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Forgotten location


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Hi all


I am trying to remember the name of a location gained via an adventure.


It was in a dangerous place in Mineta, the location action meant you gains 1 ss in 3 sneaky skills, and you then had a chanc of either getting mugged (2 vitality damage) or some more skill steps. I can't rember the details though :(


Does that location sound familiar to anyone?





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Thanks guys, I obviously failed to properly write up the adventure when I played through it as the wiki page is terrible.


Does giving out the location in a different adventure sound ok? I have almost finished an adventure based on weird al yankovic's parody 'my bologna' and wanted it as a reward option.

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Content Patches typically are fixes, but the Legate has confirmed previously that CP's can have content beyond simple fixes. And Frankly I still wouldn't be surprised if there was a DLC18 far enough down the line if there were enough folks interested in it. Maybe when Y2 is at the stage Y1 is in now it wouldn't hurt to add a few player stories that were written with future knowledge in mind...

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