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Typos and Such in Patch 8


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Today Flore Yveuillet thryed to cast bitter Stalks on me but she is in my Clique and have 4 Standing to me.

I think because this Spell missing the Hostile Flag its handled wrong by the NPCs.


Also I got reprimanded for trespassing for having 3 time slots with Study at Estaban Contu's School of Incantation. Acording to my Inventory my Chance of Discovery is 0% so I think there is still some kind of bug.

I packed the save bevore and after day processing together just in chase the team whant it to check it out. (Btw its a Patch 7b game thats updated to Patch 8+Hotfix)

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Ok back to playing Academagia (I intentionally stopped playing my Patch 6 game and skipped Patch 7) with my Patch 5 character on a Patch 8a setup (I just have to finish this save with about 4 months left to play in-game)...


- The Well of Obsession

"almost as through he's searching"

Typo: through --> though


- Well Done Proposition

"almost as through drawing you in"

Typo: through --> though


"that somethingand now"

Insert: space --> "something and"


- Listening

"The thingI discovered"

Insert: space --> "thing I"


- RE Morvidus Common Room 7

"Her<newline>wand is drooping in Her<newline>hand"

Replace: <newline> --> space


- RE Wardrobe Malfunction 2

"to you side"

Typo: you --> your


- "Give Charity and Work" (description)

"be peronally trasformed"

Typo: peronally --> personally


- RE Duel 6

"nick of time.One of the"

Insert: space --> "time. One"


- RE Shop 3

"Gasping, Him thanks you"

Replace: Him --> <NPC Name>


"and see <NPC Teacher desc> and <NPC Teacher desc> marching down"

Replace: <NPC Teacer desc> --> <NPC Teacher Name>



and some other thing...


- RE Revenge 5

I chose the Enspell exit (green) and gave me a result that implied a Negation exit. But after that result, it went back to the start with only 2 exits available (Planning & Athletics).


- "Hyperbole" spell (description)

Phemes needed: Jovial, Exaggerate (x2) ???

Really? Two Exaggerate phemes are needed for this spell to be cast?


- Run or Retaliation

Successfully finished it (Well of Obsession adventure) but where's the harmonica?

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Thanks! We'll close these in DLC 2. :)


Regarding Hyperbole- that does indeed require two Exaggerate Phemes. For normal casting, that doesn't matter (since the Phemes you need are already present in the Spell.) For Combat, however, it means that you need to manually add two Exaggerate Phemes to your Palette before you can cast.

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In my curent game (Patch 7b start now 8+Hotfix) I have both Assist Master and Secure Apprenticeship as posible Abilitys.

I am not sure If I have payed him already (haved a longer brake at this game) or not but when I would have payed him souldent then Secure Apprenticeship then be disabled?

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Lore - Calafon's Balancing of the Humors

of if you're on the verge of being disowned

should be or


Lore - Zelda Irmes, Age 9, on Amphibians

when boy don't use them for pranks

boys - not talking cute


Pheme - Mammal

Title says Mammal Pheme (singular), description says Mammals Pheme (plural)


Location - Academagia Groundskeeper's Office

(1) one finds many professors and peers than can offer valuable advice


(2) but because it's so many paths are accessible from the door

Same sentence is also found in the description of the three (3) Training Route Actions unlocked at that location

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Event Library 13

NPC name is replaced by its bio/description


A small UI wish:

When we hover over the locations in the confirmation orders/locations menu, descriptions display for a while then disappear.

I am a slow reader so sometimes I am not done. Or it's because I want to think a bit because many abilities bonuses are involved.

It would be really nice if we could click on a location without the menu closing because the game considers it's a selection. Would give us all the time we want reading and thinking. I realize the locations menu would then need some kind of a choice confirmation button, which is probably not a possibility for now.

Anyways, I find the actions menu, for instance, much more convenient to go through at my own pace. Because when I click on an action the description just stays there as long as I don't select another action or confirm my choice.


Just bought a new computer and I'm happy to report Academagia is running like a charm without any lag or delay :)

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On my game when you mouse over a selection in the confirmation orders/locations menu it doesn't stay up for long and you have to move the mouse pointer away and back in order to read it again, also you can't scroll down on them either so if the description doesn't fit in one screen you can't read the whole thing.

