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I have a very complicated situation that I want to explain that may contain one or possibly two bugs. Then I will state a more simple issue that I have read about but not encountered. Finally, I will ask a question.


The situation: In my most recent playthrough, I was playing as an Academic over-achiever. Accordingly, my character researched Famous Dilemmas to Level 10, and then, having in this way gained an increased Famous Dilemmas level, trained Famous Dilemmas to Level 11. Then I used a Level 10 Favor with Professor Sido, which was revealed to be an increase in the maximum of the Famous Dilemmas Skill, which I then trained up to 12. A 12 in Y1 as a base skill may be over-powered, but I thought it fair enough - my character had invested research and favor to get these extraordinary benefits, and even the Everard Equation requires difficult skill checks with a Marat Deck in order to reach Level 13. I upload my save game to show that I tell the truth. But then there was a problem with this understanding of mine.


I loaded my most successful completed game to experiment with the effects of extreme skill training after Kaliri, as a way to test run ideas for Y2. Now this character had been created as a Negation prodigy, as a result of which the Theory of Negation skill level maximum was preset at 11. During my playing beyond Kaliri, I researched Theory of Negation to 10 - reward being an increase in the Theory of Negation. Yet i was unable to train my Theory of Negation at all - it was capped, it seemed, at 11. I am not sure whether this was affected by being after Kaliri.


In sum, there is an inconsistency in whether it is possible to achieve skill levels of 12 or higher. Maybe it is a bug. If there is no desire to allow PCs in Y1 to have skill level maximums (aside from Everard Equation) higher than 11, perhaps the game could inform players in the day's events log some thing along the lines of "You tried to raise you skill level maximum higher, but have already reached your maximum." A similar message is given for study levels and skill level training.


Now for the simpler issue: the wiki claims that researching The Minds of Men is bugged, and suggests that “(+1 Anthropology skill max intended?)”. I have not researched the Mind of Men, but the Wiki also claims that researching Anthropology yields +1 Anthropology skill max.


Finally, my question: When Y2 is released, I presume that Skill levels of 12 and above will have their own distinctive benefits. Could these benefits be imported backwards into Y1 through a patch?


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Kapsus should work fine in terms of skill max increases and the like, and Prodigy: Negation should also work fine since it actually Informs you of Theory of Negation. As such I suspect information window shenanigans:

On 22-4-2017 at 2:17 AM, Metis said:

I should point out that the skill step counter displayed in the information window, to not put it politely, is not smart enough to deal with skill level cap increases. When you hover over a subskill the game will helpfully (and, in my experience, accurately) tell you what a given subskill's maximum rank is, and how many skill steps are needed for the next skill level, or else that it is maxed out. The information window will always claim that a subskill is maxed out when it is at rank 10, even when that is not the case, and at any rank other than 10 it will display how many skill steps are necessary for the next skill level, even when that subskill is maxed out at level 11 out of 11. Further, The skill level displayed in the information window is it's current level including modifiers. So a skill at level 11 out of a new cap of 11 isn't maxed out when it has a +1 applied to it.

Does that help?

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The Event Log, too, isn't always as clever as it needs to be, but I'll point out the problem to see if there is a fix that need to be made!

I'm not sure about the Minds of Men issue, but it is possible to gain more than +1 Skill Max in Y1.

Import backwards isn't possible, but you could theoretically create a mod which mimics that.

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And will there be additional benefits in Y2 to having skill levels of 12? I hope that the importer will be able to handle Y1 characters with skill levels of 12.


Since you are going to be investigating the Theory of Negation Skill Maximum, I upload a save in which my character had a skill level 11 Theory of Negation at the end of the game. I hope that this is helpful.  :)


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