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Bug with Researching Synchronicity Related Topics


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I loaded another successful completed game to experiment with the effects of extreme skill training after Kaliri, as a way to test run ideas for Y2. This character had achieved straight 10s in all four subskills of Synchronicity. Furthermore, the events of the game until the end of Kaliri had granted the Player character the ability to research Synchronicity, Empathy, Instinct, and Mental Bridging. During my playing beyond Kaliri, I researched all four of these topics to 10. Yet judging by the Day’s log, only one of those topics provided a benefit upon being researched to 10 - Instinct provided a +1 Insight bonus. I am not sure whether the results of these research actions was affected by being after Kaliri. I attach my save file for research purposes.


This situation leaves me with the following questions.


1. what were the intended benefits to researching Synchronicity, Empathy, and Mental Bridging to 10?


2. How does one gain the ability to research Serenity?


3. will Research levels acquired in Y1 be imported over into Y2 even when they are below 10 so that players will have to use fewer time slots to research a topic to 10?


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20 minutes ago, Rhialto said:

Player character the ability to research Synchronicity, Empathy, Instinct, and Mental Bridging.

Could you kindly tell me what location allows you to research that? If you're not sure it should say at the end of day log, since if you Research something you spend a physical turn at the location of that research subject. I can't check the save because of the same "can't access this page" error from...before. At some point. I remember that.

1. Just a note on this: The stuff on the Wiki is from DLC 16, before you actually could increase those skill levels maxes (I had to use a cheat mod), so consider that information as an untested beta at best.

2. The Cobblestone Path to Nowhere location.

3. They should be, yes.

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...No easy way to unlock the location from what I can see. Except for ED filtering. Well, so be it.

Presumably +1 skill max, since every Sync subskill (including the parent skill) has a rank 11 perk defined, which you can see on the Wiki. That's only a guess, though.

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