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Patch 32 Bugs


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Sadly my Suggestion about the 20 point healing with the Intruduction letter didn't work out well :( .

My Char now have Vit 22 with a max of 4 displayed on the mouse over.

Also I now have 2 chars with -4 standing (1 Morvidus and 1 from Godina) probably my other suggestion made it into the game without removing the Random Morvidus

(Will be a interesting year but at last No real problematic one at -4)


Edit made a restart because I messed something in my kbackgrounds and now I have one Char at -8 (A Aranaz) and a other at -4 oO (and because the -4 was Joana a other new start ^^)

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Ok a new word learned today ^^.


I am confused about the gender of my Rabbit Familiar (Rapidly) because in Tutorial Adventure 04 Exit 2 my Rabbit is flages as She but for the Familiar Adventure Rabbit to make any sense hte familiar must be male.

Edit: just looked the Familiar is flaged as Female in the ModDb

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Stenchtastic dont show up under Emotions (even if it is no Emotion I still think it should be displayed)

Also I would suggest that at last after 2 Weeks or such this affliction sould be gone and not just by resting.

(-3 Charm that even can bring your Charm to negative numbers for 2 weeks is punishment enough but forcing to waste a timeslot on Rest is realy bad ^^)


Edit: Is it intended that when I loose Anxiety that I get Embracement?

(I got Anxienty on Friday and rested Saturday to get lost of Stenchtastic but got Embracement then)

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Nothing new, but I found Schwartzbart's first comment as well, with the quite surprising amout of vitality. A shame they aren't real, but what can you do? ;)


Procrastinate is... somewhat common, I've bumped into it here and there. It is sadly a habbit of mine, but I'll live (I hope).



Found a wacko link though, in Random Event Gates 3, I failed the Reason check; It should (in my case) simply link to Pachait, but I got his detention skills and all that kind of nonsense.

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Hmm it would seem my vitality points are real, or at the very least it just dropped from 24 to 23. :huh:


Not that I am complaining much



Also found that in, Random Event Revenge 1, in the observation to see who Vettor is with, there is some funky linking as well.

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I hate to bring this up again but there seem to be something fishy about how skill infomation is shown for familiars (my little ferret at least).


I taught my ferret all three bonds in addition to wit with a improved familiar handling - and that worked perfectly (I think (hope!)) but when I press any of the bonds (or the wit for that matter), in the familiar's tab, to see how many points I need to invest to raise bonds once more, I am told that bonds are currently at 0 and wit is currently maxed at 10. It seems like it shows MY skill values rather than my familiars.


It's likely been reported before, but I thought I'd just mention it again. I am unsure if it will be cleared if I reopen Academagia, but I'm too tired to try. :)

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I probably encountered a Clique bug :(

My clique was found in the first game week but now I am in a complet different clique.

I would say its maybe it was a clique fight if not my fist member and I where in 2 differnet cliques with only 1 other member each and both are not members of the orginal clique.

Also the Clique Name of the clique I started dont exist any more!

(Sadly I didnt look for my Clique for a long time so I dont know when it hapened)

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