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How much is possible. Perfect year.


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I have read about people doing some fairly awesome things in this game however I am wondering just how much can be done assume alot of optimization.  Let's say someone wants to make the best possible save file for year two.

Is it possible to have...

At least 6 in every stat.

At least 10 in every skill.

All adventures completed

And at least a score of 120 in every class.

Has anyone managed to do all of these?  Is there enough actions in the year to do it?  Is it at least possibile in theory with perfect RNG?

How many actions are there in a year in total?  How many skills total?  Match wits with the emperor sphinx gives 3 skill steps per action and most skills can be reduced to 1 skill step per level.  So on average assuming perfect RNG the number of actions needed to bring all skills to 10 should be ((number of skills total)*10)/3

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In order: Yes, extremely unlikely if not impossible (especially with the class skipping bug fixed :(), practically impossible, easily to trivially depending on your classload (will cost some time, though).

Obviously, no one's done anything like that. The amount of RNG necessary to make that even a theoretical possibility would pretty much require a RAM editor to manipulate the RNG in your favor.

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"Perfect" is a fairly subjective term. Why not aim higher with 10's in all student and professor relationships?

Nobody should be able to tweak the game THAT much. The builds I've seen some people have already destroy the balance of the game. I think even my characters do that.

To get a good idea of what is actually possible, try looking up Schwarzbart's characters. I forget which thread they're talked about on, but they're a doozy. (Keep in mind at least a few of them might not be able to be reproduced easily now with the class skip bug fixed) Svink also has some mighty powerful characters that make my best character, (whom has perfect attendance and so is limited by it) pale in shame. Even so, I'm fairly sure that despite my character's shortcomings, he probably will crush Y2's balance easily also.

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