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One More RPG from me and sorry if my english is still lacking.

Be warned this RPG will contain heavy Spoilers because the story writen here is based on a real played year 1 game with DLC 8.



Theodor is the sohn of Ida a famous Prophet and Fandor a normal Blacksmith.

Around 5 years ago both parents sacreficed them self and so avoided the ultimate doom of the village the family lives in.

The oldest brother a Tempel Acolthe at this time now raised Theodor and his older sisther.

They got a loot of help from the rest of the village because they know of the heroic sacrefice of theyr parents.

Theodor is the only who have gained part of the futhure seeing ability of his mother sadly its only works for the next day and what can happen to him.

About 1 year ago a old woman, a distant relativ, came to a visit and showed some interest in Theodor.

Bevore she leave again to the City of Mineta she mentions to the three silblings that she will try to arange entrance in the Academagica for Theodor as she does for every young Schwarzbart who have enough Magical talent.

Wondering for some time about this because Thedor never showed any magic abilitys but this visit was soon forgoten.

Around a half year ago Theodor saw him self freeing a dog from a a big tree limb and so this hapened the next day.

Since this time Hasso so he called the Doomhund and Theodor became one heart and soul.

Around 1 Month ago the invitation letter for the Academagia to the Vernin College arived together with a ticket for the airshiptrip to Mineta.

By now his sister works as apprentice tailor and his brother have become a priest.

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Friday the 5. Athonos 1657


Dear Brother,


I arived this week at mineta and wow where sould I start.

The Habor is huge, realy huge and there are many airships at once not like at home where we only see one airship every other week or so.

And many people working there from the distance when ariving with the Airship it looked more like a antcolony.

At the Airship was a other person around my age called Elina Carosi but it apears she thinks of here self of something bether then just a ordinary village people like me.

So over all the only thing we agreed on is that we cant stand each other and it was kind of hard to avoid each other at the small ship.

But back to Minetha to my luck I knew where I can find the old relative, who whanted to pick me up, from my dream last night.

So we arived at here home some where in the center of this huge city. I probably would got lost if I try to find the way again back to the Habor.

She told me that the big place in front of here house is called Piazza Athanasius.

I was allowed to stay at here huge house for the night because its already late and I never sleeped in such a nice bed bevore.


The next day she showed me where I can find the Tempel of Iudocia bacause she have to do something there.

So I decided to work there a bit to earn some money till she was finished with what ever she needed to do there.

On the late Afternoon of Juvenalia she then finaly brought me to the gate of the Academagica what isn't this fare away from here home.

Upon seeing my Invitation letter the gate guard called for the mentor who should show me around.

The Mentor then introduced here self as Oan a 3 th year Student and she showed me first the way to my doorm so I can drop my bag bevore she continued on here tour around the Academagia.

Even only having seen a small part of the Acadmemy I think it must be at last as big as our village we live in. its a realy amazing place with magic things at nearly every place.


Monday then I haved problems to find the classrooms even with Oan showing me the ways yesterday.

During a break I meet Oan again in a place called Garden Gallery and she then point at a red haired girl I remember from the geometry class.

This red haired girl obviouse haved some trouble with a five-hand tree who hold here knapsack.

Oan suggest that I sould help here to make a new friend.

Because we have such a tree in the nighbour at home I know how to handle it and after a bit of acting she got here knapsack back.

The meeting with Oan also helped me to avoid to be challenged to a duel on my first day what would happened instead acording to my dream last night.

For Classes only Prof. Badcrumble of the astrology class started with normal teaching this day all other teacher only let us students introduce to each other.

Because we didnt have any homework today I started to learn about Glamour in the Venalicium Library Oan also showed me on my first day.

The text I read was handwriten and a bit hard to deciper but together with a other Student, Cryus from my Astrology class, I managed to get some sense into this text.


Tuesday then class start to become serious and we even got our first homework.

So in the afternoon I worked together with my roommate Vincent Eins on the Arithmetic and Enchant homework.

Out of a joke we decided to form a new clique with the simple name "The Friends".

Oh and he also have a dog like me and so we both have to to take the dog out from time to time and together its even more fun.

His Dog a Ghieran Win Boxer is called Cobertine and get along with Hasso very well.


The nigth to Wednesday I saw many bad posibilitys what I sould avoid the next day like going to the lake and get soaked or playing rimbal and lose because the oponent is ceating.

So beside walking the dog I spend my day inside continue to studing Glamour from the book I started monday ar the Vanalicium Library.

This time I could even ask our Glamour Prof. about one of the hard to read passages of this book.

There was a other Student from the Glamour class, Zorzi, looking for a book and I helped to find it because I remember seeing it close to the place where I picked the book I curent reading.

He was happy for the help and we two worked then together trough the more difficult to read passages of our books.


Because I was inside nearly the complet last day I decided thursday to visit the Fields of the Academagica in hope to see a loot of strange plants there and I was right!

So I was learning a bit about different plants and I even meet Oan there again as I have expected from my dream last night.

Because Oan haved some time and I haved Hasso with me she showed me how to make a training pacour for my dog with little efford on my side.

Hasso was happy to have a bit of challenge and mastered the pacour soon.


At our walk today with our dogs Vincent told me that he will afterward we return start to write a letter home.

I agreed that this is a good idea and so I written this letter to you.

How is the appreticship of our sister comming along and how are you?

Somehow I hoped that by the end of the first week I maybe can do already some little magic but so fare we only learned about Phemes in the classes and this is already hard enough to drawn the 12 I learned so fare correct.


Greetings your younger brother Theodor


oO This got a big first letter :) Maybe my next RPG need to put into Caligraphy Class because of this long text but sending such a letter is at last wort to be spending a time slot ;)

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Thursday the 11. Athonos 1657


Dear Brother,


last Saturday I again read a handwriten books about Glamour and I actual gething a bit bether in reading the Handwritings of others.

Part of this book where also encripted so I have to ask for Help at the Help desk of the Venalicium Library.

They then point me to a reference book and with this I then managed to learn a new pheme from this book.

In the Eveninging after Dinner there was a small ceremony where the College with the highest Merit got a reward.

For the first year it was actual the College of Vernin who erned the most Merit Points and so each of us Students from Vernin got 20 Pims!


Oh I haven't written about the Merrit system so fare?

As fare I understand it there are some competitions each day betwean students of each college and the best earn some points of Merit for theyr college.

Because I first whant to learn how to cast a spell I didn't join this Merit hunting so fare but my roommate, Vincent, have done already some and says they are fun.


Why have all the books I am allowed to study about Glamour in bad handwriting?

The book I read on Sunday haved the worst Handwriting I have seen so fare and then even some part about a spell was encrypted.

When asking at the Help Desk they send me to the Professors Lounge to ask a Professor for help about this.

The Professors there then was kind of confused when I knocked but when I mentioned that I was send here from the Helpdesk because I need help with a encrpted book they start to lough when seeing the book.

One of the Prof. then told me that I was fallen for a prank and that the key to ecrypt this part is actualy handled at a later part of this book.

So a bit sully I get back to the library and continued to read the unencryprted part till I find the reference to encrypt the prefiouse part.

This encrypted part showed how I can put some Pheme together to cast the spell Smoke Screen, if only I would know the needed pheme.

Sadly so fare I only learned how to draw one of the three needed Pheme.

I didnt realise how long it took me to get trough this and when I look up ther was no light left beside my one and something shimering at the other side.

At first I whanted to look but then I got a bad feeling about this and left because I still didn't got dinner.

Sadly it was to late to get something to eat so I got hungry to bed.


This night I didn't have my usual dreams about the next day and so it was the first time for long that I didnt know what to expect from the next day!

For others this is probably normal but for me this was a shocking expirience.

The Class at monday were normal so I got a bit relaxed and in the Astrology class we even learned how to consult the stars about our future.

I dont think this is a to usefull ability for me unless my dreams fail like today.

Somehow I expected to learn more about my own ability to see the future in my dreams in this class but so fare there was nothing helpfull that I learned.

In the afternoon then there was a ceremony with the Aultrine Order that involves lot of speaches and we first year Vernin where placed right on the front so we can see it clearly.

The Ceremony was about enchanting a keystone from the giant wall that keeps the dragons out.

When finaly the Enchanting begins my seat got a hit from behind and I falling forward.

Out of reflext I tryed to catch my self but then all of the sudden I saw a bright golden light.

The next thing I then rember is I am in the infirmary and that the Legate standing next to my bed.

He then talked to me but all I rember form this talk is that he sayed that I sould have a look at my hand and there are the beautifull golden symbols our Regent casted at a stone during the ceremony.

I also remember that this runes can't be dispelled but acording to the Aultrine Order there is a chance that this Runes can shifted to the Wall where they belong.

For now I have to let this expirienced mages do theyr research and hope they come up to a solution soon.


The night to Tuesday I haved my dreams again and so I chose to eat honey instead of jam to breakfeast because I saw in my dream that this jar was jinxed.

When then a other student tryed to open it he coulnt open it and also couldnt remove his hand from this jar any more, it was kind of funny how he tryed to get lose of this jar.

Not long later he then got freed from this missery trough a older Student.

In the Astrology class of Prof Badcrumble we still haved the most to learn and by now I even can remember where the stars relevant for Horoscopes are in the sky when I know the day.

After the class when I was on the walk with Hasso I stoped at the Tempel of Iudoca to pray.

Hoping that the gods smille on me so that the Mages soon find a way to shift the runes to the wall without hurting me.

One of the Priest there suggested that I maybe should visit the Beggars corner and help there to overcome my worries.

Because I didn't haved homework at this day I spend later some time in the library again to learn more from this Handwriten glamour books.

This time I piked a more theoretical book that was way to advanced for me still it was a interesting read and maybe I can use what I learned there in the future.


Wednesday was a day where I again haved to be carefull what I do to avoid geting a reprimand for geting to late to class or even worse become the target of a plot from older Aranza Students.

During the noon break Oan took here time to show me how spellcasting realy works and yes I managed to cast my first spell thanks to here!

The Spell she tought me is called Glow of Victory and is a glamour spell that let its target apear like a Winner.

So our distant relative was right I have the ability to cast magic.

After school was over I followed the advice of the priest and helped for some time at the beggar's corner.

Beside learning how hard the live is on some people living in this city I also learned a bit about how to peeling vegetables and what the signs are when something in the oven is finished.

Thanks to the success yesterday with my first spell I decided to start read about negation magic now in the Venalicium Library.

Perhaps I can find something how the runes could be removed the expirienced Mages have missed.

I even got some help from Prof Briardi when I encountered a encrypted part in the book I read.


Thats all bout the last days.

