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Scheherazade on Steam

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Those of you that would like to play Scheherazade on Steam, do please give us the green light:



...we appreciate it!


Also, here is a list of other visual novels that you may like to support:


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Acording to this News


Steam now charge $100 just for a dev team to be allowed to get the chance to maybe make it on Steam via greenlight.

Even if all the Money is spend to Child’s Play charity I think its still a bad move to charge money just for the small chance to eventualy get sold at Steam.

I would have more undestanding in this if they actual would charge money to pay a person to check the things out bevore putting it on greenlight, but thats maybe just me.


Edit: Btw. Scheherazade is still on 0% :(

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Yeah, it seems like an odd move, although...*something* had to be done about all the fake submissions, I suppose, and Child's Play is a decent charity. It doesn't appear that we need to contribute, having already been on Greenlight, although you never know.


Hopefully Scheherazade will eventually make it, but it's pretty clear that the majority of the Steam crowd isn't interested in this type of game yet! :)

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Well, I'm not a fan of ren'ai styled games. Not that there's anything wrong with them but... this particular game and it's setting just doesn't interest me for several personal taste reasons.


Nonetheless, I hope it sells like hotcakes! My best wishes to BCS!

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Well, filtering the unavoidable trolls there are many comments that express interest in the game itself, they only have reserves about the graphic style (which I already commented on in the other thread so I will not repeat myself here).

So all in all I don't think the reception is as bad as the lack of support for a Steam sale indicates. (I wonder however how many supports are needed! several of the people commenting gave their thumbs up and it's still far from the goal...)


By the way, will you release the demo together with the full version or before? (even if it's true that we are only at one week from the official release...)

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