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Researching Research Topics, not Skill Research


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Under the list of all the skill parents and their associated skills, is a list of research topics that are essentially boosters to some of the above skills. One researches skill topics by 'training', or studying in the libraries, or visiting the Sphinx, etc.. Very early in the game, one gets mechanisms whereby one can gain several skill steps for each action, most libraries giving three, the Sphinx giving four. However when it comes to gaining steps in those 'research' topics down below the skill topics, there seems to only be the one action, 'Research'.


Unfortunately that action gives a single step in the chosen research topic and nothing else. The end result is that one spends ten actions just to get a single bonus. If one spent those ten actions on the Sphinx, one would get 40 bonuses (albeit each of them not quite as nice as the level ten research topic bonus). This seems like a terrible exchange.


Is there another option for doing 'research' on those research topics (not skill topics) that while giving the requisite step in the chosen research topic, also gives a step or two in something else?

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I've complained and whined about this one a lot- so much, that if I ever get the four students I'm currently working on done and out (...which actually seems closer and closer everyday, barring the portrait problem), student five is going to have his clique ability in that with his help, you can research more then one thing at a time, researching two or three things at once.


(It fits his personality, it does!)


Research is a horrible exchange. There's no question about it. Researching something to 10 always gives you a stat bonus or the ability to gain 11 in a skill (a real 11, giving you the level 11 bonus, rather then the many passive abilities throughout the game that might raise your skill up to 17 without ever giving you that 'level 11 bonus'. As you said, that's a great bonus. But even if you're not using the Sphinx, but the library of Long with Concentration maxed, I'd still say 20 skill steps is better then one stat or one level 11 skill.


(There are a few exceptions, if you can hit one of the level 11 skills that's bonus is to increase another skill to 11 that increases another 11 in a large cycle that eventually gives you something awesome, but even then, it's still iffy- the Sphinx and Adventures are probably better.)


Year Two, Research is going to be changed and altered to be more sensible it's been said. It's also going to be required for some testing, IIRC, so people who did some researching this year will have a bonus for next.


...one thing I think would also help with Research is if the classes taught a bit of Research on their studies of choice. If by class you have Research 7, it makes a lot of sense to boost Research to 10 in free-time. And I'm of the opinion that classes could really use a bit more love in the amount of skills/locations/abilities/fun they give out.

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