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Patch 35

Legate of Mineta

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This is a good idea, Lucien. But remember, if Legate does repost it, try replacing only the Storage.dll file first and see what happens. Otherwise you might encounter many instabilities in the programming that have been improved on. As I recall, the mod that changed the mod merging process was way back in the first few patches.




It might not hurt to take this patch and the patch immediately before the one we're referring to and seeing how its text compares. Not sure if that will give any insight into the problem, but it might save hours of endless searching through code. For all we know it could be a simple mistype in a boolean operator. What program do you guys use to edit/code the storage file?

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I didn't realize the problem has been going on so long. From the description in the cheatmod thread it sounded much more recent. I tried your solution of patching without storage.dll and it worked wonderfully, but that adventure list is a bit overwhelming/confusing and I decided to wait for a solution or use an older patch.

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