the danger above them and instructor [instructor]Instructor/Class/Selection of Class/Incantation trying to get their attention. The clouds flash brightly again, lightning striking at the feet of [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Girars de Periarde - he stumbles backwards, caught by surprise. Startled, [Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Corradin d但lfi tries to stop his spell... But he's too late. [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Girars de Periarde falls to the ground, knocked over by the force of the spell.


[Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Corradin d但lfi rushes towards him, but you don't see what happens next - the world suddenly goes dark.


You awaken in the infirmary, having taken a nasty bolt of lightning yourself. The nurse scolds you for your recklessness, saying that you could have been seriously injured... But you leave feeling more alive then ever!


Effects: +1 Passion, -1 Ethics, -2 Vitality, -2 vitality to the duelists


...I have absolutely no idea if that remotely matches what happens that stormy day if you fail to contain the storm, but the option description popped into my head, and it was fun to write up... Though the scene ended up a bit more melodramatic than I'd been aiming for. If the scene doesn't match up with what happened, well, it works just as well if the character doesn't actually get any fun dramatic scene to watch; in that case, though, the +1 passion should probably be replaced with +1 duel conduct, as she learns what actually happens in cases like this :) .


Random Event Duel 10


You’re walking across campus when [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Eliana Carosi thrusts a piece of parchment into your hand. “Help me ban duels! They’re bad for school morale and people get hurt.” She's so pleasant when she's out in the gardens, but now? The voice that fills your head is loud and shrill. For a moment it manages to stun you into immobility. While you weigh your options, you note that if everybody had this person's voice, the whole world would be at peace--either make friends with your neighbors, or forfeit your hearing!


Exit 5 Incantation. Set the petition aflame.


Main Text


Petitioners. Such pests, always interrupting your fun with endless droning about "rules" and "proper conduct", and now they're trying to ban another one of your hobbies? Not if your magic has anything to say about it!


Drawing your wand with a flourish, [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Eliana Carosi looks at you as though you've gone mad.




With a few curtly drawn phemes, the parchment [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Eliana Carosi so rudely thrust towards you catches fire as she drops it with a yelp.


"What do you think you're doing!?" she exclaims.


"Why, I'm just helping your campaign catch fire, of course", you remark calmly.


Continuing casually, you say, "If that's not enough help, I could help the petitioners catch fire as well..."


Giving you a sour look, she takes the hint and heads back to the dorms. Doubtless this will lead to some new nonsense petition, like some campaign to protect petitioners from aggressive listeners, but you'll deal with that at a later date...


Effects: +1 Incantation Methods, -2 relationship with Eliana, -1 Ethics, *


*I'd like to include a couple of demerits or a detention here, since I've few doubts that the staff would hear about a student setting peoples petitions on fire, but I can't really think of a good way to include that in the event itself without disrupting the flow... The last line just seems like a natural point to end the event.




With a few curtly drawn phemes, the parchment [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Eliana Carosi so rudely thrust towards you does... Absolutely nothing.


The two of you stare at each other for a moment.


"Ah.. Strange, I must have written it too small", you try and save yourself a bit of face. "That spell should have signed my name with a nice bit of flair..."


Taking the parchment, you sign it with a sour look on your face.


"Oh, thank goodness, someone else who understands!", [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Eliana Carosi exclaims with excitement, "Nobody else has been willing to listen all day!"


Your ears ringing, she continues on for several hours about how apathetic the students are to her pleas, and about her dream for a more peaceful society. At least she doesn't know you tried to set her on fire, but after enduring this one-sided talk, you're not certain it was worth it...


Effects: +1 stress, +1 relationship with Eliana*


*Friendship with a flower child, truly the worst of punishments for a bully.


Random Event Duel 5


The duel you’re watching is going great; both duelists obviously studied their spells before coming here today. You’re impressed at the level of professionalism each duelist is showing, with neither using cheap tricks or mind games against the other. It’s a classic duel, wand vs. wand, rival against…uh-oh, there goes a wand!


[Character]Character/Male/Selection/Malthezar Mhadi just had his wand blasted out of his hand. It’s hard to keep track of as it arcs overhead into the crowd, but you see right were it falls.


Like a proper spectator should, you step back and clear the way for the duelist to retrieve his wand; [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Flore Yveuillet, though, steps forward and places her foot gently over the wand, hiding it from view.


That’s not very sporting, you think to yourself.