Perhaps you can include me in your prayers so that there soon will be a way found to remove this runes from my hand because its get anoying to be viewed like a freak.

How was the week of you two?

I hope nothing bad hapened to you like it did to me!


Greetings your brother Theodor




Hope even with this length of the text my RPG is still a nice read.

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Wednesday the 17. Athonos 1657


Dear Brother,


last Friday I learned my third spell this time in the Glamour class.

Sadly I still need to master the Appearences Pheme so I could cast this spell.

Wenn I did go for a walk with Hasso I stoped again at the Tempel of Iudoca to pray.

This time I meet the relative again where I could sleep for the first night in Mineta.

She teached me then two new prayer and told me that there is a Prayer Grove near Campus Durand that I probably can use if I whant to perform a religous ceremony.

When I am about to leave she put a envelope in my hand with the words to only read it when I am sure that I am alone.

After dinner whe then haved a Merit Award ceremony and again for the first years Vernin managed to get the higest score.

This time we where rewarded with a small but permanent glamour cast on us that sould make it a bit easyer for us to make new friends.

Sadly I didn't manage to help my college in the merrit gathering so fare but as you expect I have other things to wory about with this runes on my hand.


There where some strange posibilitys for the weekend in my dreams like a trip to the Forest and seeing a lion in a trap or casting a ice spell on insect infested plants of a professor.

Maybe the runes on my hand now start to affect my ability to see my future because casting a ice spell is nothing I would know how to do it.

Because of this strange dreams I decided thats its now even more important to learn about the Negation magic and so I spend nearly the complet day in the Venalicium Library.

I managed to learn the spell of Dispel from one of the books I read even with Aveline Cincebeaux and Prudence Cossins constant talking to each other at my table.

This two where sharing the newest Gossips especial about the doughter of the castellan, Flore Yveuillet.

I wonder if all girls of my age are this mean to other girls like this two and from what they told me also like Flore.

Because this two couldn't keep silent we three got banned from the library for the complet sunday!

How can I now continue my learning about the Negation Magic?

For the Dispel Spell I learend I still need to the Dispel Pheme so I hope I will soon learn this in my readings at the Library or in the class.


So instead of learning I decided to spend the sunday helping the poor at the beggar's corner.

At the Great Gate of the Academagica I then spot Oan talking to some other Student of here year so I just greet here and whanted to walk on when she calls me the here.

The other Student left and she then took here time to teach me something about place magic.

Apearently at the right places some skills are easyer to perform then normal like usualy praying is easyer at a tempel then lets say at home.

Because its very subtle its hard to sport such places and use them correct.

I then continued to the beggars corner and Hasso was happy to get out for a so long time even with the smell of some of the poor there was to intense for him.

Looks like someone have spend some money to this helping place recently because today they actual made some batches Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

So the food today there was actual bether then what I usualy get in the Academagica!


Monday I needed to buy some materials for class at the city but thanks to my dream I knew I haved to avoid the two closest shops who sell the things I need.

At the closest I would have get robed and at the other I would have be drawn into a fistfight of two adoult.

Vincent wonderd why whe did go so fare into the city for just shoping for this materials but I told him Hasso needs the walk.

Back at the Academy I then again hit the Negation Books in the Venalicium Library.

When I asked the librarian about a book that was mentioned in the book I curent read he mentions that its maybe in the Library of Longshade but the Librarian post there is vacant for some time.

After I finished with my reading for today I risked a look at the Library of Longshade and man is this a mess!

I dont think I would ever find a book there at last bevore someone sort them all back in.


Tuesday we haved mostly repeating of what we already have learned during the classes so it was kind of boring.

Only in the Enchant class we learned somthing new and thats why we needed to buy the materials the day bevore.

After class I head out for a walk with Hasso and again stoped at the Tempel of Iudoca for a Prayer.

I haved luck at this day because one of the priest haved some time for me and beside teaching me a new prayer he even showed me the text for a powerfull ritual spell called Cleanse and Remake.

Sadly at this point I cant cast this spell because I am still missing one of the pheme needed for this.

But the priest told me to not worry and that if he have time when I visit the tempel the next time he will teach me this pheme.

When I the returned back to the common room to do my homework then there were some pixies attacking my fellow students but the pixies leaved as soon as a professor showed up.

So I still could do my homework undisrupted.


We learned some new Pheme today in the class but sadly none of the Pheme I need for the Spells I learned so fare.

I think I learned now how to draw over 30 different Pheme but still I only know everything needed to cast for the spell my Mentor teached me.

Today was the first day I haved my room long enough alone to take a look at the envelop I recived end of last week.

There is some kind of map inside and I wonder were it leads to.

Perhaps I find the time to go there during the Workshop days.

Because the Workshop days are in 2 days I write this Letter today to you so it hopefull dont take to long to be delivered!

I think so fare I learned more about Religion and Researching then what I have learned in all class together maybe except of astrology.

Oh and by now I wonder why I was put into Vernin and not into Avila because it apears that Avila would be the College for people gifted in seeing the future.


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Monday the 22. Athonos 1657


Dear Brother,


The day bevore the Workshop Days our Prof thinks we could handle a lot of new Stuff because of the following free day.

So in nearly every class we learned something new and got a lot of homework so that I wonder how I will manage to do this all till the end of the Workshop Days.

Because I still haved to walk with Hasso at the afternoon I stoped at the tempel because it started to rain.

The Priest from last time again haved some time so he teached me the missing Beseech Pheme so I could try my luck on the Cleanse and Remake ritual.

This ritual acual sould lend some power of the gods to empower one self.

When the rain finaly stops Hasso and I returned to the Academagica so I could do some of the homework in the common room and because Vincent also was working there on his homework we did some of them together.


At the Start of the Workshop Days I performed the Cleanse and Remake Ritual in the prayer grove near Campus Durand and wow I realy feeling the power flowing trough me.

I think I never feel this good and I even could finish this pity homework, we got the last day and by then looked like I could never finish with, in no time.

So I managed to get to the Fest with some other Students and even Vincent joined after he have copyed some of my homeworks.

At the Fest there was some twist betwean a local guild and some of our Students so I diplomatic ended this.

Still soemhow I couldnt enjoi thsi fest much because I still haved to solve the mather with the runes on my hand.

Even hiding them for now with gloves but this can't be go on for ever.

So I spend some more time researching in the Venalicium Library about Negation magic.

I readed trough a partial encrypted book about tips how to improve the chance to success with a dispel and in a other book the Spell Correct Hurts.

As usual I still missing some Pheme to actual try this spell.

In my search trough the Library I even found a section where I maybe could learn about the family lines of diferent peoples.


Friday I finaly learned the Dispel Pheme in the Negation Class so I could try the Dispel Spell after class on my Hand but as expect it didnt do anything to the runes.

In Glamour class I finaly learned the missing Phemes for casting the Saving Face Spell, a spell that will improve my apearance for around 5 days.

At the Aritmetic class we even learned about a glamour spell called Number Knack, this class was the last class I expect to learn a new spell.

Sure as allways I am still missing pheme for this but slowly I get used to this.

At the afternoon I then followed the map to a swamp till some kind of strange darkness blocked my path.

Sure I could try my Negation magic on it but I haved the feeling that today I bether return back and try again next week.

So I sepend the rest of the Afternoon doing Homework and then playing with Hasso.


After breakfast on saturday Hasso and I walked to the city to help the poor again at the beggar's corner.

There I meet the priest again who teached me the Cleanse and Remake Spell during my Tempel visits.

When I told him that I managed to perform ther ritual he teached me and thanked him again for learning me this he smiled.

I couldnt belive my luck when he then continued the teaching when there wasn't to much to do.

Later I even followed him back to his tempel when he was finished at the Beggars Corner for today.

On the way and later in the Temple his teaching continued and so I learned 3 new Spells one new prayer and some pheme during this day!

Sadly He didnt teach me all the Pheme I needed for the spells and He told me that he will leave Mineta tomorrow and so this will be the last hings he will teach me.

So I have to hope to learn them at some point from school.


Sunday I learned more about Negation Magic in the Venalicium Library in one Book I learned how to cast the spell Prevent Missap.

In a encrypted section of a other book I then learned some fundamental priciples of the Negation magic that for sure will help me in casting this kind of magic bether.

In the afternoon I haved to meet our House Regent Prof. di Lucca Alazzo at the Greate Gate and I wonder whats this is about.

We then walked into the city while he tells me how sory he is about what happend to my hand and that its his responsibility and so on.

When we arive at a huge building he told me that this is the Chapterhouse of the Aultrine Order.

The Regent the gave me a tour trough this building and its marvelous magic that even put the magic I seen at the Academagica so fare to a shame.

There I learned from a very old man that there was once trough his livetime someone who also haved runes like this on his body and they managed to remove it witout killing him.

During the talk of this old man I hear whispers that I souldn't trust him but I have more the feeling that this whispers are kind of wrong.

Because the old man first needed to see how I react to the wall he suggested that we fly with a Red ship there.

The Travel with this Red Ship was realy marvel when i lift up we where pressed into our seats and even with the power of the cleanse and Remake spell I can barly breat and have real problems to even move my head.

But when we got closer to the wall I feeling bether and bether and I think I could even start to move around and the runes in my hand glow strong like the one at the wall does.

The old Man notice this and then told the Captain to turn around because he seen enough.

Back at the Chaperhouse the old Man told us that he now need to do some research how to transfer the runes back to the wall.

So we returned early enough for dinner.

After dinner the Legate hold again a Merit Ceremony and this time again our house managed to gain the highest Merrit score.

Sadly this time we only got some Caramel Chews as reward.


This night the power I gained from the Cleanse and Remake riual left me and so I expirenced a kind of sallow feeling.

Because I dont think I sould unneeded call the power of the gods when I still can follow class with my own abilitys I resisted the urge to perform this ritual direct again.

In classes we learned a new Pheme and a weaker version of the Dispel spell, I learned from the books I readed some days ago.

Today Crysus Dawes told me that I sould be happy to be in Vernin because the boys dorm of Avila is in a bad state of disrepair.

He also told me that the Avila Regent only cares about the girls in her college.

Even with the large list of homework I haved today I managed to write this letter after I was out for a walk with Hasso.

How are you two? I hope our sister have overcome here sikness you have writen about in your last letter.

From what hapend last weekend I have now new hope that I will soon get this Runes on my hand removed.


Greetings your brother Theodor


not even one Month and already this much text oO

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Sunday the 28. Athonos 1657


Dear Brother,


as mentioned last time I planed the go to confront the strange Darkness I encontered following the Map last week.

But when I haved not this much homework on Tuesday I remembered my dream from last night that my Negation magic is still not up to this.

