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Patch 30 Bugs


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In the Health and Illness 9 random event, there appears to be a fair amount of confusion about professor Briardi's general. She's referred to as "She" in the event text, but "he" in the options.


Ah. Editor reveals that a random professor is chosen, but the option text can't really account for the gender. Could it be limited to a random male professor? Or the options re-written gender neutral?

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Re.: Holiday (The Wedding Feast) same image and same image problem as mentioned elsewhere, placement and/or lower edge of image cuts off text.


You have learned Toy Soldiers -- no info on link


re: Black Snake Down -- start of event, page blank except for options at bottom (no event text)


Serious Scholarly, 3 of 4 -- threepieces as one word.


General: spacing of text on centre panel is often strange, frequent blank final page and page boundaries mid-page. However, my display set-up only has one option for 800 (600x800), everything else is a close approximation, so that may be the reason.



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Battlemace Adventure phase 06a - The investigation creates a memory that doesn't unlock any exits or do ... anything.

Looks like the Prerquisite for Exit 3 (Lip Reading) is missing


Edit: Telescopes like Telescope: Masters have theyr own Item Typ "Telescope" and now I wonder what equipment slot they are assiotated!

Just having it in the Knapsack is not enough to get theyr buff and all Slots I have aviable show red if I move the Telescope over it.

I also hope the effect of Telescope: Masters get a change because Astrology Study +2 (useless because of the absolut max of 10) and Astrology Skill +2 isnt this great reward for a Adventure Chain that didnt give out any Attribute boost.

Even comparing to the Telescope (+2 Astrology +1 Spy) its ends up to have much biger size/concealability with less use.

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A question:

What is the status of the SP place holders that still crop up? Is there anything useful that can be done to help with them?


And an issue:

My most recent character started out with zero parental approval and no cash; however, finding plants and selling them turned out to be a nice little earner. (PS Compost weighs a ton and is virtually worthless, so calling it a plant is definitely cheeky!) I noticed that in the shops, though I can click and unclick items to *buy*, I cannot unclick items to *sell*. Clicking more than twice in fact results in the item being accepted for sale again, and indeed the fool shopkeeper then goes and buys two items, one of which does not exist. And what's more, pays the money. (Needless to say, my very ethical character has *not* exploited this.) However, I'm assuming this is not intentional, and exiting the shop brings the action to an end, so no chance to go back and start the process over.



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My understanding about the 'SP's is that they are not placeholders, but the names could be revised. If there are any in particular you'd like the team to look at, though, let me know and I'll fit it in.


The Sell issue is known, and we'll be looking at that in Patch 31 or 32, I think.




That is definitely not correct, thanks! :)

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Random Event Escaped Animals 4 the Investigation Add Memory: "Baby Enfield." but Exit 3 looks for Existence/Memory/Baby Gwyllago


Can the Team have a look at the History SS Pride of a Rebel Queen?

I got over 20 points in history from Random Skills and Random History SS but no point to this SS even having it right at the start as Avila.


Btw. What was the reason again the Match Wits with the Emperor Sphinx sometimes just give 1 Random Skill (even with the Selected Skill still can be trained)?

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