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Update 178


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You know who I want.  I was going to say NO DEV UPDATE until I saw her, but that seems to have been at least partially rectified.  Anyways, I’ll give you a hint 

Hello There


In terms of the actual update, even if it a tiny snippet, the addition of a dev note is very welcome, and I very much encourage this as a permanent and further expanded part of all future updates.

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Hm, not sure if this has been brought up elsewhere. But do we address certain belles with honorifics such as we did hood? It would be pretty interesting to see. especially if the captain was from that nation. 

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So there’s a note about the Dev portion I’d like to touch on.  I do not think I properly understood it, so I’d like to clarify.

”Velocity: 26” has no meaning to me.  A velocity requires both a speed and direction, but we have merely been given a speed with no direction, no unit of measurement, and no comparable data set to understand if 26 is fast or slow.

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*BGM: Two Steps from Hell - Undefeated*

Between old shamans teaching proper warpaint and proper spirit lodges we get a whole sticky note of DEV.




>Velocity: 26

per standart sprint?

>We're working on Battle to make crafting play friendlier with the systems

eeeh. reducing total crafting inventory to class\type\etc from unique items and getting moar speed?

> Voice logic update

? wasn't it already scripted conditional anywhere not main screen?

>Team Mood: Giddywrecked

Floggings will continue until morale improves(c)



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1 week Sprints.

Oh Lord, no. VB Items have *depth*. But making Battle and crafting play nicer is key for speed and swift resolution of attack and result.

Voice logic was already in but...well, you'll see. Frequency of non-Voice sound is growing into thunderous, rippling broadsides.

No comment on the hourly floggings. :)


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Beauty is a morale booster in times of war and peace, and there’s no better way to enhance one’s natural beauty than with the proficient use of a makeup brush.

> You'll thank me once the rationing sets in, and you have to become creative.

Remind me, what age rating are you aiming at again?

Hood: Hold on a minute, Captain. Laborer… YOU, laborer!

Is that the English as his majesty uses it, HMS Hood?

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