Instead I today tryed to find the way to the docks again and I found my way to them.

Its realy as busy there as I have remembered wenn a black haired girl calls me from behind.

She was looking for some member for here new Gravity Ball team.

And after I show here some of the simple Acrobatic tricks I learned from Vincent the other day she told me that I am in and hand me a Team robe.

For the first training she planed next Monday if she get a full team together by then.

In class at this day we got a Arithmetic and a Geometry test back and I start to wonder why I have picked this 2 classes because I didn't perform realy well in this tests.


Wednesday we got our first Astrology test back and it was kind of ok at last I was bether then in the test I got back the day bevore.

I told Vincent that I joined a Gravity Ball team when we walked our dogs in the afternoon.

When we then were back at our Room he gave me the Book Epic: Kensap the Ilician as a gift because he dont need it.

After I finished with homework I went to the Venalicium Library to now learn more about the Enchant Magic.

Because a other 1st year Vernin with the name Philip haved the same idea so we study together.


During the a break at thursdays class I meet Oan again and she put me to the side.

Wispering she told me that the Astrology professor will be soon target of a Bee Attack and if I whant to gain Favor with him I sould prefent it.

Short after Oan then walked away Prof. Monetario comes around the corner and I also could spot the bees.

I shout a short warning to the Prof. and then cast a glamour on anearby flower so the bees see this as bether target.

The spell actual worked and Prof. Monetario thanks me for the warning and gratulated me in my skills in glamour.

Because Oan also handed me a note that states that I sould have 20 pims ready the next time I meet here I decided to spend the Afternoon working in the Iudocia Temple.

I think that what i learned about sewing there by now could be even enough to fix a small rip in a robe.


During the Arithmetic Class we haved someone from the Renazlin Regional Bank in the class who told us how they use arithmeitcs in theyr day to day buissnes.

In the end he then told us that his bank is looking for parttime worker who have some basics in arithmetic.

After I finished homework and walked the dog, Vincent and I spend some time study Enchant books in the Venalicium library.

Only after I finshed reading one of this books I realised that there must be something hidden in this text but sadly its beyond my curent ability to decode.


At the night to saturday I again haved strange dreams about what could hapen like get hit by a goat in the montains, as if I had planed to go to the montains.

Looks like my Abilitys to see the next day again dont get along with the runes on my hand.

After breakfast I performed the Cleanse and Remake ritual.

With this lend power I then head to the Venalicium Library just to get stoped by Prof Leith who requested me to deliver some books to the office of Prof Monetario.

So I brought the books to the office of my Geometry Prof. but when I whanted to leave he gave me a extra lecture about the old Laws of Geometry and I barly was able to stay awake so boring was this lecture.

But toward the end he at last showed me the Finite Pheme so it wasn't entirly wasted time.

When I left his office it was already noon and so I got me something to eat bevore I did go for a walk with Hasso.

Thats why it already was late afternoon when I finaly could start to to decode the book from yesterday.

Sadly all I got out of this on this day was the difficult Refractive Pheme and the Jumble Letters Spell but still I am sure there is more.


So today I did go to the Library direct after breakfast to find out what else is hiden in this book.

Finaly I could decrypt the text and after reading the decrypted version I understand some basics about Magic Properties of Materials and I also got a bether understanding about Palettes.

If your wonder what a Palette is, thats the boarder where we draw our Pheme for the Spells.

Going into more details would be make this letter to long and it probably would be still confusing for you.

But at last today after I finished reading this book I found the time to write you this letter.

You didn't mention in your last letter if our sister is still sick!

Could you pleace write about here health next time it makes me wory to not knowing this after you writen that she got sick?

And you? I hope your fine!

About the Runes at my Hand dont wory to much as there is nothing you could do to help me beside maybe adding me to your prayer.


Greetings your brother Theodor


1st Month finished :)

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Saturday the 6. Pramidi 1657


Dear Brother,


thanks for your answear to my last letter that you just have forgoten to mention that our sister is fine and already working again.

So now what hapend to me this week.

During the Enchant Class at Monday we visited the Vernin Grand Forge a interesting change to the regular teaching.

After Class was over I haved the first Gravity Ball training at the Cube and it was very draining and I dont think I will be ready to play a real game for some time.

Without the power I lend with Cleanse and Remake I probably couldn't climb around as it was asked from me.

But at last I am one of the Awesome Avenger even if this means I have training every monday now.

After the training I haved to walk Hasso and Vincent and his dog joined us also.

I realy dont was up to the challenge this provide after the training so I was happy when Vincent haved to stop at the Artifice Registry to let something examine.

Because Vincent raced to the next point that looked like a good goal head on head with Cobertine, his dog, and after they reached this point this two jump over a hedge or a bank as many times they are posible till Hasso and I also reached theyr "goal". This happens in nearly every walk this two joining us.


Tuesday all classes beside Negation just repeated already learned in Enchant Class we even haved a small test.

So we didn't realy have difficult homework.

Because Hasso was gone missing some studendts managed to get to search him in the Old broken down Theater at the Academy Grounds.

There sudenly a Spectre apears and my heart droped. I then start to speak to the spektre and when the spectre mentioned some prose I rembered I got sure its just a prank and then I played my part.

Suprised by my good acting a Aranaz Student revealed him self from the Spectre Mask and Cante, who gave me the wrong driections bevore, showed up with Hasso to aplaud me about my acting.

We then spend some time together acting a loughing till Hasso made clear that he wanted to go for a walk.

Insead going the usual route I head to the swamp and this time I managed to banish the strange darkness that blocked my path around 2 weeks ago.

Behind this darkness a small house was hidden.

The old woman living there welcomed me and after some converstion she told me that she will try to teach me some magic that is not teached in the Academagica.

Because I got the directions to this place from our relative, who aranged that I could even go to the academagia, I dont think its a bad idea to also learn the magic she will teach me.


The night to Wednesday the power of the Cleanse and Remake Spell left me and I haved this sallow feeling again.

We got the Enchant Class Test already back and I performed realy good this time.

In my dream I saw that Lake Ardica is dangerous again so I avoided it for my tour with Hasso in the afternoon.

Insead we visited the Chapterhouse of the Aultrine Order after inspecting my hand once more they send me away because they still haved some reasearch to do.

I wonder how long it will take till they final come up with something when the removing of the Runes have be done already once.

So I spend the rest of the day in the Vanalicium Library to learn more about Enchanting.

From the books I read I then learned two new Pheme and some infos how one can learn about the powers one can expect in a item just from examin it closly.

When someone told me about a vew months in the past that I would become so a bookworm I would have lought at him.

Wouldn't it for Hasso I maybe would spend my complet day inside trying to find some info what I could do about the runes in my hand.


I haved to put some books away wednesday because theyr topics profed to hard to me to understand so I performed the Ritual Cleanse and Remake again Thursday after Class was over.

Because I didnt learn for the glamour test we haved at this day and without the Power I called after class was over I fear I messed up this test.

On my walk with with Hasso I spoted a a wounded centaur who apearently steped on a twig and passe out short after we found him.

I then used some Glamour to thry to ease his suffering when a Prof. showed up because she expected this centaur already I got 2 Merit for my College for finding him.

So I finaly also added some Merit points to the Vernin Merit board.

Back at the Academy I spend the rest of the day in the Venalicium Library to learn more about Enchanting and even learned a way to temporary improve my ability in some parts of the Enchanting.

Sadly this improvement dont come with the assotiated knowledge so it dont think it helps me in my search what I can do about this Runes.

Beside this I also learned a new Pheme and it get a realy a loot of Pheme I know by now but still for many of the spells I learned so fare I miss at last one pheme.


Yesterday we haved then a Negation test and I think I did good there.

One the walk with Hasso after class it sadly begane to raining so we where wet when we came back and I wondered why I didnt see this in my dream.

When Hasso and I finaly was dry and in new clothes I spend the rest of the day again in the Venalicium Library.

First I read a interesting book about enchant magic and even learned some things about Metalls but the most interesting was that there was a reference to a book about Rune Magic.

I asked at the Help Desk where I could find this book and they send me to the Library of the Mantle and Stars but I was warned that this is book would be to much for me to understand.

Despit this warning I then got me this book from the Mantle and Stars Library but it is complet writen in some kind of numeric code!

So I get back to the Venelicium Library to read a book about Arithmetic encryptions and with the help of Caspar I soon found one.

In this book there was even the Spell Oliba's Reading what would be a great help to decrypt this book about Rune Magic but sadly again I miss one of the Pheme needed for a spell.

I even managed to learn some new Pheme form the books I read today but none that helped me that I finaly can cast more spells.


Because I saw that I will encounter a Bookspirit War that dont end good for me today in the library I canged my plans for today.

Instead of spending the day in the Library I head to the house in the swamp together with hasso in the Morning.

But what I got there today was the the woman asked me some questions about the past of the Magic.

After I answeard them she teached me two new pheme and a new Spell called The Force of Duty but you already expect it I missisng a pheme and she refused to teach this pheme to me today.

Sure I kind of undestand why she refuse to put everything needed for this spell in my hand because forcing a other Student to study for a complet day is a very powerfull and easy missused tool.

So I left her and arived in the Academagia around noon.

After I have eaten something I walked to the Temple of Ioducia to work there.

Sure sewing isnt that usfull for a Mage but it helps me to learn to concentrate bether and beside this I also earn some money there.

At the dinner a beautiful girl from the Hedi College with the Name Neta flirted with me, maybe I try to win here over for my clique.

After Dinner I found the time to write this letter.

I hope to hear from you soon again!


Your brother Theodor


Who is Gera and why would I win a competition against her?

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Ups I think I only read this letter the first time I played and this was not to long after the game got released (yes the buged v 1.0).


Saturday the 13. Pramidi 1657


Dear Brother,


I think I have writen about the Hedi girl last time, or?

To get here into our clique I invited her to a Sunday noon-picnic a bit away from the usual places.

After she agreed to this in the Morning, Vincent and I haved some time to get every thing needed for this picnic.

We haved a nice picnic and somehow even managed to have it without all the boys usualy following Neta around.

After Vincent have eaten enough he then started with his usualy head on head race with his dog and so I haved a nice talk with Neta.

But this soon ended when a Anteater started to bit on my back.

Under the gigle of Nata I brushed the Ants of my back what ended also the attack of the Anteater.

I then ended the picinic for today but invited here that she could join us when we walk the dogs or when we have to study every time.

She not only agreed to do so, she even asked if she could join our clique and I was hapy to agree.

Even seeing this all bevore in my dream including the Anteater it still what was kind of unexpected for me that she actual joined my small clique.

After this I spend my time In The Venalicium Library because I still haven't managed to decode this book about Rune Magic.

