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I was not sure if the game designers could do this or if this needs to go to the modder section if this is even possible, but I assume since it has the ability to alphabetize, it could organize other ways as well.


I was not sure if there was a way to write in better organization for Abilities, Actions, Spells, Items. To me it is nifty having everything in alphabetical order, but that is only useful if you remember what everything is or does. Otherwise you have to look through everything to find what you are looking for. How I mean organize is: Lets say you want to work on your stealth subskills or your spy skill. you could have a mini search that would pull up everything your character has on spy. I have like a y thousand actions my character can do that I have no clue what they are for for. It would be great making it easier instantly knowing what spells you can cast to raise a skill.



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