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Sterling India Errors


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While doing Sterling's Adventure in India, I found a few things I am pretty sure are errors/ not intended things.


Error 1:

Whenever I asked a lot of questions in another thread (I'm sure you know what I mean lol), it was stated that 'originally, you could *lose* points'. I'm assuming that means that you can no longer lose points? However, there are two instances when this happens.


If you fail the 'Obstacle: animal handling/ escape artistry/ courage', you get -3 relationship with Sterling. It won't let me link an image using the 'Image' button so here is a link: http://i1024.photobucket.com/albums/y304/sonicnancyfan/sterling%20error%201_zpsvlkt5lo1.png

It could not actually remove -3 and the text was just left unchanged but, either way, it is confusing.


The other instance is in Sterling's second 'Run around with Sterling some more' event, you lose -7 relationship points. This one seems intentional as I can't find a way to avoid it, but I figured I would mention it just in case. And, as you have to do all Sterling capers to get on his route, I know it has to be done, so...<<


Error 2:

The other error occurs during the 'Obstacle: courage/ self knowledge/ moxie'. Here, you gain +1 relationship with Sterling, however, instead of showing up at the screen right before the obstacle, it appears behind the screen during the obstacle itself (this picture took me forever to get 0.o): http://i1024.photobucket.com/albums/y304/sonicnancyfan/Sterling%20error%202_zpsbieqm4zs.png

It moves really quickly behind there too, so much so that I had to reload several times just to make out what it said.


Error 3:

This is either an error or me missing something. I cannot seem to find the '8 - Climbing or Poise' obstacle in Sterling's Indian Adventure. I am pretty sure that I have chosen all possibilities, so it could be an error. If it isn't an error, does anyone know how to activate it?


Error 4:

In Sterling's first 'Run around with Sterling some more' event, after completing the event, you get +1 relationship points but it is not visible during the event. I only noticed due to having checked it before the event and after the event.

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Your welcome~


Don't forget about error 4. Not having the +1 relationship appear is going to confuse people. I kept redoing Sterling's adventure trying to figure out why one save had one more point than the others at the end.XD


As for error two, it happens now and again, but it's usually just +1 athletics or some trivial skill so I don't point it out. I'll try to find them again and keep a list.


Also, is the -7 supposed to happen? I've moved onto Peru but if I can't get 100 points due to that -7, I'll hold off on moving forward. I'm assuming it is intentional, but, this game is hard enough that I'd like to not get to the end and have 93 points instead of 100. :P

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Okay, thanks for responding.

I guess I'll continue and hope since people online seem to imply that the 100 ending attainable even with the -7.

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Good to know it was intentional~

I mean, I was expecting the Dream of Sterling 100 ending to kill me inside, but even the 100 friendship route does? I need to get some more tissues :( (or it will make me want to punch Sterling or Ruddy...of course, part of me always wants to punch Ruddy, so... ;)).

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Legate you are so mean! Teasing people with sequel that are still years away. ;)

Just look at the 1st game of BCS that got released 08-13-2010 and after nearly 6 years still have not the promised sequel released.

(Even if Academagia year 2 still get released 2016 its 2034 before we can get the last planed episode of this series if BCS keep this speed)

How many episode are planed for Scheherazade?

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You are the worst tease ever, Legate.:)


Here I am sneaking into the Scheherazade side of the forums, only to see plans being discussed concerning upcoming games, when we ALL KNOW that you're going to be squeezing in another project or two that will only delay these sequels even further. I'm not saying that coming up with new projects is bad, but I must confess you guys at BCS are very ambitious for your relative size. I really would like to see Academagia finished within my lifetime, and Schwarzbart's right that even the longest suffering fans will be hard pressed to wait until 2034 to see a conclusion if the current pace is an example of things to come..

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