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Halloween special

Käpt'n Korky

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While this is not an updated in which we have to vote...

Did you expect me to say that I was gonna vote anyway? Though luck.


I don't really know what I'll decide in-game though. I don't really have a special preference for any of these...

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2 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


Yep! This is this week's Update. Actually, I happen to have next week's too, already ready. :)


I don't think so- only the options you have unlocked are available. But I may be wrong, as it's not yet implemented in the game.

Good to hear! More incentive to try to get all of them!

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*Ahem* Generally speaking, I prefer to hand out treats to the children, but I have been known to don a costume, every now and again. Some say that I have cut a very fine figure indeed. That's not what I have said, of course.

Others have said it.


At the rate Mahan pitches, I wouldn't be surprised if she dressed up as a baseball player. :P 

I am intrigued by what Verdun and Camicia Nera came dressed as, though.  Verdun has seen enough horror, so would she avoid anything too gore-heavy or pull no punches?  And Camicia Nera wears skull-shaped bling every other day of the year - what could she possibly wear to top that?

Decisions, decisions...      

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It's kind of a must for US game devs to include a halloween event as an opportunity for alternative costumes, innit? Not that I mind. Also one question will be: Are they all in spooky Halloween costumes, or in "normal ones" too? Like Panays baseball player suggestion for Mahan.
So here are my speculations for the costumes:


I follow the spooky road.

Verdun - OMGs.... I have so very many ideas. So very many really awesome and aweful ideas.... The simplest idea would be a german WWI-uniform, but I don't think that would make it a Legate favourite.... the nastiest would be a gas shelled.... nah, not let's go there.... So what could it be.... I go with death. Her costume is death.

Scharnhorst - Ugh, I'm really unsure but let's go with Klabautermann.

Hiryu - Kappa or not Kappa.... that's the question.

Moskva - US devs + soviet Belle = devil costume. XD

Bulldog - Cerberus. It's obious, innit?

Mahan - That headless rider, what's his name? You know who I mean.

Camicia Nera - Ugh, what would look more badass (in any sense of the word) than CN's current uniform? I'll go with the skull theme and say a badass Skeleton.

See you in port or on the sea,


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