Running frantically, the unarmed duelist rushes over searching for his wand; if he can find it before the other duelist can hit him with a spell, the duel goes on. If not, the unarmed duelist loses and [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Gwendy Zuyder will be declared the winner.


Your mind races as you make your decision; how should you help?


Exit 4 On second thought, you really do dislike Malthezar... (Prerequisite; you do actually have to dislike Malthezar, having a relationship below zero with him)


Success! ...By Default!


It's a bit disappointing to see [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Malthezar Mhadi beaten in this manner, and really dislike that it's [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Flore Yveuillet responsible*, but... Well, you really don't care much for him, and seeing him beaten in any manner is fairly nice. You frown a bit at Flore, but keep your mouth shut.


The armed duelist, [Character]Character/Selection/Avila/Gwendy Zuyder, approaches the unarmed one and tags him with a tiny glamour spell.


The unarmed duelist’s hair turns a terrible shade of pink, forcing the losing duelist to admit he’s been beaten.




His rival, strangely generous in the spell chosen to prove his victory, celebrates as the unarmed duelist retrieves his now unhidden wand.




That’s that…the duel is over.


*One of the prerequisites for the event to fire was that your relationship with Flore had to be under -3, if the line seemed a bit unusual :) .


Effect: +1 Patience


Random Event Friend 2


[Character]Character/Male/Selection/Leopold Rassent, a bit more agitated than usual, comes to you saying he could use some help with his glamour project.


Don't worry, you won't be the test subject. He wants you to try the spells out on him.


You're a bit worried about the possible consequences, but it looks like he won't let you go until you agree.


Exit 5 Lie.* Agree to help, but cast it on someone else.


*I'm... Not entirely certain what the roll should be here. Lying is what differentiates it from the other options here, which would suggest that lying should be the roll, but I've absolutely no idea how lying well or poorly would cause the different outcomes seen below. That would seem to suggest that I should change the failure result to something involving Leopold feeling hurt and betrayed as he realizes what you're doing, but... The event only happens if your friendship with him is over 6, so he shouldn't suspect that you'd simply lie to him, and "Great, now there's two of her!" leaves me giggling for some reason :( .


Main Text


You don't think [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Leopold Rassent would agree to testing his spell on an unsuspecting student*, but at the same time, you're not really comfortable casting the spell on either of you... But that's why sometimes, friends need to help friends with things they find uncomfortable, right? Nodding your agreement, you have him show you how to cast the glamour. You ready your wand, tracing the phemes impeccably in the air, but at the last moment, you direct your spell to an entirely different student who just happens to be passing by...


*I'm admittedly not entirely familiar with Leopold, but it's generally a safe bet to assume that other people are uncomfortable with random human experimentation :) .




...Seeing the effects, you gasp in surprise. The student has become what must be the most gorgeous man you have ever seen! The glamour leaves you uncertain as to whether you know him or not, but you certainly hope you do. He looks at you quizzically, but continues walking on.


[Character]Character/Male/Selection/Leopold Rassent's reaction is rather more... Mixed. He seems a bit miffed that you cast his spell on a random person, but is quite satisfied that his spell works. He starts rambling about how he's done it and soon he'll expose [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Neta Xemutre for making him and the other boys her pawns, and soon forgets just how the experiment was conducted.


Well, you think you'll leave him to do that on his own; you've done your part.


Effect: +1 Glamour Methods, -1 Ethics




...Seeing the effects, you gasp in surprise. The student has become [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Neta Xemutre! The glamour leaves you uncertain as to whether you knew him or not, but you certainly hope you don't. [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Neta Xemutre looks at you quizzically, but continues walking on.


[Character]Character/Male/Selection/Leopold Rassent's reaction is rather poor; not only did you cast the spell on a random person, but now there's two [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Neta Xemutres wandering about, and one of them was quite more than enough, thank you very much! He promptly leaves you behind to fume on his own.


...Hey, it's not your fault that his spell didn't work. He could at least be a bit grateful that neither of you look like Neta now*!


*Not that it's a bad thing to look like Neta, but I assume both of the characters prefer to look like themselves :) .


Effects: -1 Ethics, -1 relationship with Leopold

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Unfortunately, I was only about to finish three of the five I was aiming for today... I sifted through a few too many events that weren't suitable for the sort of exits I've been writing (either lacking other people to push about, or having good relations with them as a prerequisite for the event to fire) which took up too much time to find the remaining two. Nevertheless, here's what I have.


