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Profintern seems like someone that I want in my fleet. Also her interactions with Mahan were pretty cute, when you consider what Mahan thinks of soviet Belles.


...Also, seriously, stop making me ship Mahan with so many Belles, I want to have more ships than just Mahan x everybody ever.

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Ship mahan, was that a typo/autocorrect, I don't understand.


Oh wait, must have been a pun...


I'm sure there will be more belles introduced that wou can put in your fleet.


As for profintern, poor woman is going to work herself to death, what's up with the russians and the workaholics. Also the little fluff balls on the socks make me laugh.

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I'm curious about the Torah myself.


Once again the Soviets have interesting and unique Belles that I surprisingly enjoy.


Also, I shall be referring to her as Krispy Kream from now on

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Very complex Bella who has a schism in her personality it would appear... a love of expression and possible religious beliefs who is fully committed to an anti-intellectualism atheist collective that is USSR.

I figure this is do to her being an former Imperial Russian as opposed to a born-and-bred communist.

Also... power suit! Maybe she needs the help do to her advanced age?

As far as nicknames go I personally use these ones:
Emerald = Esmeraude ;) [http://sailormoon.wikia.com/wiki/Esmeraude_(anime)]
Belfast = Taco-bell (fast) :P [https://www.tacobell.com/]
Neptune = Nep-Nep :D [http://hyperdimensionneptunia.wikia.com/wiki/Neptune]

As for Profintern, she may not like it but I prefer addressing her as old name Svetlana as that is a much more noble and feminine name then Profintern, which sounds like a professional Finnish seabird!

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OTO 120/50 - recheck references & proportions
still wrong global map >_<

no antarctic region?

gallery removed from UI - ?







>Currently her hull is being used as a breakwater at the mouth of the Neva River.

manned reserve != hull


>and the whole organization -full of misguided and ineffective people- was dissolved and replaced by the Popular Front in 1937.

...vibrating with Party Line adopted "agreement" tactics and mostly merged with local unions, hence "dissolved"





>130mm/55 Pattern 1913



>When war broke out, she was undergoing repairs and modernization, which would keep her out of the fight until 1941.

Which war?


>She was ultimately sold for scrap in July 1959.



>You know, Captain, I don't understand half of what the Soviets say...and I don't think they do, either.







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