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Update 110: Captain's Association Special: On Football (the one you actually play with the feet)

Käpt'n Korky

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Apparently thanks to Welly and me, we got a proper football update this week. Wunderbar!


Read for yerselves.

Since I found @TwoHeavens idea very convenient I copy it: 


Good grief. Then what did you do? 

1) I put all the money on black. What else could I do? 
2) I pulled the knife out of my leg, taking care not to show any pain, I looked her in the eye, and I said, "I bet you wish you'd brought a gun." 
3) Blacked out. Woke up three days later in Trinidad wearing someone else's trousers. 
4) I put the chicken head back on, said "Good day," and jumped out the window. 
5) It would be impolite to say. Reputations are at stake. 
6) I gave it all to the orphans that were crowding the deck. 
7) I went back to work. 
8) I don't know. I lost track of the lies I was telling three hours ago. I'm just running on pure instinct now. 
9) Stop trying to distract me. I want you ready to fire for effect the moment the French Belles are in range. 
10) What do YOU think I did? 

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Legate if this gets enough of a response it might be fun to stick it in somewhere. Perhaps as part of a lead in to an actual scene.

Captain: "I pulled the knife out of my leg, taking care not to show any pain, I looked her in the eye, and I said, "I bet you wish you'd brought a gun.""

Redacted: "Dear Lord, please don't do such risky things with such a risky Belle in the future. Redacted2 is... unstable on a good day. Now... on to further business *actual plot starts*

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Etc.) I drained the coffee, picked up the gun, and earned my $200 back. 


or alternatively


All of the above


I had a lot of fun reading through this one. Sportsball isn't my strong suit, but imagining the story the cap was telling is leading to endless fun.

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Since this isn't going to be a real answer anyways:

Etc.) Without the flare gun, all I could do was pick up the cheese and run.


The other answers were phenomenal, but I just love keeping the fun going.

Credit to Fif for getting an excellent write-in before I could think of anything.

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On 14.7.2018 at 0:55 PM, Wellington99 said:

Have to go 9 as it’s the proper answer being English 

On the one hand Waterloo/Belle-Alliance and it is what H.Korky would do..... on the other it would be waaay out of character for me and A. Korky.

So I vote 5 until convinced to be the late prussian.

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