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DLC 11: Pranks, Festivals, and the Occasional Rallying Moment

Legate of Mineta

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DLC 11 has been released, and can be found here:


Instructions: Copy all files and place into your Academagia install folder (same folder as Academagia.exe). For example: C:\Program Files\Academagia\Mods\Content.mdm (Please overwrite all files.) Begin a new game, checking 'Pranks, Festivals, and the Occasional Rallying Moment', to use DLC 11.


Before you Install: DLC 11 does not require you to create a new game, but if you wish to have certain fixes, you will need to create a new one. This Patch is cumulative, and contains all previous Content Patches, Code Patches and DLC.


This Patch adds these features:


1) 6 new Adventures

2) 21 new Events

3) Many new Phemes, Spells and Abilities

4) 5 new Items

5) 5 new Locations

6) A new general Skill

7) 1 new Background

..and corrects these issues:


1) Some Adventures and Events were reworked for continuity

2) Several Adventures and Events now correctly refer to the appropriate Actors

3) Doggy Stage 8 should now be much more playable

4) The Old Wand now sells for quite a bit less

5) Several Item Types were corrected

6) Some Descriptions were reworked for correctness

7) "Blast you, Mikka! You can't take the Oxford comma from me! You just can't! ...Fine, fixed."

8) Several Adventure and Event rewards were reworked

...as well as many typos.

Special thanks to the following Academagians who originally suggested or raised awareness of these:





Jeff Wang






Sabin Stargem



Thanks also to the Community for these Adventures:


Random Event Awesome Community 39 CremePudding

Random Event Awesome Community 40 Leoshi

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7) "Blast you, Mikka! You can't take the Oxford comma from me! You just can't! ...Fine, fixed."


My crusade continues! Soon all shall know the despair of lack of clarity and serial comma, as ordained by the secret rulers of the world! All hail Cambridge!


I mean... er... cough.


Time to take a break from coding and the horrors of art manipulation to actually play again! :)

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Also, a response. :)


"Oh, I knew. I knew I sensed the shadowy hand of Academia Cantabrigiensis at work in this! And, indeed, the shadowy forearms and elbows!



Well, you tell Mikka that we're onto her, and that we'll not stand by and mutter ineffectually while she and her collaborators bring down everything that made the English-speaking world great! SO THERE!"

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I personally follow the code of the lowest denominator when comma is concerned. As long as you can read the entire sentence, and you are alive to tell it, then it is a win! (added a comma more than I initally intended, just cause I could! (Also, isn't the internet great! (And the fact that I can make just about infinite number of... parentheses? is that what it is called in english? parenthese? (Thank god my old teacher doesn't know I am writing this junk))))


Anywho, gonna play the game now! See ya!

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Simply download patch 51 in the sticky above instead. :)


Patches are cumulative, which means it has DLC 11 (and 10, 9, 8... so on, so forth) in it. Thus, the team usually takes down old updates, so they can make sure everyone's playing with the most recent one to avoid old bugs being re-reported.

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