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I netted the following after my last play:


- The Elusive Study

"in another dimension You and"

Insert: period --> "in another dimension. You and"


"<NPC Teacher Name>'sand <NPC Teacher Name>'s offices"

Insert: space --? "<NPC Teacher Name>'s and"


- Swiping the Prize

"something music related"

Typo: "music related" --> "music-related"


- RE Spellcasting 15

"to give up,<newline><NPC name> leans over"

Replace: <newline> --> space


- RE Forge 10

"into the a dense patch"

Remove: a --> "into the dense patch"


- RE Mountain 6

"the mountain ram goes runs away"

Remove: goes --> "the mountain ram runs away"


- RE Classroom 3

"shock and jealously"

Typo: jealously --> jealousy



and something that isn't a typo (or not):


- RE Dance/Event 9

Coordination exit (blue+success) "awarding you both five merit points"

but at the EotD report, it stated "You increased Morvidus's Merit by 1"


- "Perfectly Revised" item

Which Action(s) of a random type do(es) this refer to?

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No, it's not- it's entirely Random. It will fail if you are at Maximum, which may be the case if you have a high percentage of Maximized Skills?




Thanks, we will review these in DLC 2.




That has been requested by another Academagian- we're going to see if we can't close that in Patch 9.



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some more of the... you know :lol:


- RE Common Room 13

"the scared jewel"

Typo: scared --> sacred


"Your remove the sword"

Typo: Your --> You


- Finding the Pranksters

"the name of the student: (?)"

(?) is referring to? (should be Old Bernard the Cobbler)


- Old Bernard the Cobbler

"that had started his own"

Insert: he --> "that he had started his own"


- The List and the Graveyard

"locked away in coffin"

Insert: a --> "locked away in a coffin"


- RE Physical Activity 11

"Your calssmates are impressed"

Typo: calssmates --> classmates


- Prankster's Progeny

"to get you prank in order"

Typo: you --> your


"with name of the deceased"

Insert: the --> "with the name of the deceased"


"it orders <NPC Name> to tell <NPC Name>"

err...the second <NPC Name> should be "Cosetta Re"


"The next day, <NPC Name> is pleased"

<NPC Name> should be "Cosetta Re"


- A Prank to Catch the Prankster's Eye

"but you feel back for"

Typo: back --> bad


- The End on Nigh

"'s<NPC Gender> has been"

(corrected) "<NPC Gender> has been"



and one spell...


- "Glorificus" spell (description)

Insight is increased by 2 instead of 5; duration is 3 days instead of 5 days

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Hopefully, not already reported - now a bit complicated to search the support forum with multiple pre-DLC 2 typo threads. Just using the seacrh function in single threads would be more convenient.


Location - Imperial Palace : Armory

From personallly trained to Militia Guild recruits

I'm seeing 3 L s


Subskill Description - Incantation Spells

Given the scaricity of water



Subskill Description - Bookbinding

with the new technologies, thouogh



Pheme - Machinery

Clockwork sub skill

subskill everywhere else


Pheme - Finesse

the difficulty some may have in drawing it on their Palate

should be palette


Lore - Youlin of Olanik

they found themselves unable to soundly a conclusively beat him


Lore - Roots in Dark Magic

I could ignore this, even if I had wanted to

couldn't (?)


Lore Incant, Incant, Incant

It as if she's created fire

probably It's


Lore - A decision to be made

and throw attempt to throw my opponent to the ground

remove throw


Lore - Know thy Enemy

but a master should consider important as well

probably "it" missing - should consider it important as well


Event Performance 14

when you're friends asked



Event Disguise/Infiltration 13

Option Seeds, success

This is the endosperm.This is called the cotyledon

This is called a dicot seed.A dicot is

spaces missing


Event Disguise/Infiltration 13

Option take the box

That grounds keeper wasn't a pirate

groundskeeper in one word everywhere else


Event Library 14

you see a library aide drops a large box

drop (?)


Event Forest 5

to find out the source .

some extra spaces before the period


Event Wardrobe Malfunction - strangled by a neck ruff

Option ignore the neck ruff

suffiently alarmed


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