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Reminder Sheet


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To CremePudding:

Nice work but why Cosetta ?


To Legate:


Is it possible for a notepad feature for the game ? It would be very helpful for many.


Eh, I was just slightly annoyed at Cosetta for trying to frame my whole clique in a random event.


And since recently, a real life friend has been telling me about her encounter with a evil tattletale.... :rolleyes:


Bet you are expecting targets like Joana instead, don't you? :)

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To CremePudding:






I do have something in store for them. :)

(If I am lucky enough, I might be able to get them up in a few hours.)


CP:How did you make the paper texture?

I actually just used some wooden texture image,

distorted it and messed around with the colors,

then type something on it and wrinkle it up.

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