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KS Update 106


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Nice to see BCS has made von_Lipstig into a Belle. Wonder if anyone else gets the same treatment :P

This update really helps me with one of my next chapters. Quite an interesting insight into it. And the Belles were amusing as always, especially with their different views, from IDGAF Nevada to cold and shellshocked Verdun

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Nevada was phenomenal on this one.  It also provides very good insight on the makeup of crews, and how they are selected.  I had been wondering for quite some time just how international things in that area were.  I feel a little sorry for Captain Korky, as Verdun seems to have declared that she will not work with him in any way.

I would like to note that the Japanese is a bit jarring when transliterated without spaces.  「あなたにあえてよかった」 is hard enough to read without Kanji.

I made some Nevada art for the update.


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The update was enjoyable.

Nevada really seems to be the spirit animal of v_L

Belfast is sweet as always. :wub: 

As a post-1952 person the rejection by Verdun brakes my heart. But my pre-1952 persona wouldn't even touch her with anything else than a contact fused explosive anyways. But since that "Verdun won't work with Korky" stuff also got triggered without further ado in the discord..... I guess I will have to get her and post a Screenshot of her in my fleet. Just 'cause. At least with my main play. 
it also provides a good medal opportunity: "Working with the enemy!" -> Get Verdun as German captain. 
There could be similar ones for other nations I suppose.

Talking about supposing.... how have I not made myself clear at this point? Or is Belfast trying to protect me from Verduns wrath? :wub:

"Then you must also honor the German soldiers who fell bravely as well as the French, yes?" - 何か, Takao? In 1939? How...? Ah, forget it. Verdun said everything there is to say on that matter.

I also got an idea for a lore question. Nice.



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I can see Takao saying that. Japan did fight in the Great War with the Entente powers, but they are also in the full swing of their revised warrior cult based on update bushido. That attitude of honoring a worthy foe is very believable from the more martial Japanese belles. 

I wonder if we really will be able to have any belle with any national background. It just seems logical to me that certain belles, by your choices and perhaps by your nationality would simply refuse to serve under you. Or have appropriate dialogue. For example Verdun sails with an American captain. It's 1939. I can see Verdun very ardently criticizing America again hesitating to join the war effort, and encourage her captain to encourage his country men to not wait for the world to be burning before getting involved. Just the same Belles of other nations might express different views and opinions to different captains. This might get into beyond the realms of game play, but buffs and debuffs based on command decisions, be they made on your own or suggested by the INPF/a Belle, how the current campaign is going, that type of thing could be entertaining. I might well agree for example with Takao that...



To begin, the available men are soft, undertrained, undisciplined, and unprepared for the duties and hardships that await them. They lack the martial spirit.

I mean. I'm a Marine. Sailors being lazy, undisciplined and poorly dressed are articles of faith in the Marine Corps. Sailors at sea never wash below the neck line for example. Instituting intensive training regimes and improving discipline will gain buffs in some areas, but crew morale will suffer if you lean too hard on the martinet command style. But fun as that would be, it's likely beyond the scope of the game as I said. 

Nevada? Pass the popcorn and a neat whisky. 

One point of critique. Recruiting boards like the miracle mixes are where individuals qualified to be trained are selected. It is not training in and of itself. A man may be able seaman, but that doesn't make him a ready and able combatant sailor. So that doesn't really answer my boot camp question. Sounds like On the Job Training (OJT) is the order of the day though. I think I shall make it something of a priority to recruit Takao though. I sense a kindred spirit. 

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