So I checked some more Arithmetic books and at one point even Prof Valenta showed up and gave me some tips what books I could try.

In my Study I even learned the missing pheme for the Jumble Letter spell but this is not of much use to me now.

At the late Afternoon a Student in Durand cloths aproached me at first he just whanted to take a look at my hand and I showed them to him.

After some talk he then asked me if I ever heard about the Sphinx and sure I haved.

He then told me that he knows a way to sneak to the Sphinx and that maybe the Sphinx can help me with my problem.

So he showed me the secret way to the sphinx but we then direct returned because I didn't whanted to miss the dinner.

There are also still two big problems with the Sphinx the first its hard to realy get the meaning of here words and the other if I would be cought there I would risk to be expelled from the Academy.


We got the Enchantment and the Glamour test resoults this monday and in both I was good what was bit suprissing because I didnt hink I did so good in the glamour test.

The Power of the Cleanse and Remake Spell left me at the end of the Arithmetic class.

Because I haved to meet Oan today after class there was no time to refresh the ritual bevor my Gravity Ball training started.

Right after class I the meet Oan and together we went shoping for suplies and she even introduced me to the owner of a Wand shop.

Then Hasso and I haved to run because it was nearly time for my training.

In the Cube I then mainly learned how the game works at all and some tactics and I also got my first try's in Zero Grafity.

Back at the Academy I haved barley enough time to eat something to dinner bevor we haved to attend to the Merit ceremony.

This time again my College was the winner and we got teached a ting or two about Social Skills from Prof Badcrumble.

Now I know why the girls of House Avila fear here "Perfect Lady" lessons so much.

Because this lecture also needed some time it realy got late when I finaly finished my homework.


So it was no wonder that Tuesday I nearly got up to late for breakfast.

In our Geometry class we haved a tripp to a Hedge Mazze but soon it became clear to me that this maze was based on the fourth of Hans Edlun’s Unanswerable Geometric Hypotheticals.

Walking this maze I finaly understand Geometry bether and that some things we learned in the Geometry class are actual spells.

But as it was every time so fare when I learned about a new spell I still missing the knowledge how to draw one ore more of the needed pheme.

Because there was a problem with the delivery of our new Astrology Books we also haved a walk during the Astrology class to the Four Phases Bookstore to pick up our new books.

During my walk with Hasso I made the decission that I will now perfom the Cleanse and Remake Ritual every 4th day.

The reason for this is that there where other Students who already haved much more knowledge about Magic and other for the Academagica relevant knowledge then me and instead of catching up I think I even falling more and more behind.

Having to spend so much time to find any information about how to remove this Runes on my Hand dont help also to get bether in what is needed for the class.

So when I was back from the walk I performed the Ritual bevore I then worked on my Homeworks.


Wednesday I finaly manged to get some lose ends about Negation magic together.

Now I acutal can now combine some of the things I read about Negation Magic in the library with the things we learned at class to bether perfom the Dispel spells.

Beside this I only learned one new Pheme today during class.

During lunch I haved to help at the citchen and because I managed to assit the cook so good I am now allowed to visit the citchen every time.

I even got a Pie as reward for this.

Neta joined my walk with Hasso after i was finished in the citchen even if it looked like rain some of here admirer also followed us so it was kind of awkward.

Back at the college we head to different directions because I went to the look if I finaly can find a way to decrypt the numeric code of the Rune Magic book I have lend.

But sadly I wasted again a day without any resoult in this.


We learned some new things druing class today but beside some new Pheme, none of the pheme I am missing for a spell, there was nothing realy interesting to write about.

To sell some of the more useless stuff I colected so fare I walked to the store Oan showed me and with the money I then even managed to buy me a Doppelganger Band there.

After I returned I used the roundcourse for some running training today.

It also looked like Hasso also loved the change of pace.

I even managed to outrace a other student of my year something I never would be manage against Vincent.

After I took a bath and then made my homework, I did some cloth washing.


Yesterday in the Glamour Class we learned Corect Pitch some kind of magic to slight improve the vocal range.

After Geometry Class was over I was the first to leave and then I spoted a wirlwind coming down the floor.

Because I was sure its a magical one I used the Dispel on it and soon the Wirlwind was no more.

This action earned me 5 points of Merit from Prof. Monetario.

At the Negation Class I then learned the Spell Veil of Aversion and actual managed to cast it on my first try.

Prof. Badcrumble later teached us the spell Sparkling Fields in Astrology class and I also managed to cast this spell during class.

After my walk with Hasso I returned to the Venalicium Library.

Like Wednesday I managed to learn a bit about Arithmetic, this time from a book writen in very bad Handwriting, but it didnt help me with the encoded book.


After Breakfast today I head to the Forge because I haved to do some work there for a Enchant class project.

There was also a Girl around my age with Morvidus clothes working at the workplace next to me and first I thought its Elina Carosi but when I spoted here face it got clear its not here.

I was kind of relived because in my dream I saw a girl from Morvidus attacking me but I was rater sure that it was the Elina the girl I learned to hate when I arived first at this city.

When I started to work on my project I realised that one of the tools of this place are missing.

Searching for them I spot that this Morvidus girl have taken them and when I asked to give them back she just lought.

Because the tools wasn't to important for my work I continued but cast the Veil of Aversion to be protected.

As expected she then tryed something a vew minutes later but the Vail prefented that I was affected.

A apprentice spoted here attack and she then got banned from the Forge for the rest of the week.

I also was able to pick up that here Name is Joana so I be bether carfull in the future.

After I finished with this homework I then visited the Venalicium Library again sadly with the same resoult as the days bevore.

Slowly I doubt the books Prof. Valenta suggested to me are of any use in decoding this book but there are still some to look.

Bevor the dinner I then performed the Cleanse and Remake ritual again and was wondering why I am one of the very vew people wo is useing the Durand Prayer Grove.

After Dinner I then started to write this letter.


I didn't recive a letter from you after my last one so I hope everything is still ok with you two.


Your brother Theodor


The first letter I real haved to do some swapping to bether get the story together (switch the events of Friday and Saterday) + send the letter 1 day earlyer the actual ingame ;)

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Friday the 19. Pramidi 1657


Dear Brother,


for real our Nighbor got identical quads? Give them my best wishes!


So now about what hapened to me the last days.

Sunday one of the Prof. haved a bad day and because there was a mess in the common room he Picked me to clean up this.

When I spoted two students of my Arithmetic class who realy haved problems with the homework I offerd them to let them copy my homework if they clean up for me.

They fast agreed and haved cleaned up the room in no time while I got my homework for them.

So they have theyr hoework done and I saved a some time.

Beside eating and some walking with Hasso I spend my complet sunday in the Venalicium Library to go trough the Arithmetic books.

A Gondina Student showed me a section with books about Monster when I haved a break because my Eyes burned from all the reading.

Sadly I still didn't made any progress in decoding the book and I haved to give it back today because someone else haved reserved it.

Still I learned some interesting new things like the Spells Inspirational Thinking and Organized Mind.

I even learned the missing Pheme for the Spell Oliba's Reading but sadly to late to try this spell on this book.


Astronomy Class at Monday was kind of strange because we haved to learn how to Tune Music Instruments because Prof. Badcrumble thinks that this will help us working with a telescope.

In Glamour class I again learned a new Spell this time sadly again I am missing a Pheme to cast it.

But thanks to all the Pheme I learned at this day I now can cast a vew more Spells.

After class was over I walked to the docks with Hasso and because and I was much to early this time.

Because there was a Archery practice nearby I was invited to try my luck with bow and arrow.

After I got showed how to actual shot a arrow with the bow I even managed to do 2 lucky shot on the Target one of them even hit direct into the center.

At the Gravity Ball training I finaly could practice to be a tactican and I think I didnt to bad in the role of cordinating the other players of my team.

When dinner was over we haved the Merit ceremony and for the 1st years Vernin wone again and this time we got a group Picture from all 1st year Vernin hanged to the Common room.


Thuesday class was again a lot of repeating and so beside two new Pheme I didn't realy learn something new.

In the Afternoon I then decided to stop at the Aultrine Chapterhouse once more and this time I managed to talk to the Captain of the Red Ship.

At first the Converstion was normal and he told me that they make good prograss in the Research how to move the runes from my Hand to the Wall.

But suddenly when I asked about something he answeared to something complet different something about Propecies and writings on the wall ond such things.

It didnt make any sense!

What I remember is that the one who haved removed the runes from his body bevore me have managed to summon and control a dragon and thats why he he is now a Prisoner of the Aultrine.


Except for a exploding pen of one student during Geometry Class there was nothing special at wednesday classes.

After lunch Neta, Vincent and our dogs walked into the city because we needed to get some supplys.

As usualy there where a lot of boys following Neta around.

But from my dream I know at what corner I would get wet from a carless coachmen because there was a short but intense shower when we were in a shop.

So at the right momment I pull Neta to the side so that a building protects us but most of her follower got drenched.

It was kind of funny to see a group of 5 boys trying to get theyr cloths dry but we didnt watch for long instead we used the time to escape from them.

When we where back I then went to the Vanalicium Library to read the last book of the list our Arithmetic Prof. gave me.

The book haved some interesting things about Arithmetic and Geometry I didnt know so fare but more interesting was the handdrawn map someone have forgotten in this book.

Bevor dinner I performed the ritual of Cleanse and Remake again and after dinner I then followed this map.

The Map lead me to a underground Library called Linrary of Manetele acording to the map.

Because some of the Books there looked promessing I think I will have to spend some time there in the future.


Yesterday in Glamour class we learned the Pheme of Charm and I haved a hard time to draw this one correct and we also got a lot of homework in Geometry.

So after I walked a bit with Hasso in the afternoon I haved to do the homework for Geometry.

For this homework I even haved to look into some books in the Venalicium Library.

There I then was aproached by a red haired girl in Avila clothing and from somewhere I rember here face.

She then introduced here self as Oriable and thanked me for helping here at the start of the year.

Then I rembered it was the girl I helped to get here knapsack back from the five-hand tree.

Because she haved the same Geometry homework we then worked together on this.

One of the books in bad handwriting I picked even contained the recipe for Monteon Steel.

Because of the bad handwriting I was trough the recipe bevore I even realised that its nothing about geometry.


Todays class was horror!

Prof Monetario in Geometry class wasn't happy at all about my homework and gave me a other week to improve it beside giving new homework.

The most horrible class was Glamour because we learned four new Pheme while I haved to be watchfull to not become the target of some pranksters sabotage acts.

At last I also learned some things from what the prankster tryed on me.

Arithmetic was boring to the extrem today, maybe because I already read about most of the things in books, but at last she teached us the Number Pheme.