Random Event Garden 2


Well, I haven't actually written the exit for this one yet, though I know what to do with it... Unfortunately, I've quite forgotten who to bully for it! I'm pretty certain I remember there being a student whose skilled at handling birds, but I don't recall who it was. Once I run into them again, I'll write it up properly.


Random Event Garden 4


Taking a walk through the garden, [Character]Character/Selection/Morvidus/Eliana Carosi runs up to you with a basket full of…something. Excitedly, she asks you if you want to be the first to try her new hybrid vegetables. She’s been working on them all year, and she just harvested her first batch. That’s neat and all, but whatever is in that basket doesn’t look like as though it could be even a distant relative of any vegetable you’ve ever encountered.


How can you get out of this situation without hurting her feelings?


Exit 5 Just refuse. It's only Eliana. (Prerequisite; has to have a relationship value with Eliana lower than two)


Success! ...By Default!


You roll your eyes and keep walking.


"Find someone else to expirement on, flower-brain. I'm not touching something that hideous," you say as you pass her.


You're not certain if the gaze on the back of your head is more hurt or angry, but does it really matter? Eliana certainly isn't going to do anything to you.


Effects: -1 relationship with Eliana


A bit short, but there really wasn't much more to add to it... On an unrelated note, between this event and the petition event, I was surprised to soon see a third opportunity to bully Eliana by knocking books out of her arms when she was trying to open a door. I'd had the exit half-written already, only to notice that the event had a prerequisite of having a relationship with her above 4... Oops.


Random Event Garden 5


Strolling through the gardens in the evening, you think about the miracle of life; about how each tree, each blade of grass is just as alive as you are. The majesty of creation overtakes you! That's why you don't notice the big rock underneath you until you stumble over it and flop to the ground rather forcefully. The majesty of creation really stinks sometimes. You stand up and take a look at the culprit.


It's a normal stone, but there’s a plaque on it. You squint to better see the words in the darkness. Bea ... sti ... aryg ... ra ... vey ... ard ... "Beastiary Graveyard"! Cool! Just as you make it out, you feel a cold breath on your neck. You whip around to see the ghost of a bent-snout grissle looming over you. Not cool.


Exit 4 You're not afraid of ghosts, monsters, or even shrine maidens*! Freeze this pest! (Prerequisites; Insight 2 or under, Theory of Incantation 3 or under)


*"Or even shrine maidens" probably shouldn't actually be in the event :) .


Failure... By Default...


Drawing your wand with a brash flourish, you let out a bold laugh. This ghost of an animal thinks it can stand against the might of [Character]Character/Self? How arrogant! You'll show him the recklessness of courage!


Fiercely, you trace the phemes of a freezing spell* to root the ghost to this spot.


Frantically, you run for your life when the ghost, completely unaffected, proceeds to chase after you.


Dejectedly, you recall after returning battered and scraped to the dorms, that you can't really freeze the incorporeal** with incantation alone...


*I meant to use the proper name of the spell - it's appeared in a few other events, and was what gave me the idea for an exit like this in the first place (I've been wanting to use this somewhere ever since I saw my first ghost) - but I didn't recall the name at the time of writing this.


**At least, I was under the impression you couldn't... I could be mistaken, which would make this a good exit nonsensical :( .


The style of this exit doesn't really match the other exits or the the main event text... I like the style of it, but I might have to come back again later and rewrite it to be more consistent.


Effects -1 Vitality, +1 stress, +1 Theory of Incantation


This one really isn't part of the "Mean Girls" series - it fits in much better with something I was going to do afterward, but it was just too convenient an opportunity to write something now.


Random Event Gates 7


I elected against actually doing anything with this event, but I thought I'd mention it for the sake of completeness... It basically involved being a rabble-rouser, calling for the abolition of the nobility and putting power into the hands of the people, but... Well, it just seemed like doing that in front of actual nobility might make for a lot of fun chaos, but would leave you in a bit more trouble than mere detention :) .


Random Event Hallway 4


You've just walked out of the door of the library with [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Katja Quinnecht when you spy [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant standing across the hall. [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant's absorbed in a book - which is the first indication you've ever had that he knows how to read - and doesn't seem to be aware of anything around [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant and you're about to walk away when you hear [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant voice behind you.


