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Grim News on the Holdfast App

Legate of Mineta

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I believe they plan to send out the survey this weekend- the codes are for all platforms, so you just need to specify the book you want.


I'm not sure which OS each App supports- actually, I believe every one of them supports PC, Mac, Linux and Droid. I'm sure they'll publish that information in the survey, though. In the mean time, if you look at the books you are interested in, I think it does say on the product page.

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Hmm. Echoing my comment on the kickstarter thread, how deeply irritating this is (although not really with BCS - but with TMG). At least some sort of combat-automating tool, even an Excel sheet, would be preferable to this situation. A fully kitted out CoG app would be better, clearly.


On a side note, did the annotated artwork and maps ever go out? I can't remember seeing those, although it's been a while since I checked on this.

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1) TinManGames would have implemented their own Combat system for the app if they would have done it.

2) What is your problem with the combat? All you have to do is print out the Combat Table and exactly write down the effects of your weapons and other equipment.

The only thing you then have to do for a combat is a simply subtraction at the start of a combat then rolling a die and look at the Combat Table for the results and what action you have available for the round. So a Excel sheet would help absolute nothing as it would be the exact same as the combat table.

3) Because the licence rights for a App are back at BCS there is still hope that they find someone else to do the App.

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The Team hasn't discussed a Tool, I don't believe, so I'll bring it over to them and see what they say. Hopefully, there will still be a version of the app created, although, as Schwarzbart notes, it will almost certainly be a different combat system.


All the awards did go out, including the artwork and maps- I think those were out in December.



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When the book first got released, I tried to play through it, and just found that all of my time was spent figuring out claw, and looking up numbers, applying effects and keeping track of hitpoints, and not actually reading and enjoying the book. I said at the time that I would wait for the app, and so I am frustrated that TMG has taken this long to get where we are. I've said as much to them, and they have their reasons, but I'm still not particularly convinced.


I feel that there could be a way to partially automate the character sheet and combat system that would speed up how combat works for simple minds like my own. But longer term, I imagine a full app is the way to go.



I've checked back through my email, and what I'd asked about is in the setting guide, I believe, so I'm sorted on that front. Thank you.

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