Because I haved a loot of homework I spended nearly the complet afternoon on them.

After I then I haved a walk with Hasso to get a bit fresh air and because Neta asked me to acompany here to the bank.

Waiting for here in front of the bank I started to write this letter thats why the start is maybe a bit harder to read then usual.


Oh Maybe you can ask the Glamour Mage living at our vilage to make a picture of the identical quads of our nighbor that you can send me?


Your brother Theodor


Grr I haved the Comumnity Adventure (16) but I can't write about this in the Story because the char would never do the Archery Path.

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Hope to hear more of Neta, there is something special about that girl...


*cough* anyway..



(Hehe while in the merry mood, might I suggest that you change the sisters occupation to apprentice seamstress? I am not sure sewer (as in, one who sews for a living) is so widely used in English anymore. - That said I read it wrong the first time around, so horribly horribly wrong ;))

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Thursday the 25. Pramidi 1657


Dear Brother,


I wish you, our sister and all my friends at home a nice Festival of Pixies and Dance of Fools.

Hopefull you all will have a great fest.


last Saturday I spend nearly the complet Morning in the Venalicium Library doing the Geometry homework.

After this Neta, Vincent and I haved a walk from the Imperial Reserve, were Vincent showed us The Minestry of Substiution and Transposition, to the docks.

We haved a break for lunch at a restaurant in the city and after we payed we escaped Netas followers trough the backentrance.

When we then watched the loading of a ship at the docks when sudenly some barrel rolled in our direction.

Vincent our dogs and I managed to jump over them but sadly Neta wasn't this lucky and got hit from one of the barrels.

She just got some bruises but we then haved to walk back to the Academy with here.

It was only late afternoon when we returned so I then walked to the Iudoca Temple to work and pray there because my prophetic dreams failed me once more.


Sunday I get up early to continue the Geometry homework and finaly could finish it.

From one of the books with bad Handwriting I even managed to learn the spell Precision in Cration.

I wonder why some of the books in the Vanlicium Library have so a bad Handwriting.

Because I promised to continue the work I couldnt finish Saturday at the tempel I walked there after lunch.

From my dream I haved to be carfull because there was a magical trap on my way.

I even managed to warn a other Student with Avila clothes about this trap.

She was thankfull and intruduced here self as Olivia and because we haved the same way for some time we talked a bit.

In the Tempel I then worked till it was nearly time for dinner.

After dinner I then haved to perform the Ritual of Cleans and Remake again and without the warning of my dream I would probably not carfull enough in the execution of this ritual.

It is very difficult to perform and just one small thing made wrong will mess the complet ritual.


Monday I then could finaly present the Geometry Homework to our Prof and he just told me that he expect from me that in the future I would do the homework right at the first time.

In the Glamour Class then we visited the Air Fountain of Gineza Ganó in a ruined building inside the city.

Because the trip was long I didn't have Arithmetic class today.

Wenn we where back for Launch I haved to help in the citchen but was released early because the cook messed up with some of the kitchen magic.

Like last Monday I again haved Gravity Ball training and slowly I am improfing as team tactican.


At the first class hour tuesday morning my Hand with the runes begins to hurt realy bad and suddenly some Student got nosebleed and started to talk in a strange voice that I must hurry to the Aultrine Chapterhouse.

Running trough the city there where people who haved also nose bleed who direct me the way and told me that old Man I trusted to find a way to free me from the runs is the reason for my pain and for the colaps of the Chapterhouse.

When I was there power flooded trough me so I could save the prisoner and the Captain of the Red ship wo both apearently were still alive.

I brought both back to the academy where the Legate him self took over.

Thanks to this I missed half of the school day and I wanst that focused on the other half.

Still I managed to learn some new Pheme and how to Predict the Movements of the Stars, Planets, Moons and Comets for a vew days just from observing them.

After the homework was finished I walked to the Iudocia Temple to work a bit to get my mind clear.

Today I even could join when a priest collected silk from the Spider's Grove in the Imperial Reserve.


During the night to Wednesday I waked up a vew times from a stabing pain in my Hand so I didnt have my usualy dream.

This pain attacks also continued trough the class.

When I haved one of this Pain attack during a break I even was hit a vew times by a girl from Morvidus but thanks to the tears in my eyes from the pain I coulnt see for sure who it was

After class I then was orderd to a meeting with the Prisoner and nearly all Prof. including the Legate.

They then told me that I justhaved to touch the wall to bring it back to full strengt and also my Hand becomes normal.

Sadly the old Man called Eustacio will try top prevent this because he hopes to find a way to live for ever in destroying the wall what rwould result also in my dead as long I am linked to it.

So we haved to get to the Wall and thats fast and there are just two ways either the Red ship but there is curent no Pilot or we go via a Gate from the Prisoner.

Because I sayed that I can fly the red ship it was decided that the Legate and I will fly to the wall friday after school.

So there was still time to walk with Hasso and do some of the Homework.


I dont know how I managed to get trough this day because the pain-attacks from my hand geting worse.

When I was a bit outside during a break betwean classes I even got attacked from Wolf Flowers but somehow I managed to summon a Illusion of a Mountain Lion and this was realistic enough for this flowers to get into hiding.

After Class I even managed to perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual because I am sure I will need all the Help I can get tomorrow for flying the Red Ship.


Because I couldn't sleep after a pain attack I now write this letter.

Hope everething is fine at home and thanks for the picture from the identical quads.


Your brother Theodor



Adrian: The problem with seamstress is that its not gender neutral(acording to my translation webpage) and when I get it correct the world timeframe is around the start of the industrial revolution. But I will change it to tailor because thats more suitable for a small village.

Legate: Yes but when you have learned about Elinas other side like Theodor did you realy will fear here and he so fare haved no expirience with Joana. (-5 Releationship with Elina must come from somewhere)

Btw. this letter have a nice Cliffhanger ^^

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Monday the 1. Gelamenus 1657


Dear Brother,


I dont remember much from School last friday part of it because I was tired and part of it because of the Pain I haved from time to time in my Hand but slowly I think I even got used to this.

In the Evening then I meet with the Legate as aranged Wednesday and to my Suprise also Prof Briardi joined us.

I started the Red Ship right after a pain attack was over full knowing I then have some painfree time.

At first it was a bit confusing but then I managed to fly it without any problems toward the Wall.

All was fine until we get close to the wall when we got attacked by some kind of Fireballs in Bat form.

Still I managed to avoid them but under this attack the only option to get down was a controled crash landing on the wall.

We survived the crash unharmed and Prof. Briardi managed to protect us from the Fire Balls of a joung adult

When I touched the wall My hand finaly Gets normal.

Sudenly this joung adult who attacking us got older and older then I realised its Eustacio who attacking us.

Just from talking to him I managed to stop his attacks when a huge shadow apeared in the evening sun.

Looking up it was a god damn dragon and man are this beasts huge!

When the Prof and I got shrouded in a golden glow comming from the wall and feeling to become stronger the Dragon turned around and flyed away.

Looks like the Wall have got its power back and with Eustacio as prisoner, who was now old again, we took a other Red ship back to the city.

I hope one day I can fly such a ship again because it is a absolut wonderfull feeling of freedom when you are the captain of a Red Ship.

There was a party going on when we arived at the Academy but I was to tyred to join.


Saturday Morning I asked Vincent about the party and he told me that Vernin again got a Merit Award and that Prof. Leith then teached them something about the Palletes.

When Prof. Briardi spot me at the breakfast table she orderd me to stand up and I then got awarded 10 Merrit points for my bravery at the wall.

She also told me that I should meet with Prof. Leith after breakfast.

After this every one whanted to hear the story about the wall so I finished fast with the breakfast to find Prof Leith.

The Prof then teached me some special things about the pallete and even was so nice to repeat some of the things I missed from the class during the pain attacks.

When this teaching was over and I tryed to start doing homework or trying to learn the things I missed during class in the last days some student showed up and requested me to tell the story from the wall.

Because this got annoying after the 3th or 4th time I then went to the Tempel of Iudocia to do some work there and to sort my own thoughts about the day bevore.

This time I was showed how to make a cloak and a shirt and I think this two clothings ended up good.

When I learned that I was allowed to take this two clothings with me instead of the regular payment I even added some extra pockets to the shirt.

In the evening I then got early to bed because I haved a loot of sleep to catch up.


Sunday I finaly found the time to the homeworks and catch up with wath I have missed in the classes.

I even got help from Cordelia to learn what I have missed in the Arethmetic and Geometry class.

Sure there where still some interuptions from People woh whanted to know everything happened at the wall but It wasn't nearly so bad as yesterday.

Back from my walk with Hasso I entered the Griffon Stable to have a look at the griffons.

As it is now I dont think I will fly a Red ship again anytime soon if I manage at all to get on board of such a ship again but maybe I can learn to ride a griffon.

One of the Griffons apearently haved something for me and picket up my belt with his jaw and lift me up.

Only with the help of a Stableboy I then was put back on ground he then even showed me a it how to handle this animals.

In the evening I then found time to have a look to the Library of Mantele.

I read there a bit about Dueling because Oan invited me to watch a Duel tuesday.


As you know the Festival of the Pxies was never one of my favoriet days because all of the pranks you two played on me!

This time at last I managed to play a prank on Cordelia.

To not be the target of to many Pranks I spend some time in the Iudocia Temple.

The woman who have teached me so fare how to do this work was very happy today about my work and told me that she couln't teach me anything more about sewing.

They told me that I am still welcome and today I even got a extra Money Bonus.

After I have eaten Lunch at a Restaurant I walked to a place where I could do some research about the past.

Not only from the Pattern I today worked into the cloth but also from my visit to the wall I gained some interest about the History and what I can learn from the past.

So I read in some documents about the Past of Vernin.

Back at the Academy I walked a bit with Hasso trough the Academy Grounds bevor the dinner.

In the evening then I performed the Riual of Cleanse and Remake again.

When I then decided to read ahead in the Enchant classbook because It wasnt to leat I dicoverd that some page of the book are empty!

I hoped that it was just a prank and the pages are back till monday if not I haved to report this to Prof Leith.


At the Dance of Fools Durand joined us for the Fest when he then told us that this fest is a Mockery to Noimea's memory a old woman dressed as Queen of Feas interupts us.

This Woman asked us what we know about the orgins of the Dance of Fools and I told here what litle I have learned about it so fare.

After this the Woman pointed to a procession and suggested to follow this if we whant learn more about this fest because they are of to the true celebration.

So we followed and even lost sight on them at one point but managed to find them then again following a trail of caramel chews.

When we then arived at what looks more like a mourning ceremony beside ghouls, feries, goblins and some other beast we saw even some people dressed in a dragon costum.

