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Wand Adventure for a future DLC


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Hello writers! :D



As can be seen in this thread-http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=512&pid=10070&st=880entry10070 ,I have begun working on a mod, that will(hopefully) be incorporated into a future DLC(Or even a DLC all on it's own. :D :D :D )


What this mod will need, is roughly 30 brand new Wands and Stave's.


15 of these will then be used as the "prize" for adventures, so that that way, our characters can get wands fairly close to the middle of the year, or later, depending on certain prerequisites.


The 10 others will be made in such a way that they are only available for "specialists", adventures. (Such as a Wand for Gates or Mastery)


The last 5 will be considered Legendary, and will be the hardest wands to get. These will probably take an entire school year of hard work, and planning, to even attempt to get. However, they would be worth it, as i am sure they would carry over into second year, and be that, damn, awesome. An example of one such wand follows:


Baby Kraken Fang Wand

Rank/Rareness: Legendary


+5 to 5 currently unspecified Subskills

+3 to 5 currently unspecified subskills

+2 to all stats

-1 Stress Daily

100% success rate on water spells.


For the specific legendary wand above, in the adventure you go on, you need atleast 7 people in your clique, and must have found the *Secret location* at the bottom of the lake. You will be fighting a baby freaking Kraken. If you manage the kill, you get to take it's fang, and create a wand out of it. Sounds impossible, i know, but that's just how cool this mod project will be. :D


I currently have the list of the wands currently in the game, so that that way, the wands used in this mod are special, and unique. What i need is this:



5 people who are willing to help me on this. Out of thirty wands, i will be creating 6 wands, and the story lines to go along with them. Of them, 2 will be legendary, 2 will be Specialist, and 2 will be regular adventure wands.


That leaves 24 wands for 4 people, divided like this:


13 regular wands

8 Specialist wands

3 Legendary wands.


The 5th person, who is literally integral to this mod, will be the person to put it all together, and publish it, as my current computer can not even come close to handling it. After 10 hours, the last mod i did was at 46%. Darn single core processor. D: This person will need to seriously know what the heck they are doing with the mod tools. Can't have all of this work mean nothing in the end, right? :D



The rules i have set for the wands/staves are as follows:


They must either be made from wood, metal with some sort of core, or animal bone.

Based on the rank/rareness, they can do these things:


Regular/uncommon: Maximum of +3 to 3 subskills. Maximum of +2 to three stats. +20% to a specific spell type success rate.


Specialist: Maximum of +4 to 4 subskills specific to each Wand/Stave. Maximum of +3 to 3 stats. +50% success to "A" specific spell type.


Legendary: +5 to 5 subskills. +3 to 5 subskills. +3 to all stats. Effect either stress, or Finesse, positively, or negatively. 100% success on ONLY ONE spell type. Mostly elemental.


They are to be ranked by difficulty. It should be very hard to get a legendary wand. It should be taxing to a specific type of skill for a specialists. And finally, it should be a good adventure to get a regular wand.



This will not be an easy task to complete, and if needed, i can do all of this myself, however, it would take a very long time to complete. With 5 people helping me, we could get this done in a month, maybe a month and a half.



Oh, and i need someone to act as a creative adviser. Please apply in this thread. :D


If you would like to help me in this, please write below that you would like to help, and i will message you a list of the wands that are currently in the game, so anything you create won't be the same as those. I will assign wand creation ranks by a first come first serve basis. So, if you would like to create a legendary Wand/Staff for this mod, and the adventure to go with it, don't hesitate!! :D


Once you have been assigned, when you create a wand/staff idea, please send it to me, and the others that are joining us, so that we don't create anything too similar to each other. Thank you! :)

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Sounds quite fun, and I'd like to give it my best go. Slightly tied down time wise but I'm sure I can find some evenings to write a story or two (or six if the time limit isn't too harsh!).


Just to be clear, the Wands should all be tied into a single adventure or into a few (like three or even six). So the legendary would go to the one who gets all the best items over the cause of the adventure and those who fail get a worn-down piece of metal that was once used in someones plumming?



i'm afraid I can't help with the actual creation of the mod. Not only do I not know half of what I likely should, but on my PC it takes AGES (and there was even an error on the last one so wasted well over half a day <_< )

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And we have our first helper! :D


Each wand should hopefully have it's own Adventure. However, as i know it would be a tad difficult to have that many adventures, it's okay to have some of the common wands/Normal wands to be part of a single adventure. As long as the wands pertain to each line of that adventure. :)


Your Wand list is as so:


Create a brand new one of each of these:


