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Y2's Skill mechanics. (A Theory)


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Okay, Legate. It's time to come out with it. I'm looking for confirmation on this. I was going to write this in the general questions thread, but then it got really long, so I decided that this question/theory deserved it's own thread.

I can wait for the class list until whenever the Team is ready to release, but I think that if you are going to keep that secret until the last second, I would like to ask about Y2's Mechanics. Specifically how one raises their skill past 10 up to 20.

Now, I ^think^ the speculation that there's a soft cap is fairly well known. But just in case my understanding/ hypothesis is that raising certain new skills to 10 will raise the soft cap up one, at least until the new, harder cap of around 21 is hit. Items from Y1 will continue to work as they had until the skill increases start running up against the new cap.

Although we don't know virtually any of the new skills, nor how they're organized, If the above hypothesis is correct, then I would go further to suppose that it might go something like this.

Astrology (old parent skill)

(Astrology sub skills)

New Astrology related parent skill 1

(associated subskills taught in new class 1)

New Astrology related parent skill 2

(associated subskills taught in new class 2)

New Astrology related parent skill 3

(associated subskills taught in new class 3)


So, there would be 2 or 3 new classes for each pillar. According to my theory, by successfully raising the parent skill of these classes, it would allow the level caps of certain old Astrology subskils to be raised, but then effort would need to be taken to take advantage of that by training the old skills to their new level caps. And since you can only do that one at a time as you raise the new skills, you've got a lot of things to do on your plate.

I think it has to be like this, because this way, in Y3, you can expand on the Y2 skills by introducing 2 or 3 specialties within those still fairly broad categories of magic introduced n Y2.

This is also an excellent theory because it follows the lore of the setting carefully. If this went on all the way to Y4 (with Y5 being more of a year to polish your skills in order to meet certain criteria for graduation.) Then it would stand to reason that it would be insanely difficult to even master one pillar. To be the crazy omni disciplinarian and pursue all magic pillars would mean I wouldn't be able to touch the more advanced skills without a scary crazy amount of power gaming. :)

I think I'm pretty close to how Y2's basic mechanic is going to work, even if there's bound to be plenty of nuance that would be nearly impossible to guess.

But I am looking for a confirmation or denial, Legate. I think you can tell us this much. I don't think that those mechanics are going to change much since you've already admitted that there are game mechanics planned for all the way to Y5 already, and with the state of Y2 being nearly semi-complete, I doubt you would change anything this fundamental, as it would probably take years to rebuild and polish at this point, so please pretty please tell us about how this works.

Thank you. :)

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That was also my impression initially but the Legate already confirmed a long time ago that the core pillars are back as classes for year 2 except Calligraphy and Enchant which are replaced by Orthography and Artifice respectively. And the laters are actually the core.

And while I don't think classes will be outstanding in year 2 from the scraps we got from the Legate I do not think it would be to hard to raise them to an acceptable level without much effort (17-18 ?) otherwise what's the point in having classes at all ? Altough I can totally see having multiple class for one pillar in later years.

So don't worry too much I am sure it would not be too hard to be an omni in year 2 and it is probably totally doable even in year 3.

Plus if the team planned that some NPC like say Bessa can master 2 pillars by Y5 then that means that 4 pillars for the PC should easy peasy. :D:P 

My impression is that the only specialised class in year 2 will be available via extra tutoring or outside classes. Normal classes remain pretty generalistic.

It has been confirmed that those skill will interact with the core in some ways altough again no clear idea how for now. I think it is time to mention the class list is not finalised to begin with. :rolleyes: 

I am rather rather alarmed at the idea that Y2 is merely nearly semi-complete.


Don't worry Free said it ii not even to that level yet. :P 

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I know about the pillar classes returning. However, I strongly believe that they are tools for those who did not take them in Y1, and also have not raised their skills up in that pillar significantly. Something remedial, in other words. I still feel that there will be new classes focused in a manner similar to what I've described.

As for research. I had completely forgotten about it. I must confess I don't like thinking about research because it's such a massive timesink.Even so, I suspect it may be the easiest way to raise my level caps up one in Y2, and since it seems to be necessary for Y2 anyway, I may go down that path first.

And yes. Y2;s true status is Soon™ to be nearly semi-complete.


Edit: Oh, yes, and Legate, don't think I didn't notice how you answered the question without actually answering the question. I tip my hat to you.

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