The old Women showed up again and asked us who is more important the dragon or the other honored guest.

From my dream I knew that to answear dragon now would end in a lot of pain so I answeared The other bevore any of my friends could open his mounth.

We were then asked to put on some Beast costumes and after some try we managed to put them on.

Now this ceremony became strange because we rushed to the stage with all other beasts to attack the people in the Dragon costume.

I have to shiver just thinking back at this, how could souch a agresion overcome me out of nowhere.

Sure it must have to do something with the costumes we weared at this point but still it was me who hit at the "dragon".

Then the scene changes we where back in our usual clothes and there was a banquet with people dressed in the style of the Early Empire acording to Durand.

There we then learned that the Festival of Fools once was the Dragons Memorial.

The Dragon Memorial was where people attacked and from what I understand even killed Crimials who where forced to disguise them as dragon.

Because this Bloodthirsty ritual haved to end it was replaced with the Dance of Fools as we know it today by the people who where at this meething.

When we where back at our time we even found the grave of the Qeen of Feas who was one of the First to celebret the Dance of Fools.

I cant put everything into this letter so make sure you get your hand on the book Durand de Thiomines promised he will write.

Back in the Academagica I the started to write this letter so I didnt forget about this event.


Maybe I also should start to write a book about my fist year?!

With all the things hapened to my within this 2 month it could be a interesting read!

I just wonder whats next after been part of saving us from a dragon and disovering the past of the Fest of the Fools.


Monday was kind of usual after what hapened in the last week.

We just have learned two new Pheme and also I got a Extra credit for Enchant when I mentioned the empty pages on my book I have discovered when reading ahead.

Sadly I didnt get a new Book so when the time comes when we need to read there I have to ask Vincent to share his book with me.

After Class there was just enough time to finish this letter and send it to you bevore I haved to hurry to the Gravity Ball Training.


I hope you haved a great but much lesser "interesting" fest as I haved.


Your brother Theodor

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Saturday the 6. Gelamenus 1657


Dear Brother,


after have send my last letter I haved the Gravity Ball training and this time I played as Floater and was there even bether then as tactican.

Next week is my first game scheduled but I am not sure witch position will play then.

I came back to see all 1st year Vernin students following a Prof. so I joined and when I found vincent in the group he told me that we again wone the Merit Award.

Prof. Knoth teached us then a easy Incantation Spell with the name Warm Cloak and the needed Air Pheme who I already did know.


Because Aymeri did dare me into a Scarlet Avenger apearence I did so Tuesday at the breakfast and even eared some Applause when I exit after recited the poem.

Beside learning 2 new Pheme in Glamour Class and the Spell Rise of the Tides in Astrology class there was nothing unusual during class.

Sadly I dont know the water pheme needed to perform this spell.

During the Lunch Aymeri Cauer then teached me the Joker in the Midst spell as he have agreed to do when id do his dare.

After Class I went together with Hasso to the Spot Oan whanted me to meet today.

She then told me that there is today a duel of one of here friends with a other 3th year.

From a other 3th year of her clique I then got then a introduce in some of the basics of Duelling.

When the Duel finaly started it was over just one short spell later and so was kind of uninteresting.

I then leaved them to theyr party and did go for a walk with Hasso.


Wednesday we haved a test in Geometry class and beside that I have learned a new Pheme and the Spell Every Moon in its Mansion in the other classes.

Sadly this is one of the Spells I still missing a Pheme.

By now I know how to cast over 20 spells/ rituals.

Today I haved to refresh the Cleanse and Remake Spell again.

So beside doing the Homework I only found a bit of time to go to a Tavern with a vew Friends.


I haved to learn a loot of new Stuff during the Thursday Class even if I just learned two new pheme.

This also resulted that I haved a loot of Homework.

To make it worse when I walked along the Hallway where the Office of the Prof are I first was called in by the Botany Prof. because he haved problems with Insects.

Just wondering why he paniced when he haved a AntiInsect Poison standing in his room I used it with a great effect against this bugs.

The I was called into the office of our College Regent Prof. di Lucca Alazzo and he requested me to get some things for him in the next time.

I wonder when I will find the time for this but I could hardly say no to the Regent.

Sadly beside my usual Walk with Hasso I haved to spend the rest of the day to make the homework and even haved to left some of them for tomorrow.


Yesterdy I got the geometry test back but sadly I still didnt perform good.

Except for Glamour Class we just repeated the stuff we learned yesterday.

In the Glamour class I learned a new Spell called Confound and a new Pheme but sadly not the Pheme I still missing for the new Spell.

Lucky that I didnt get much new homework so I managed to finish the homework left from yesterday and today and still haved time for a extensive trip to the city with Hasso.

Because Neta needed to do some Shoping she joined me on this walk.

Waiting outside of one of the shops because I didn't need anything and the shop already was filling up from the boys following Neta around as usual I meet our Cosin Anthon.

After talking to him for some time I learned they now live here in the city but his Vater, our Vaters oldest Brother, have some problems with the Law.

Because they helped us when our parents died I agreed to look if I find some infos on the law terms the advocate of his Vater haved used when he talked with his vater.

I told him that I probably have somthing ready bevore my Game on Monday and that I will meet him at the docks bevor our Ship flys to the Cube for the game.

Btw. did you know that our uncle now have a Import and Export shop near the Docks?


Today I spend most of my Time in the Library of Manetele to looking trough some of the Records of jugments I could find there.

Beside geting some basic knowledge about the Civil Law I also managed to learn a bit about Revision magic.

The Revision magic is about changing one thing into something different.

To be Fit for Monday I also haved a light training with Vincent when we walked our dogs today.


Btw. just thinkig at your last letter make me lough, yes I still live but when you recive this letter you already sould have got my letter from the 1. of this month.

I wish you two a nice The Hunt fest even knowing this letter probably wont make it in time to you.


Your brother Theodor


I know I already used a similar excuse to learn Law in a other of my RPGs but I didnt come up with a bether idea, sorry

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Thursday the 11. Gelamenus 1657


Dear Brother,


Sure its a good idea from you to put my letter into storage so I will have them as reference if I realy whant to write a book about my 1st year during the summer break.


Last Sunday I spend again my time to find infos about this law terms cosin Anthon have asked me about, I didnt thought it would be so hard to find infos about some of them.

By end of the day I finaly managed to have some infos about most of them put to paper that I ould give our cosin.

But from the books I found this terms I even managed to learn many new Pheme that I also have to practiced a bit.

Then there was also the light training I made with Vincent during he walk with our dogs.

Back from our walk I was orderd to go to the Tempel of Iudocia together with some other Students.

There we learned that the according to the goundskeeper a blackhaired student in Vernin cloths have put paint all over the tempel walls.

To make mater worse the groundkeeper point at me as the one who did this and so I asked for the right to defend my self.

It was The Festival of Pixies when I was last time in the temple but I haved to prove my innocent.

So at first I analysed how the paint was put on the walls and it soon was clear that magic was used to put normal paint on the walls.

Knowing from my dream that I will find the veidence that I am not the one under one of the beds in the tempel I put Hasso to search.

When I finaly found a empty paint bucked and a wand under the bed of a staff room the groundskeeper breaks down and told that it was him wo did this.

After this I was allowed to leave but I wondering what then happened to the groundskeeper.

At last I managed to get back for the dinner and then it was again time to refresh the Cleanse and Remake ritual especial to make a good performance at Monday.


Monday I learned two new spells in the classes but we also haved a test in Arithmetic and Astrology class.

The spells I learned today where the Andella's Wardrobe and the Beginners Delving, a usfull ritual to identify magic items.

Already during the practice of this spells in the class I managed to cast them.

After I finished with todays homeworks I walked to the port, this time together with Vincent and Nata because they whanted to watch my game.

At the Port I handed the Notes I made to Anthon and he told me that he didnt expect me to find so much info in this short of time.

I was even invited to watch the court case of his father Friday evening.

But then I haved to go on board of the Airship to get to the cube.

A bit unexpected today I haved to play as support.

The game was a hard fight till the end even short bevore the end it still was a draw.

Then I managed to stop a oponent who tryed to score and our team managed a score in the last seconds.

Because we wone we haved party afterwards and I even got 100 pims from the price money.

It was realy late when Vincent and I finaly got back to our room.

There I found a envelope with a apology of the tempel groundskeeper together with 40 pims.


Finding a Egg hiden somwehere on the huge Academgia Grounds didnt sound like a good way to celebrate The Hunt so I passed on it.

Instead I searched for the Grotto the Regent have requested me to find something for him last week.

It took Hasso and me some time to get there because this Grotto is near the edge of the island.

Finding the entrance wasnt to difficult then but where could someone hide something in a cave full of stalactites?

So I searched this cave and was nearly at the point to give up when I spoted one stalactite that looked strange.

Breaking this stalactite open I finaly found the item requested from the Regent.

Thanks to the fest it was no problem to bring it back but sadly there was also no way to deliver it today to our regent.

So I then spend some time in the Library of Mantele and managed to learn two new Spells beside some Pheme from there.

One of the Spells was Wand Amplification what I haved to test direct after I learned it because it improves the Power of a wand for a vew days.

To my suprisse I even managed to perform this spell even with my still very limited understanding of the Revision Magics.


Tuesday we already got back our Artihmetic test but my resoult just was average.

During classes I learned some Pheme and the spell Sweet Dreams I sadly can't cast thanks to a Pheme I haven't learned so fare.

In Negation class we even haved a unanounced test but during breakfeast I have readed in the Negation book because I saw our Prof handing this test out in my dream.

At the Lunchtime I finaly managed to deliver the item to our Regent.

He told me that this just was a test and that if I whant I can assit him on a secret project.

Sure I agreed but sadly I can't write about my curent task because I promised to keep it secret.

The rest of the Day was usual a walk to the city with Hasso and doing a lot of Homework.

Sometimes I wonder if we get so much Homework just that we cant do anything else.


We got the Astrology test back and I did not bad in this test.

There also was a Test in the Glamour class but thanks to the Homework yesterday I didn't learn much.

In geometry we learned a Interesting Spell, Law of the Circular, for 2 days it booste one's skill in some specific thing but for the same time one lose some knowledge about other things.

From the book we haved to read as homework for Geometry I learned a way to sligth improve my knowledge about specific part of geometry for 3 days.

When I was walking with Hasso along the Lake Ardica it sudenly bgane to talk and mentioned that I hurt it.

After a bit flattery I was allowed to continue my walk because I promised to be carfull.

I wonder who's idea of a prank this was but I didnt see or hear anyone loughing.

In the evening I again haved to perform the Cleanse and Remake ritual.