2 Legendary

2 Specialist

2 Normal



The two normal wands can be in the same adventure, as long as the seperate choices in the adventure lead to the different wands or staves, and actually pertain to it. Such as a wand that would slightly raise negation spells, would of be given to someone by doing negation. Ect Ect. The rest are to have their own adventure, Specialists lasting atleast 3 days, with two ways to win each day, and one way to fail on the last day, but in a funny way. By failing, you get the currently already ingame wand, "Useless Wand". I can promise you already, it may start out as useless, but after a certain, extremely taxing adventure, it might surprise you. ;)


Take your time, as there is no rush. Whenever you have an update, such as you finish your wand list, or you have an adventure comepleted, send me a message with it so i can take a look. :D


This is going to be...."Magical". :D (Bad pun, i know, but i am in a good mood this morning. xD )



If you have any questions, feel free to message me. :)



OH! And as an update to this. I am buying a new computer at the end of this month that should be able to handle putting the mod together, so, if i am unable to get someone to help me with it, i should be able to make a good show of it. :D

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Ditto what Adrian said. Between work, school and other obligations, my time is limited, but I'd love to at least do a few wands. I already have several ideas for wands inspired by some of Academagia's current students.


First question: This is potentially going to add a lot of adventures, and I'm guessing that we don't want a single player to potentially have access to each new wand. Besides prerequisites, how are we going to 1). prevent adventure spam (already a bit of a problem) and 2). Tailor the player to the wand? At this point I'm thinking of something along the lines of an introductory adventure, "Special Lecture on Wand-lore" or something of that sort to help narrow down the choices so that the player gets the wand he/she/it/other might actually want.

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Awesome! Lol. You are welcome to join as well. :)


You can have:


1 Legendary

2 Specialists

2 Normal



Take your time, as i expect this mod to take a while, to make sure that they are actually DLC worthy. :)



Btw, anyone not yet helping, the legendary wands are currently gone. But their are still specialists, and normal wands left to go around. :)

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Well, if you don't think you can handle it, if Torolf wants it, it's his. If not, then someone else can have it. :D




For the adventure's, i have these guidelines:


For common/regular wands/staves:

Atleast a two day adventure. Meaning once you succeed, the next day a new adventure is open to finsh the adventure line.


For each part, atleast two pages, with three choices for each one. Two to succeed, and one to start over, or try again later.


For Specialists:

Atleast 3 days, and 3 pages per. minimum of 3 choices for each.

The only requirement for doing the quest is to have a certain amount of skill in that area. Say, for a negation wand, you would need atleast a 7 in all subskills under negation.


For Legendary:

Atleast 7 Adventures, 3 pages each, minimum of three choices per page. One Final challenge. Such as for the example i gave, their is a Baby Kraken at the end to fight. For another of my Ideas, you have to fight, but not kill, a Giant Chimera. It's for the Chimera Nail Wand. The final Challenge could be anything, whether it be to find a certain rare item, a "Boss" battle, or to use Mastry to control 6 students. Perhaps an evil spirit telling you to get someone expelled? Anything that would be difficult, but fulfiiling. :D

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Are you sure we shouldn't tone down the power of these wands a bit? Even the regular wands are a lot more powerful than any other item I've ever gotten (except for the legendary item you can get from the background). Also, if you could post that list of wands already in the game, that would be nice to avoid wasting our time. And I believe the Legate posted something on wand-lore a while back, something to do with the materials typically used for wands and the rationale behind it. That would be helpful, too.


That being said, I have some ideas for very atypical wands. *evil grin*

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I'll be posting the list as soon as i get home, and will ask Legate, and Nyaa about the lore for the wands.


The Wand Bonus's i posted is the maximum i was able to average out from the wands currently in game. There is a Legendary Gates Wand in the game already that does more then the Legendary example i gave above, and is easier to get then fighting a baby Kraken. I made the bonus guide from an average of 5 Legendary, 5 Rare, and 3 uncommon/common wands. It's as close to average as i could make it. However, keep in mind, that those were maximum's above. You can create the wands way below what i posted, as long as they are still worth the time to get them.


And i am extremely glad to hear that you have some good idea's as well. I'd suggest making the wands first, and then creating the adventure. Once you have all the info for a wand written out, let me know so i can create a list of already created mod wands to keep track of progress and such.

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the sheer numbers in this just hit me, we'd be getting 30 new adventures all centered around wands and staves? :blink: We might consider toning it down a bit. I'm not trying to be a party poop, but wow, 30 new adventures...


- that said I'm still writing stories for my 5 wands/staves!

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Lol. Yep. 30 new adventures. However, only certain ones will be available at certain times. I think the most anyone will see on a single play through would be 5, maybe 6. And those are just the normal wands. Specialists would only see one, and with enough hard work, in specific area's, they would only see the adventure for one legendary. 30 new adventures is only the total number. I doubt that it is possible without some heavy cheating, to have all 30 playable at once. And even then, it is possible using the prerequisites, to make it impossible to do any other's if they already have a wand/stave in that category. So, while 30 does seem like a huge amount, no one will see even a third of them on one play through. And that is if they are lucky. As each wand won't be known, nor how to find them, the chances get even lower as it goes. :)



Here is the list of current wands in the game, and what legate sent me on Wand Lore.


