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My Most Successful Game Yet


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By my own standards, I consider the following achievements to mark my most successful game yet:

Fitness 9; Finesse 7; Charm 5 (7 with emotional bonuses); Strength 3; Intelligence 16; Insight 11; Luck 2

College Morvidus

Subjects: In every Course that my PC took, my PC apparently got the highest marks in the year end exams.

Athletics 15; Glamour 13; Grammar 13; Negation 14; Revision 16; Zoology 12

Other Topics: Gates 10; Research 16; Natural Philosophy 10; Befriend 10; History 11; Incantation 11

Social Achievements: Cliquemates: Isabeau Glorieaux; Affection: Beatrix von Wetgen; Close Friendship (12): with Zoe Melis; Teachers: 10 relationship with Legate Orso Orsi, Regent Oliver Storey

Adventuring Achievements: Completed Oan's Quest, A Door in the Bad Part of Town, All Morvidus Adventures, the main adventure as helper to the Guard Captain, Zoe Melis's Adventure, the Senior Student Adventure, Beatrix von Wetgan's Adventure, the Wandering in the Corridors, The Snappy Baguette, Just Going About Your Business, Just Another Day in Mineta, and Naming Beasts.

So, I have some questions about these achievements:

1. Will my PC's combination of highest marks in final exams, excellent relationships with the Legate of Academagia and the Regent of the PC's college, and successful completion of both the Mentor-meeting adventure and the Senior Student helping adventure guarantee that my PC will be able to be a mentor to first year students during Y1 and/or access Academagian programs that might otherwise be unaccessible to Morvidus students with my PC's course load?

2. Is Rexus planned to return during any future game?

3. Is Beatrix von Wetgen planned to be revealing her true heritage in a future game?

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@Legate of Mineta: I am glad that you gave such feedback. Of course, good odds are useless unless Y2 gets released. May that happen! But I am surprised that you merely say that my odds are good - does this mean that the precise prerequisites for being a mentor in Y2 have not yet been worked out, or are you just suppressing spoilers? In any case, I am sure that Y1 can keep me entertained for a few years more.

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From what I know of the previous answer from the Legate its the combination of 10 relationship with Legate Orso Orsi and good exam result what make you a predestinated Mentor. But you have to decide to go this route and also hope that becoming a mentor not end up on the cutting table.

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