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More Familiars Posible in year2?


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I think I already read it here but just whanted to have Confirmed it again.

Can player Chars (especial from Morvidus) bind more familiars to them in year 2 then just the starting on?

The reason I ask is because I would love to have the 2 spacial familiars bond I encountered in my adventures wih my curent char :).

(The plant from Girars questline and the Wrynt who helped me fight the werwolf)


I think the char I just finished will make it to year 2 beacause I dont expect that I can improve over what I just reached with this char in a unmoded game.

At last if there is no big change to how the game works anymore.

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Hmm that didnt answear what I whanted to know so I ask differnt ^^


Will we be able to Bind one of the Plant Familiars, we created trough the Student Adventure Girars, in year 2?

Will there be a continue of the Adventure Chain In Professor Storey's Sights in year 2 so we can finish the bound we start to creat toward the end of this cain?

Are we able to have 3 or even more familiars bond in year 2?

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There's already so many familiars, but I suppose that few more wouldn't hurt.

I'm hoping for a raven familiar.


Besides that... I can't think of any serious suggestions, but something like a pet rock, skunk or giant cockroach might be fun.


Seriously, though? Maybe a hermit crab. There's currently only two aquatic familiars (fish and toad) and no crustaceans.

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