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Have you tried to install the latest update you can get from this forum over the Impulse instalation?

(I dont use the Impulse updates bacause they are much to fare behind the updates you can get from here)

Because the updates you can get from here nearly overwrite all important files even if your impulse Installation some how got corupted you have a good chance it works then.


Edit: If this dont help I would sugest to manual delete the catch folders one is stored in your game directory Mods\GCC and the other is diverent depending on the OS you use for me i.E its C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Academagia

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It really shouldn't be this complicated to install a game. And for some reason the version I installed on my laptop doesn't work either. It's a brand new fresh install, and it gives the same system error as on my main computer.


I can't find some of these things you are talking about. There was no mods folder where the academagia main install is. And I don't have a documents and settings folder. I use Vista if that helps.


Can't the folks programming this game make it so it works if you uninstall and reinstall it? Respectfully, I don't think I'm asking that much.


Thank you very much for trying to help. I don't mean to seem ungrateful.

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We have had a few issues with Impulse users not being able to play after an update- as best we can tell, for some reason Impulse does not overwrite the files correctly (perhaps due to rights issues.)


The simplest thing to try is to navigate to your Academagia folder, right click on Academagia.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'- if it is the simplest kind of rights issue, that will clear it up.


If not, it becomes a bit more painstaking: you'll need to navigate to your Academagia folder, delete the files within which correspond to the ones present in Patch 9 (including the Mods folder), and then -once deleted- move the Patch 9 files into the directory.


We *think* these problems are caused by UAC issues, and we're looking at how to make the game play nicer with security settings.


Thanks, and let me know if this solves the issue!

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Thank you very much for your help. The "run as administrator" trick worked. And I don't object to doing that every patch. It's simple enough.


Some of the "helpful" things they have built into Windows sometimes get in the way for folks like me who preferred the simplicity of DOS or the initial version of Windows.

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I am enjoying the game. And I like some of the new things you have done such as giving information about skills as you mouse over them.


It initially worked, but some things were weird. It would tell me I increased my skills under the wrong class I attended. And I thought clense and remake was supposed to increase all attributes. It seems to just increase my charm.

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One thing I've found with Impulse (or any games) and Windows 7 is to set up the Game and Program directories to something other than "Program Files" or "Program Files(x86)". These are protected folders with the UAC and can cause issues with updates and running games. In addition with Impulse is the Temporary folder it uses. Move that to a different location as well. If possible a different drive.


My personal solution was to divide my hard drive into 3 partitions. "C:", "G:", and "P:". C: being the Windows and primary partition (drive), G: being the game partition (drive), and P: being my program partition (Drive). After doing this I have never had a UAC issue with Windows 7. Dividing your hard drive into 2 partitions for main windows files and Program/Game files is the designed recommended method by Microsoft that MOST computer manufacturers do not follow.


This also works good with Windows Vista and the same issue.


Edit: My Impulse Temp folder is "G:\ImpulseTemp\" and solves all installation issues. The installation locations on G: and P: are actually under "G:\Program Files(x86)\ImpulseGames\... " and has no UAC issues and "P:\Program Files(x86)"/"P:\Program Files\..." respectively. If it is on the MAIN partition/drive location (C:) it will fall under the UAC protection and not want to write to it.


I do not recommend shutting off the UAC as this helps big time to prevents some very malicious programs that can come in through .MP3, .WMA, .WMV, .AVI, Java, .gif pictures, .jpg pictures, and Flash Media and bypass many antivirus/malware protections.


Systems I run are Windows XP, Vista x86/x64, Windows 7 x64 (A Dual Processor/dual core system primarily used for beta testing, gaming, and everything else).

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