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First game in about a year. How'd I do?

Leon Cross

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I'm staring to understand why Orsi goes to such lengths to hide himself. Maybe you could get some favor with him if you hand him the Amulet of Bloody Tears so that he can convert the pig blood vault into his own personal underground bunker. Sure, the walls weep blood and all, but there appear to be worse fates...

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To continue our discussion we had in the Q&A thread.

For me is it already enough if I get 2 SS increases in the afternoon time slot or 1 SS increase in the morning time slot to not skip class that why I think increasing my class fix mod a bit more should be good enough for me in case we can skip the 2 exam months without any problems.

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Hmm...personally I'm not sure. On one side I don't intend for my Y2 characters to do every adventure under the sun and turn into demi-gods. Super(wo)men, sure, but not demi-gods, and perfect attendance might get the professors off my back a bit more. On the other side those extra 194 turns could get me nearly four parent skills worth of Researches. Or a 4-sub parent skill to 20 in Y1, which could pay off if it unlocks something awesome right during Y2 summer. Or a whole host of other things. Sure, I'd have to raise the class skills myself, but I can arrange for that...


EDIT: Fixed a math goof.

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I just finished on my Avila girl again.




Attributes (with emotions + equipment)

Fitness - 9

Finesse - 8

Charm - 8

Strength - 4

Intelligence - 11

Insight - 12

Luck - 8


Arithmetic 10/13 130

Astrology 10/22 200

Athletics 10/14 140

Geometry 10/11 110 (second by 2 points)

Incantation 10/12 121

Music 10/11 111 (second by 4 points)


Maxed Skills -

Gates , Acrobatics, Dance, Music Theory, Birds, Insects, Pride of a Rebel Queen, Navigation, Climbing, Knots, Cartography, Archery, Traps, Persuasion, Perception, Willpower, Composure, Planning, Danger Sense.


Increased Everard Equation to 13. It claims it can go to 14, but I couldn't raise it.


Completed 26 quests, including the tutorial, Pamela, Ana, and Aaran's quests, and Orso Orsi's main quest. Plus almost (all?) the Gate related quests an Avila student can do. I still really like the Crow's quests.


Did Sign Language, and Language Skills for the first time. I liked those. I also did the Pep Rally quest, did not enjoy it as much. Will probably skip it and the Temple quest so I can max Courtly Fashion or Hairstyles. Or do some of the new content if we ever get DLC 17/year 2. ;_;


My Gate Spells were only 6 by the last month (probably cause I raised stuff to much before my fitness was higher) so I wasted a few slots getting it to 10.





I think at the end of the year I could have freed up probably 10~15 spots, more if I waited longer to raise certain skills. I did get everything I wanted to get done though, and she's a bit better than last time.

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Yeah. It isn't very efficient to learn Gates on your own compared to Schohanwicht, but I managed it pretty easy. I wouldn't recommend trying to get Mastery and Gates to 10 on that playthrough as I only did it by the skin of my teeth, But Gates alone is not unbearable.

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