Today we learned 3 pheme beside some other things.

In Negation Class we got the test back and I was one of the vew who Prof. Briardi told that probably already could make it trough the midterm exams.

Today Hasso and I joined Nata for here shoping trip to the city because I also needed to get some things for class.

Sadly as usual when Nata is around there also many boys following here.

If I only knew how to help here with them because its realy strange to have so many following here around every time.

I even asked here whats up with this boys but she just told me thats here problem and for now I let it at this.

Back at the Academagica I was asked by vincet if I read the school Newspaper today.

And put one in front of me and there was article that sayed that I am the one who set the animals of the bestiary free every night.

I wonder who is responsible for spreading such a lie!

So after I have writen this letter I will watch the bestiary this night wo realy set the animals free every night.


How is everyone at home? I hope fine!


Your brother Theodor


I haved to put the event hapened on Monday to Sunday because Monday this probably would complet break the time shedule of the char and so he would find a way evade it^^

This time I even have two Cliffhanger in the letter :P

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Wednesday the 17. Gelamenus 1657


Dear Brother,


after my last letter I decided to watch who is realy the one one who set free the animals.

I was realy thankfull that Vincent joined me because I dont think I would keep aweak for so long without anything happening.

It must be late in the night when Vincent spot something.

And truly it was a monkey who set the animals free.

Finaly knowing who was the culprint we did go to bed.


Friday bevore breakfeast Vincent and I reported what we discovered to or Regent Prof. di Lucca Alazzo.

He promised to let this investigate and if we told the truth clean up my name.

In the Glamour class we did get the test back and I managed to get a good grade this time even not realy learning for it.

But I am still fare away from Neta who scored full 100 points.

In Negation class we learned the Spell Unmask Spellcaster and I was one of the Students who already managed to cast it during class.

I managed to get to the Stenephan Pastis' Court early enough to find a place where I could watch the case of our oncle.

From watching this I learned that our oncle try to get money from the oponent because he didnt keep the contract they made.

Sometimes it was so boring that I haved to be carfull not to fall asleep because of my missing night rest.

In the end our Oncle lost because part of the contract was against the laws.


Saturday the Schoolpaper reported on page one that they sadly accused me wrongly for something a monkey did.

This Headline wasn't realy the best thing for me but at last my name got cleared.

Most of the this day I spend in the Library of Manetele to learn a bit more about Revision Magic.

One of the Books I picked was actual a book about Glamour spells and so I learned the Stiff Upper Lips and the Impress Listener Spells.

The first is a spell that helps to keep cool even in the face of Danger the second spell assist one when speaking with other, sadly I missing a Pheme for this one.

I also learned a way to hinder a oponent in successfull using Revision Magic against me.

To get some practice with some of the things I read in the Library I even spend time in the Forge.

It was hard to find the right time to walk with hasso because it rained the complet day beside a short break after Lunch.

So I only haved a short walk with Hasso today but this was Ok because I also started to refresh my memory for the midterm exams next month.


After Sundays Breakfeast we haved a Merit award ceremony and we 1st Vernin got a huge praise for keeping the Merrit title for so long.

There was even a jornalist here wo will write a article about our deeds.

When this ceremony was over I walked together with Hasso to the city to because I haved a aranged meeting with the former Mayor of the Alberdine.

I never have seen a creature like this bevore, smaller then a dwarf, a human like face with dog ears and she has the figure of a baby doll.

The talk with here was very interesting and sadly we humans can't live not nearly as long as them.

(She is "former" for over 700 years now!)

After I haved lunch in a restaurant in the city I then visited the Stenephan Pasti's Court again.

This time there was a civil process about a claim for compensation against a thief.

After watching this I am now sure the Civil Law is nothing for me.

In the evening I haved to perform the Cleanse and Remake ritual again beside doing some learning.

I hope at one point I actual can stop doing this ritual but right now I still need it to catch up with the top Students.


Monday we learned a spell in the Negation class to hinder Incantation Spells from a enemy, called Elementalist's Foil.

In the Astrology Class we today haved a lesson about the old Goods and from the infos we gained there I even managed to put together a prayer for Assitance.

Because from what little I know about this Prayer it sounds not nearly as usefull as the Cleanse and Remake Ritual so I probably wont try it.

From Prof. Leith we learned how to plan our Enchant Magic ahead of time on a paper and this planing sounds usfull for other crafting also.

During the break I read a Revision Book I lend me from the Library of Mantele and learned some Pheme releated to the human body from this.

In the Evening there was again a training and looks like I will keep the floater roll from now.

Because our next game is already scheduled for Saturday we haved a extra long training session today.

When I arived back from training I haved a bit problems to get past the gates but still I managed it.

Inside I then spot Prof. Badcrumble walking together with a other Student from the Astrology class to the Bel Alze Tower.

When the Prof. spoted me I thought I get a warning because I was so late outside but instead she invited me to watch a comet tonight.

So Irene, a Student from Avila, and I got the chance to watch a coment with the big teleskope and even got some infos on it from the Prof.!


During Tuesdays Arithmetic class we learned a new Spell with the Name Economic Boon but in the rest of our classes started to refresh our Memory on what we have learned.

Vincent and I walked our dogs after classes where over when I realised that we where shadowed.

When we then confronted the follower it turned out to one of the boys who usual follow Neta around.

He told us then that he lost Neta and when he spoted us he tought following us would be a good idea to find here again.

We send this Student then back to the academy and warned him to spying on us again.

Back at the Academy I hit the books again but reread learned stuf soon became booring so I did go to the Library of Manetele.

There I spot a strange plum-colored creature feeding on some books.

I managed to capure it and a short spell reveals that it must be a magical creature probably a familiar from a other Student.

Packing it at its tail I brought it out of the library and there was a older Student , maybe 4th or 5th year, and as soon he spot the creature in my hand he takes it from me.

He told me that it is his familar and that it allways thinks to be hungry.

After this I finaly managed read a book about Revision Magic in the library and from a not so old flyer one have left in this book I even learned the location of a Jewel Merchant.


Today I wonder why I even started to learn when our Prof. refresh our knowledge of what whe have learned so fare in the class.

So Neta and I left Astrology classs a bit early to avoid here usual followers.

Together with Hasso we walked to the city for some shoping this time I sold some of the caramel chews I have colected because I dont like them.

I never thought that I would get so much money from them and some of the other things I sold that I actual could buy me a Amulet of Negation and the ring Astrologer's Eye.

In the restaurant we then eated our dinner after our shoping toure there where some foreigner who whanted something from me but sadly Neta and I couldnt understand them.

Back at the Academagica I again read a book in the Library of Mantele to learn more about Revision magic.

Beside some theory I also learned some new Pheme from the book I picked today.

Sometimes late in the evening I then started to write his letter but I probably will have to send it tomorrow


Sister got a new boy-friend? How is he so? Is it something serious this time?


Greetings your brother Theodor



Tuesday I made the A Tuggle of Spys adventure but this would be a direct continue from what happened Sunday and the char wouldnt write about this anyway so I did come up with the Student following around ^^.

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Tuesday the 23. Gelamenus 1657


Dear Brother,


in my last letter I tought that there wont be any new stuff till after the Mid Term Exams but Thursday Prof Leith already proof me wrong.

At the Enchant class he hold a big lesson about the Theory of Enchantment and as Homework we haved to find practicable applications of this Theory's.

Sure all other class just was refreshing old stuff and so there was no homework from them but the Enchant Homework was just crazy.

So I tryed my luck at Forge if I could spot there someone using this Theory but I didnt have any luck.

Because I also haved to walk with Hasso and then also haved to refresh the Cleanse and Remake ritual I couldn't watch there for ever.


Friday we then learned a huge load of new Stuff during Class we also need to know for the Mid Terms!

In Geometry we learned a Revison spell called Angular Displacement, that shift the ground to increase the distance betwean two points for a short time.

We also learned a New Spell in Astrology with the Name Insight into the Planets Schemes, a spell used many times by the famous Benajmeen Tertoliod.

Prof Leith wasn't angry because I didnt have found what he asked but was happy about the way I tryed to find this applications.

Only one Student actuall found some applications but this Studennt also learned some different angles of Enchantment our Prof didn't teached us so fare.

So maybe I should try to learn about this also when I find the time.

Beside this we learned also some new Pheme in the classes.

On my way back from the walk with Hasso I then tryed a differnt way to the Library.

I nearly got lost in the Hallways when I came across a large, purple, thickly lacquered and glowing door.

This doors are placed by early Imperial wizards as challenges to magicians of the future.

So I tryed my luck to upen it and actual managed to open it and inside I found a Bracelet.

A bit later I finaly found the way to the the Library of Manetele.

There I then found some infos about this braclet and its just called Hant's Bracellet and improve the Strength of the wearer.

Truly puting it on raised my strength but I also hear phantom noices when I wear it so its only usable in special situations.


Saturday evening then was my second Gravity Ball tournament game but in the Morning I got a Note that I would be the tactican this time because our normal tactican got sick.

Thats just crazy to fill into this postion with me having so less training in it.

So I decided to read every book I could find contained some kind of Strategie advice in the Library of Mantele.

One of the side Products of this learning was that I learned the Spell Material Shaping and some Pheme.

Because this spell can change the properties of a Material for a short time it could become usfull.

Thanks to this Strategy learning I nearly missed the eating times and when the evening came I still wasn't sure if what I learned today would be enough.

In the evening Hasso and I walked to the docks and I barly managed to be there bevore the airship haved to fly to the cube.

The Gods must have been smiling on me because the crazy strategy I worked out actual confused our oponents and so wone easy.

On our way back I got my share of the price money and back in Mineta we then haved a party at the Goldrang Inn.

Everyone of our Team haved to put a small performance on the stage there and when it was my turn I just told some jokes and I actual the publicum to lought and they whanted to hear more.

So this was again a long night and back at the Academagia the Gates where already closed.

Because I wasnt the only Student in front of the closed gates, we then worked together and managed so to get in.


Because it was a very beautifull day so Vincent and I made a extended tour with our dogs.

First we walked trough a bit of forest when sudenly a Monkey graped my Backpack but thanks to a samll glamour that distracted the monkey I got my backpabck back.

A bit later we then changed the direction to find the Grotto where Sabinu have devloped many of his famous spells.

Sadly there where so many waiting outside for entrance I decided to skip on visiting the grotto today and instead returned to the Academagia.

When we walked past the Stables of the Academagia I remembered that I still want to learn how to handle a Griffon.

So I decided to look for book's about Animal Handling in the Library of Mantele.

In the Evening I also haved to do some deliveries for a Prof. so I didn't come up to anything usfull in the Library at this day.


