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KS Update 197: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!!!


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33 minutes ago, lazarusdw said:

are host right

Screenshot_2020-12-31 Lucasfilm employees DOUBLE DOWN Continue to TRASH Star Wars fans (1).png

I'd wager more than a guess that she is, considering she fits the description and a few of the more astute in the community guessed such back in 2016... That said, I believe at that time we were promised an interview with the host before launch.  BCS, you have until may.

That said, this is a good trailer.  I'm really excited to see the kinds of costumes you all came up with (I NEED FOG LADY CAMICIA NERA), and I'm interested in the kinds of belles you have planned past '39.  We seem to have a few new girls to interview from the trailer, and several dozen interesting other tidbits.


But we all know what time it is!  NEW BELLE GUESSING TIME!
We'll start with the easy.  U-37 is showcased twice.  Once next to bulldog, and once in a battle, so she's a given. 

The Japanese destroyer has a quadruple torpedo launcher.  Knowing she has to be pre - Sept 1 1939, we can rule out all classes but shiratsuyu and Asashio.   There seems to be a watery theme to her, the swimsuit, and a dark, almost kelpish green theme as well that reflects island vegetation.  My money is on any of the summer names, maybe with some rain.   I'll put out Harusame and Samidare as my guesses for her.

The first thought for the catlike one would be HMS Jaguar, but as a J-class she had quintuple torpedo tubes instead of the triples displayed, not to mention she was commissioned 11 days after the cutoff.  What sealed it for me was the realization that her guns are each two single turrets cleverly disguised as doubles.  She has to be a French Chacal-class.  Whether she is Jaguar or Léopard I could not tell, as the cats both have the same pattern of fur, but in my own opinion, it seems much more reasonable to assume Léopard  due to her choice of Safari attire rather than jungle.

Finally, we have #2 on the sidebar at 00:39 in the trailer.  Honestly, there's not enough information to go off off from the small amount I can see, but seeing as the lady above her is Bulldog in a puppy costume, it's quite probable she's someone we already know in a new costume.  As for whom...  that will take more deduction.

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1 hour ago, Legate of Mineta said:

Will go faster than you think. But, let's see what the net test shows first. Otherwise it will be like early Kancolle, where you have to win a lottery to get in! :)

That is understandable.

I'm so excited for this game!  There is a lot of potential for a more "grounded" ship-girl game with a focus on more "real-world" narratives.

That and the proper languages for the ship-girls is something unique in the ship-girl genre.

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2 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


Happy New Year! :)

Happy New Year, Legate!

While I know you're not completely involved with the marketing, I recommend sending some press copies to some bigger YouTubers and media personalities so they could demo the game.

My personal recommendations: Gaijin Goomba (he supported your game awhile back) and iChaseGaming (He is a popular World of Warships YouTuber who is very familiar with anime stuff...like Azur Lane: https://www.youtube.com/user/ichasegaming)

I think that can help build back momentum from the Kickstarter to now.  I just really want this project to succeed!

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15 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:

She is a Morgana, but you'll have to find out for yourself which. :)

Great suggestion- I'll add that to the pile. The network test is going first, though, and then I think we'd start contacting folks.

Oh! Wonderful!

Yeah.  The game should work first before marketing goes into full swing 😀.

Love the teases for the new ships.  My guess is that this game is more focused on a full narrative with a limited amount of ships...as opposed to the "catch them all" approach to Kancolle / Azur Lane?

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