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Grats to 1 year Academagia


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Acording to the link below Academgia is now aviable for buying for 1 year!


So I whant to gratulate the team for this anniversary. :)

Also thanks for the Monthly DLC updates that let me keep playing this game.

Saldy we probably will celebrate the 2nd year Academgia is aviable for buying without seeing the release of Year 2.

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This is dorky as anything, but: Happy Anniversary, Academagia!! Have an absolutely horrible picture from Kay, Ceyn, Rena, and all their friends. Don't worry if you can't recognize them: I barely can. Still, I hope it might bring a smile to someone's face, despite the quality and crazy.



No Morjerksvidus students were harmed in the making of this picture, though very many others were.






Hopefully next year will bring as much fun content and discussions as the first did!

And may no shoes fall on your heads.

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Thank you. :3


I can't look at it without wincing- it's really bad compared to the plan I had in my head- but it was done in only a few hours, so it has to do. /grin The poor kids in the tree are really sloppy, but none of them are that all well done. I like the familiars, too! They were the last thing I did (mostly because of the huge empty space above Rui), but I think it works.


And I can't wait for DLC 12. /happy

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