At the Night to Monday I saw my self be forced to forge some homework in our common room so I decided to avoid this room today.

In the class we mostly repeated stuff from the past months but we also learned some new things.

During a break two second year tryed to attack me but when the first tryed to hit me they realised that the reflexesof a Grave Ball player souldn't be underestimated.

The fight against them ended as fast as it started when my first hit knocked one of them out.

After Class I performed the Cleanse and Remake Rituale and then haved to hurry to the Gravity Ball training.

Today I haved to train the tactican roll so I can perform in this bether in case I haved to replace our player normal on this postion again.


Today we again haved only refresh of stuff we already learnt in all Classes except Astrology.

When I entered Astrology class today there was a out of control star in the ceiling decoration.

Using a other pice of the decration I managed to bring the complet decoration back into order.

In the class we then finaly learned how to write a Horoscope and we learned the Spell Undimmed Light of Truth.

After class Nata joined my walk with Hasso again and again she was followed by many boys.

I realy should ask here once more whats wrong with this boys because its realy anoying, but curent I need to focusing on the Midterm exams.

After I spend some time Learning I started to write this Letter.


I wish you all a great Last Fest. For me it will be the last fest bevore the Midterm-Exams.


Greetings your brother Theodor


The Gravity Ball training I write about in every Monday is just to have the Story keep going about the caracter is actual in a Gravity Ball team

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Sunday the 28. Gelamenus 1657


Dear Brother,


Wednesday I only lerned one new Pheme in the Negation class and in all other classes we haved Exam prepartion lectures.

When I whanted ot learn for the Geometry exam next week I found that all rooms where to loud.

Then I remembered about the small house int swamp where I am welchome , maybe I could do some learning there.

So Hasso and I walked to this house but it was kind of hard to find the way again.

Near the house I found my path blocked from strange frog like creature who didnt whnat me to get passed.

Because I didnt whant to hurt it I simply used a spell that prefent it from moving for some time so I could pass.

At the house I learned that this creture is one of the womans pets and she was happy I didnt hurt it.

So I spend time learning there but leaved bevor it got to dark to find the backway.

At the College I learned that the is a Birthday Party of a Aranza Student going in the city and so I decided to have a look to this Tavern where the party is.

In front of the Tavern where many people but not only Students.

Sudenly I realised my Money bag is gone and I spot a boy running away.

Knowing from my dream that the boy didnt do this I looked around and soon found the real thief.

At first all where suprised when I attacked this simple bystander but when I got my moneybag back they helped me to hold him till the City Guard arived.

From the Guard I even recived some Pims because there was a bounty on this thief.


Thursday in the Glamour class we learned a new Spell with the name Solid Demanor, sadly I curent miss one of the Pheme to use it.

Beside learning some new Pheme we again haved mostly preparations for the exams at our classes.

This time I didnt even seached for a good space to learn instead Hasso and I direct walked to the house in the swamp.

There the woman teached me some interesting new things but mostly I learned for the Geometry test.

Back at the Academy I learned that there is again a birthday party of a 1st year Aranza but I decided its bether to continue my learning instad of joining the party.


We learned the Spell Revolution of the Planets in the Astrology class at Friday but sadly I havnt learned all the needed pheme for it so fare.

This spell redirekt part of the luck of a other person to the caster at last if Inderstand the infos we got about this spell corect.

Like the last days the rest of the classes only have refreshed our Memory for the Exam Tests.

When I was on my usual Walk with Hasso I spot a other 1st year of the Academgia in a pittrap.

Instead of long wondering why and how this hapened to this Student from Aranza I looked for a Rope.

After I found one I finaly could pull him out of this trap.

Because the common room was very silent today I learned there for the Exams.

In the evening I then haved to perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual again and by now it becomes kind of booring tho perform it every 4th day.

But at last for the Exams I will still keep this going.


Saturday I packed in something to eat at the breakfeast because I decided to spend the complet day learning at the house in the swamp.

When I needed a break from the learning the woman showed me some of the creatures living near here house.

There was even so a strange crature that is called fish and lives underwater, it even breaths wather!

This is by fare the strangest creature I saw so fare and at the Academy we have some Students with realy strange familiars.

For dinner I was then back at the Academy where I learned that after the dinner we haved a Merit Ceremony.

For us 1st years my College again haved the highest Merit and so we got the visitation rights for the Champions Room.

Just be there is very inspiering.


At The Last Feast I again spend my day learning at the home of the woman.

During one of the breaks she teached me about Worms today and how usefull they are for plants.

On my way back I was attacked by a Creeper vine and I didnt manage to get free.

To my luck I found a sharp stone nearby that I then used to cut the vine of.

Because of this I came to late for the celbration in the Great Hall and the Guard didn't allow me to go in because I was late.

I dont rember how exactly I managed to confince the Guards but they allowed me to join after a bit of talk.

The food we eated there was the best food I haved for long! We even haved wild turkey and chocolate pudding.


Today I again spend my time at the house in the swamp to learn for the exams.

I am realy thankfull for the woman that I can learn at here home undrisrupted and she even teach me some things about Animals.

As the last days during the break's she showed me some Animals and today she spoted some birds but she showed me also some other animals.

During the time I learned I left hasso on its own and this was maybe a mistake because he ran into the swamp and started to sink.

Only together we managed to pull him back to save grounds.

I dont know if I will come back to here House at last not with Hasso anymore.


You haved a dispute with our Sister about here new Boyfried and she didnt show up at home for 2 days?

Have you asked here boyfriend or at here work where she is?

Sadly I cant help you from so fare away and my prophetic dreams only work for me.

I hope everything fine again when my letter arives at your place.

Next Friday I have my the first Midterm Exam, wish me good luck on it.


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Saturday the 6. Cheimare 1657


Dear Brother,


your last letter just arived bevore my exam on friday and man was I happy to read that our sister was found alive.

Could you buy a big bone in my name for the dog who found here in this ditch at the forest?

I hope here foot is bether by the time you get this letter but maybe its bether to send here to mineta that a mage can fix the broken bone.

But as I have learned today there is also a Prayer who can restore the Health of a Person so perhaps thats good enough even for a broken bone.


The midterm exams started already Monday for some of us so we other only haved superviced learning during the time we usual have classe.

Because the groups where mixed from different classes I managed to learn the Revision Spell Inspirational Writing from a Student of the Revision class.

Sadly I didnt manage to learn the Scry pheme from him also but this spell could be real usfull because I still haven't give up the idea to write a book about my 1st year.

From a other Student I learned that the Mastersmith Alan Ironcloack allows Students of the Academagica to work as Journeyman at his forge once they managed a test from him.

Maybe I will try my luck at this test at one time just to see how it is to work there.

Because I haved to perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual again it was a bit stressfull to get to the Gravity Ball training by time.

We just haved a normal training where I haved training for both tactician and support.

Saturday evening we again will have a game, hopefull we will win again.


After the boring superviced learning was over at Tuesday I haved a walk with Hasso to the city taking a bit diferent route then usual.

Sudenly there was a loude crashing noice and my curiosity got the bether of me and so I haved a look to were it cames from.

What I spoted looks like it was a bookstore but now the complet building is collapsed but at last there was no one hurt.

From the talk with the Shop owner called Bartolo Dela Monthe and he asked me if I can help him gething Money form the Booksellers and Binders Guild to rebuild his shop.

So I did this little erand for him while he can try to save what is left from is shop.

At the Guild House I haved to learn that the Guild is only willing to give Bartolo a loan.

But I also learned that if his live is at a risk there are some laws that the guild have to provide more and bether help.

I then reported back to Bartolo that his guild are only willing to provide him a loan and that so my time permits I will have some look at the Laws for some extra help.


The superviced learning at Wednesday was again as boring as the one at Tuesday so I was happy to take a walk with Hasso afterwards.

This time was haved a bit of walk in the Forest when I spoted some squirels, Hasso just whanted to run there and hunt them but I holded him back.

My dream the night bevore have warned me from them and my cautiones have proven right because this squirel where deadly devourer squirrels.

After I was back from my walk I spend the complet evening in doing research about the Guild Law till I finaly found a passage that sounded usefull.

Because its a passage about Civil Law I have to go to the City Hall and find the right person there to talk about how Bartolo can get helped.


Thursday I then went to the city Hall right after the superviced learning ended.

Even tough I managed to get help for Bartolo I just hope I never have to visit the city hall again.

Maybe I encontered the bureacrats at theyr best or bether sayed at theyr worst but just tinking about what I expirienced there gets my anger cooking again.

Probably I also will avoid to eat any cheese in the next time because it for sure will remind me back on this day and you bether dont ask why!

Let me give you the advice from what I learned afterward, just take one of the persons who over theyr help in front of this building, they are wort every pim you spend on them.


I haved to write the Geomety Midterm Exam and for nearly half of the questions I didnt know the answear.

So I got bit Stressed from this till I remembered that a good resoult in the midterm is if I managed to answear 50% right.

After the exam was over I realy needed a break and so I skiped the superviced learning afterwards.

This day Hasso and I wandered a bit aimless trough the city just to get a clear mind again.

We still managed to get back for dinner but I think only because Hasso whanted to go back.

After dinner I then read the resoults of the Geometry Exam and with 60% I was one of the bether 1st year.

There where even Students who didn't even manage 30%!

In the evening I then managed to get focused enough to perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual again.


Thanks to my dream I know that today I haved to avoid a boy from Morvidus and his gang today but I sadly can't remember theyr faces.

Its hard to avoid a group of Students in the Academagia especial if all you know is that one of them is from Morvidus, so I left the Academagia Ground after breakfeast.

Because I didnt have joined any serious prayers for some time, at last beside the Cleanse and Remake ritual I usualy perform alone, so it was time for some prayer and meditation at a Tempel.

My walk with Hasso brought me to the Iudocia Temple and even with the groundskeeper once tryed to blame me for something he did I decided to pray there.

From a priest there I heared the groundskeeper still working here and he asked him to teach me some new things when I show up again at the temple.

So I learned the Ritual Solace what removes the stress from the performer and even helps for around one week to keep calm.

He also teached me the Pray for Health a prayer I hope you also know and successful used on our sister.

After he also teached me some pheme I thanked him for his time and left the temple.

At a bench near the temple I then writen this letter bevore I haved to leave for the docks to get to the Gravity Ball game.


I hope to hear from you soon if you managed to heal our Sister.

In the case you dont know about the Prayer for Health so fare I have writen it on a extra paper I send with this letter.

Next week I have the Glamour and Negation exam and I think I will manage there also to get a good result.


Greetings your brother Theodor



This is the first letter I actual didnt spend a time Slot for Correspond in my game

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