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Nel Celestine

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I've made a Discord Group for Victory Belles. I'll post the link here, if it runs out before you join, just reply and I'll refresh the link.




One week from today the Discord will be pruned of non-active members. If you are accidentally pruned after that point, please contact myself for a re-invite.

Date of Pruning will be Sept 9th 2016



New Update!


Pruning has been done. If you were pruned accidentally (because let's face it, mistakes happen) just post here and we will PM you a new invite.

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Hmmm. Well I'll try the link when I'm settled back home and figure it out. Hopefully you all will be patient mentoring the mom in the room on all this gaming stuff. :)

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Yes. I was just offering a simple explanation. It is a more versatile tool.

Yup! sorry, I was typing my reply at the same time as you it seems. Thanks for helping to reply with some answers too :D

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Still says it's sending a request to that code. I bet I'm doing it wrong.


How about this. My username is DrYuriMom. Can you invite me?

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