"Hey, [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Katja Quinnecht! I heard you blew that [Class]Class/Character/Selection of Character/Godina/Katja Quinnecht/Botany test yesterday. Nice work, genius!" [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant walks up to the two of you and continues making fun of your friend. [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Katja Quinnecht turns bright red.


Making fun of you is one thing, but [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant is going too far. You need to put [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant in [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant place. Looking over [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant, you notice something strange about [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant clothing today. You can't quite figure out what it is, though.


Exit 4 Intimidation. That's enough out of Philippe. Silence him with force!


Main Text


Shaking his clothing out of your head, you let your hand drop to your wand. Poor [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Katja Quinnecht is growing redder by the second - you have to intervene, and fast!




"Tell me, [Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant, do the teachers still have their eye on you?", you smirk, "Because I can certainly take a few more detentions..."


[Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant's mouth twitches. The rumors you heard about how close he was to expulsion must have been right, since he doesn't reach for his wand in return.


"Now get lost. [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Katja Quinnecht and I were in the middle of a conversation, and we have precious little time to waste on you," you gloat as you take Katja's arm and continue on your way.


She doesn't seem particularly pleased by your agressive solution, but at least nobody is likely to harass her for a while!


Effects: +1 Intimidation, -1 relationship with Philippe, +1 stress for Philippe, -1 stress for you




"Tell me, , do the teachers still have their eye on you?", you smirk, "Because I can certainly take a few more detentions..."


[Character]Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant just laughs.


"So [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Katja Quinnecht bought herself an attack dog? What, can't she fight her own battles? Look at you bark and snarl over a little lost test!"


The crowd forming around you murmers its agreement, and you hear a few giggles from the back. This is bad. You're being outmaneuvered by Philippeof all people! You grip your wand, preparing to shut him up for good, but you feel a hand restrain your draw. It's [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Katja Quinnecht - she just shakes her head.


"That's okay, [Character]Character/Self. Let's just go."


She looks terribly disappointed in you, the crowd is firmly on Philippe's side, and Philippe himself looks like he's positively gloating. This might not have been your best of interventions...


Effects: -1 relationship with both Philippe AND Katja, +1 stress, -1 stress for Philippe, +2 stress for Katja


Random Event Hedi Common Room 4


You enter the common room, ready to attend to your business, but a horrible smell and a fearful drip sound forces you to step back in horror.


You have grown accustomed to many things at this school, potions, spells, crazed familiars, but you've never seen anything like this. There's a giant, monstrous lizard in there!


Gobs of drool drip from its snarling mouth onto the floor. It arches its back before growling angrily at you.


So much for sneaking away unnoticed.


Looking around the back of the hellacious creature, you see two students, [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Neta Xemutre and [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Herbert Downes, giggling and [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Neta Xemutre with a wand raised.


This monster is nothing but a glamour spell.


At least, you're pretty sure it is.


You hope.


. . .


And, wait, [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Herbert Downes and [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Neta Xemutre? How did that happen?


Exit 4 Composure. Ignore the lizard, and give the pranksters a piece of your mind. (Prerequisites; have to have noticed that it's a glamour spell)


Main Text


If this lizard is just a glamour, then it's harmless... You can walk right through it to the pranksters.


The lizard roars its disagreement at you.


...Well, you're pretty sure it's harmless, at least.


You banish your concern, and step towards the lizard...




First one step. Then a second. Then a third.


You're right in front of its fangs now. Is that poison dripping from them? No matter. It's not real. It's not anything.


You take a deep breath, and one more step forward.


Ha! Your foot goes right through the lizard! It was an illusion!


The smirk on your face doesn't fade as you navigate through the lizard and march up to the astonished [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Neta Xemutre and [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Herbert Downes. After one stern conversation on what you'll do to them if they ever try something so hare-brained again, you think they get the point.


Effects: +1 Composure, +1 Intimidation




First one step. Then a second. Then a roar. Then a dozen rapid steps.


...Wait. Something isn't right here. You blink, and look around. No, no this isn't the common room at all. This is the hallway. Why are you in the hallway?


Your mind catches up to your feet.... Ah, that's right. You panicked and fled from the roar. That's... A very convincing illusion.


You sigh... It's doubtful that the pranksters will listen to you after that little display. Maybe you should just go somewhere else for a couple of hours


Effects: +1 stress


I'm not entirely convinced the failure text works for this one... It seems a bit disjointed, and not in the way I was aiming for.

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