"but wands are not just made of wood. In fact, wooden wands are generally less powerful than other kinds of materials, but they are the most general, most available and least costly of the alternatives. Other materials tend to be very good in one area, but offer drawbacks in others due to their affinity with certain forms of magic.


A quick note on Staves: Staves are rarely used by mages because the primary purpose of a 'wand' is to allow the user to inscribe Phemes on their Palette. Staves, because of their size, require a sophistication of control in order to do this. I'd personally suggest creating a new Sub-Skill for Staves, and have Prerequisites for various levels of that Sub-Skill gating the use of the Staves which you create. There's nothing preventing a Staff from being Enchanted, of course, but it can't be used to cast Spells actively- it's just a passive Enchantment, like a Ring or a Necklace, in that case."




If i do the publishing, i'll be added a skill for staves. With perhaps a few special abilities that will seriously toss you through a loop. :D


Alter Wand

Ash Wand

Askew Wand

Astrologer's wand

Awareness Wand

Balenced Wand

Broken Wand

Cloudwood Wand

Culibratha's Wand

Dragon-Bone Wand

Dueling Wand

Emperor Sigilix's Wand

Escape Wand

Evening Wand

Gaming Wand

Gristle Wand

Icanyke’s Wand (Replica)

Incantor's Wand

Iron Wand

Nature's Law Wand

Old Wand

Ordinary Wand

Rose Wand

Smith's Wand

Social Strategist Wand

The Ancient Grammarian's Wand

The Dancer's Wand

Tulan's Wand

Useless Wand


Wand of Alesfa Pinga Wood

Wand of Beauty

Blackened Ash




Fire and Ice

Flaming Death




Wand of Planar Shift

Reasonable Assurences





Wand of Wenge Wood

Workman's Wand



Most are pretty easy to figure out, and if you look under items in the mod tools you can read what each one does. But, if you can't get to the mod tools, and need to know what one does, feel free to message me and i'll let you know. :)


Thank you everyone. :)

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AND!!!!! Here is one of the adventures i have created for one of my legendary wands. It's not fully complete, and is missing the endings(Have to save something for surprise!!!), but this is it in a nutshell. Keep in mind, that your's does not need to be like mine. It can be longer, or slightly shorter. It can do more, or not. Also, as some of these, i am expecting to be the longest adventures in the game, we might make further quests in Year two. Like, quests that require you to have in your possession of a specific wand, to do the quest. We'll just have to see. Lol.


Here is, "The Tale of The Fire Fiend Wand".


Part 1


As your walking down the hallway, you overhear an older student whispering in the corner, to what appears to be no-one!


"Yes...yes...i will....i promise....please...."


He quickly looks around, and then rushes down the hallway.


Now what is that about??


Exit 1: Just ignore it! It's none of your business, and probably has to do with finals being just around the corner.


Deciding that it's probably nothing, you simply move on. Several hours later you hear a rumor that another student was found on the grounds next to a cavern never seen before, muttering to himself, and ignoring everything else. He's to be sent away to an outside doctor to figure out what happened to him. But what about that cavern?!


Result: Continue to Part2A.



Exit 2: Sneak - Follow him to see what he's up to.


As you sneak down the hallway after him, you continue to hear him whisper to himself.


"It WILL happen...I will go to the cavern...you will be free..."


Now that doesn't sound very good to you!


Result: Sneak +1, Continue to Part 2B.


Exit 3: Put him to sleep, and take him to a teacher.



You decide that this is way above your head, and you need to take this guy to a teacher ASAP!


You quickly draw the phemes needed for a sleep spell, and the moment you see his back turn to you, you release it!


It hits him square in the back, and he drops like a rock. With a quick levitation spell, you float him off to the infirmary, and drop him off with a note that says:


"This guy was mumbling to himself, and something might be wrong. Might want to give him a once over."


Result: 2 Spells +1 each. Continue to Part3A.




You decide that this is way above your head, and you need to take this guy to a teacher ASAP!


You quickly draw the phemes needed for a sleep spell, and the moment you see his back turn to you, you release it!


Right before it hits, he whips around, and pulls a Glittering black wand from his sleeve, and blocks the spell!


"You won't stop me....it's far too late..."


Before you even blink, you get hit with a Flash Flame spell and wake up 5 hours later in the infirmary.


So much for trying to help.


Result: Class study drops -1, Detention for missing class.






Later that night, after a long day, you decide to go searching for this new Cavern. After an hour of searching, you find it! It doesn't appear to be more than a hole in the ground, and is really dark. Should you venture further?


Exit 1: Sneak - Don't go any further!


You decide you don't like the look of things and head back to bed. Maybe in the morning you'll go take a look!




