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Could We get a Chance of Gaining Affection List?


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13 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


From memory, it's higher than that, but it can vary. But you may still need to save scum a bit if you really want it.

I certainly have save-scummed much for this game - although not as much as another game that I played in which I used Master Whip's studio to raise fitness and charm from 1 to 5 and got love with Zoe Melis.

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@Legate of Mineta: Is the chance of getting Love much different from the Chance of Getting Affection? I ask because, having finally gotten affection only twice in dozens of attempts with Cinzia, I have not once gotten love with her - even as my relationship with her can reach 13.

Alternatively, is there some spell that I can use in-game to create love between us, in my saved game with affection between us and relationship 13?

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Too late, but as a possible alternative I believe you could have used the Emotion Pheme to give yourself Love, and assuming you didn't meet the conditions for the emotional state to end (not having Affection, although you did) it would have remained.

What I also don't know, come to think of it, is if getting Love the normal way is mutual - the Pheme would only have targeted yourself, so I'm not sure if that meant you would have needed to do the same to Cinzia, in this case, in order to ensure that she got hit with Love as well.

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