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Mod is crashing when I try to load it ingame?


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I made sort of an ultimate/catch-all cheat mod for subskills. You play an adventure and it basically expands 90% of the subskills available.


It took about 6 hours to publish, but when I tried to load it ingame, my game just crashed immediately (system error occurred; application will be terminated). Any thoughts on why this might happen?



Edit: To expand on how I modded it:


It's an adventure, and one of the Exit options basically has a whole bunch of Benefits (Expand subskill => Specific subskill for 90% of the subskills available) embedded.

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I suspect that you overloaded the benefit table with too many entries. There's hundreds of subskills, last I checked, and those tables might not have been programmed to handle more than a dozen+ entries. Of course without either checking the source code or trial and error there's no way to be sure. Maybe the Legate can clarify, but I can't offer anything more.

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Did you use a mod with the same file name or Properties (i.e. because you didn't change them) before then you hit the same crash as I encountered already.

This is the reason why I had to add the following line to the mods I published:


In case you update a older version of my mods with a newer please clear the catch and the corresponding directory in GCC before starting a game with the new version.

You can find the catch here:

C:\ProgramData\Academagia for Windows 7 and C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Academagia for Windows XP

The GCC sub directory can be found in the directory you put your mods in

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