You make it back to bed in time to get enough sleep for classes tomorrow. You wake up feeling great!


Result: Stress -1, Continue to Ending1.


Failure: As your sneaking back to your room, a light is suddenly shined onto you!


"What are you doing out at this hour?!" **** screeches at you, "Your not supposed to be out at this time.


After being dragged by your ear back to your room, you find out you have detention. Guess heading out wasn't such a good idea.


Result: *** Friendship -1, Detention +2, stress +2


Exit 2: Head on in.


After creating a torch of sorts to light your way, you head inside.


After a 5 foot drop, you hit bottem and see a tunnel head downward. You follow it till you reach a large carved out room with an alter set in the center. Sticking out of the Alter is a Glittering Black Wand. Should you grab it?


Success: As you reach for the wand, you hear a noise behind you in the cavern. You whip around, and are faced with something you have never seen before.


Result: Continue to Part4AFinal




You follow him out onto the grounds and watch him from a behind a tree. He walks in a circle around a small hand sized rock, and then pulls from his sleeve a Black Glittering Wand. He quickly draws 3 phemes you don't recognize, and releases a yellow spell into the ground. Moments later, a hole opens in the ground which he jumps into without a moments hesitation.


Exit: You've come this far.


Since you've come this far, you might as well see this through. You quickly run to the hole and jump in as well. Better see where this goes.


Result: Continue to Part4BFinal




****(Teacher) comes up to you after class, and pulls you aside.


"Thank you for bringing Him to the infirmary. We're not sure what's wrong with him, but it isn't looking good. For bringing him up though, as thanks, we dipped into the school funds, and got a bit of a bonus for you. Here".


Result: +200 Pims.





Standing there in the darkness is Solid Black Spirit.


"I see you've found my home" it whispers.


You back away, untill you bump into the alter.


"Yes....run....FEAR ME!!! I might not be able to effect you yet, but with the power i gathered from the boy, soon....soon i shall be whole...."


Should you grab the wand, run, or attack?


Exit 1: Grab the wand. (Success requirements: 7 in negation, incantation, ***, and ***. 4 in Agility and Strength.)


You feel the best idea is to grab the wand. You can feel the power it is generating, and you don't really have all that much time. Might as well make the best of what you can get.




You reach behind you, and grab the wand. As you bring the wand forward to point at the Spirit, it suddenly howls as though in pain.




A sudden burst of fire flies towards you, but you manage to dodge out of the way, which is a good thing considering the crator in the wall behind you. As you turn towards the spirit again, you manage to catch a final glimpse as it fades away, leaving behind a piece of cloth with writing you don't understand upon it.


Result: Gain FireFiend Wand. Continue to Ending2


Fail: As you touch the wand, you feel a sudden pull, and everything goes white! You wake up hours later in the infirmary, to find out that they found you out on the lawn completely naked. Your recieiving two detentions. One for being out at night, and one for not wearing clothes. The worst part is, is that you'll never know what really happened.


Result: +2 detentions. +3 to minimum stress for not knowing what became of the spirit.






As you travel down the tunnel, feeling your way in the darkness, you come across a carved out room. Standing in the center is an alter, and next to it is the mumbling guy!


As you stand there in the shadows, he beings an incantation. You can't hear the words, but they feel dark, and will probably not end well.


Exit 1: RUN! You don't want any part of what's happening here!


You turn around, and quickly make a run for it! As you make it back to your room, you feel a bit of pity at your own cowardice. You could have done something, but instead thought only of yourself.


Result: -1 Bravery. +2 to minimum stress for not knowing what was going on down there.


Exit 2: Attack the mumbling guy!


As you see his back turn toawds you, you cast the strongest spell you can!


Success(Requires: 7 in negation, incantation, ***, and ***. 4 in Agility and Strength.):


The spell strikes him dead center, and lifts him from the ground, slamming him into the wall. He drops his wand, as a darkness seeps from his body and disapates into the air. Your not sure what just happened, but it doesn't look like it could have ended well.


You go over to him, and pick up his wand. As you feel the power of it run through your body, you realize that the Spoils of war are good.


Result: FireFiend Wand. Continue to Ending2




As you let your spell fly, he turns to the side, and it instead crashes into the alter! OH NO!


As a high pitched whine fills the air, he grabs his head with his hand, and draws an unknown pheme. The resulting spell cracks the ground, and walls, causing a collapse! You make a run for it but don't make it far enough. You wake up in the infirmary with the headache to end all headaches.


Result: Infirmary time!

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People are still interested in this? That's awesome to hear!


As the OP, and controller of this idea, i would gladly get get this started back up, if anyone is interested in writing some idea's up.


If you are, please post once more saying you'd like to help, while i work out what has already been written, and for which class of wand.


Also, Adrian, how many have you written?

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