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Update #113- Gneisenau and Takao


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Anyways, that's two belles I've been rather fond of even before the duo, and I must say that they're wonderful ladies.  The duo itself was also fun enough that I'm going to ignore the grammatical mistakes this week.  I know Korky will give me quite the German snicker talking to for not being enough of a stickler.

As for my vote, I believe this one will be quite the landslide for #1.  Remember, when you see a wagon, jump on!

I'm editing because I just noticed... But did Takao Dye her hair?


Takao new hair.png


And for that matter... Her eyes?

Edit 2: I have since realized after looking back that it's just the one large picture in her interview that is different.  Her colors for the face they show every time she speaks have remained the same.

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On 11.8.2018 at 0:42 PM, Dmnt said:

I thought there were huge restrictions regarding alcohol on warships.
But do those restrictions apply to the warships themselves? 
Probably not.
Maybe they should?

Did you forget to vote?

See I wondered the whole time who would be a good allied cruiser to accompany my planned fleet core of the beautiful sisters. Now I have one.

German is indeed funny. Especially if you realise what we call ourselves and what the anglophonics call the Netherlanders. You silly lot. I actually had more than one drunken conversation over the word "German".

Option 1, natürlich. If it were for me I would just state it and cut that courtesy/appropiate blahblah. It is totally fine in this context.

I somehow feel you missed the opportunity to put in some gratious German (*hihi*) when you wrote schnapps instead of the German (*hihi*) word.

And who sets other ships on fire? I enjoyed the piece. My thanks to the writers.

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Hi ho!

While i'm also on board with the #1 option, #3 sounds so comical as well, and can be used as well, since both answers address different points from the conversation.

Therefore, I vote on both. Kind of a bittersweet revelation for the Captain XD

On a side note, do you know what that "german" exchange reminds me of?...


We should do one of these for Mahan regarning Leningrad. Would be such an hilarious reference.

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