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Saturday the 20. Aurit 1658


Dear Brother,


because Mondays class also didn't teach me anything new I visited the Sphinx again.

The main focus of our talk was about differnet common story's but the Sphinx found it kind of fun to tell them to me in Bassan or Oncestrian.

So I have to ask many times about the meanings of some words but its a nice way to teach new languages when the listener already know a bit about a language.

The Most interesting thing I learned was that there is a Incantation School in the Imperial Reserve that accept also Parttime Student's and where I can find it.


After the class, boring as ever, I walked together with Hasso to the place I learned the day bevore from the Sphinx that the Esteban Contu's School is.

Without knowing that the School is inside this grotto I would have simply walked past this school and have dismised this grotto just as one of many.

At the front desk they what first see if I have the 900 pims Tuition with me before the lead me to the office.

Lucky I haved enough money with me. In the office I then haved to fill a lot of papers but at last it wasn't halfway as bad as in the City Hall.

I wonder if our distant relativ haved to fill as much paper work for me and haved to pay such a high tuition so I can join the academy.

But anyway I also aranged it so that I already can learn this weekend some basics in Incantation.


During a break betwean class I spot a other 1st year student, I remember from the Enchant class, wo haved a plant growing on her head.

At first I thought its again some kind of strange fashion but when she asked me for help in geting rid of this plant it was clear it was some kind of prank or acient.

Anyway because I rember the recipe of a easy to produce weedkiller I mixed it together and the plant wither away.

After class Vincent aproached me that he need a partner for the Scavenger Hunt and so I agreed and signed up with him to this.

Because we didn't get our list at the regestration I decided its good to have a good look around the campus bevore we got handed out or list.


After what feels like weeks we finaly learned something new in class this thursday.

In Arithmetic we just learned a new Pheme and in the Enchant Class we visited the Tapestry Room of the Imperial palace.

Prof Leith showed us the Float Pheme with the help of one of the Tapestry's there.

The Prof also teached us the subtile magic to create setback's for a oponent.

Because we still didn't get the list for the Scavenger Hunt I used the oportunity to do a trial lesson in Brew.

Looks like I should learn Brew and Calligraphy also if I whant to focus on Artificing next year.


Yesterday's I walked past the Revision class room when sudenly a statue blinks in different colored lights.

To conter this strang light play I cast the simple spell of Lantern of Many Hues.

Sudenly the Prof. came out of her classroom and pulled me inside to demostrate this spell to her class!

For my demonstration of this spell I even got 2 points of merit because the Prof haved trouble to teach it to her students.

Strange world so a self teached Revision caster is even bether then many who have taken the class.

Because class again was just repeating of things I already know I visited the Sphinx once more after class was over.

This time I learned a lot about the time of the Early Empier and the Sphinx managed to tell it to me as if she have seen it first hand.

But we also talked about some Rimbal Tactics and she told me where I could find a shop who have interesting material about the Early Empier.


Today I visited the Esteban School of Magic to Study there and wow they did go very fast trough all the things they whant to teach.

They dont repeat anything and if you fail to follow at some point you best come back to the same lesson again at a other day.

So the Day was rater stressfull but I think I learned at last half a dozen new pheme and a Spell to let it rain.

Beside this I have learned a lot of Theory about Incantation that I still have to understand.


I hope my writing is still readable because I am very tired by now.

Thats also the reason why I only send the letter with a bird.

Sending this letter also the normal way would mean I have to make a dupplicate and that would take to much time!

Now I only whant into my bed so I can make the Lessons tomorrow.


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Friday the 26. Aurit 1658


Dear Brother,


last Sunday I continued with the more advanced courses at the Esteban Contu's school of Incantation.

Sadly in the Evening course I then failed to follow with all the difficult movements needed for this level.

Still I learned a lot for just 1 day.

Back at the Academgia Grounds I discovered a ongoing breakin from a group complet in black cloths.

Even with my new learned knowledge in incantation magic it was to dangerous to aprouch the alone so I looked for help and found the Zoology Prof nearby.

Prof. Pachait then made some wand moves and a cage of light surounded the robbers.

The Prof then told me that he take care of them and I should hurry because there is a Merrit award ceremony.

When I arived the ceremoni was closing and so I followed the other 1st year of my College.

We then got as a reward for been the best again a new Pheme teached.


Monday we again didnt learn anything new at the class.

But after class I haved to hurry to get over to the Esteban Contu's school to be there in time to make the course again where I failed sunday.

Finaly I managed to perform all the things they tryed to teach me the day bevore.

Only in the theory part I am a bit behind.

After I get back drained from this class I still haved to write my regular homework and that was much more then I expected.

So this day was rather stressfull.


As usual in the class we just repeated things I already know.

So after Class I again hurry'd to the Incantation course.

This time I even managed to follow all things they teached, maybe beside some more Theoretical Aspects of Incantation.

After this finall lesson I should be nearly at the level Academagica request for the endterm exam in Incantation or so they claim.

Comparing this vew days of intense learning to how long we need to take class this is realy amazing.


Wednesday finaly I learned a new Pheme in Enchant class but that was it already again for new knowledge we learn in class.

During a break betwean class one of the Morvidus girls tryed to cast some spell on me but warned from my dreams I already haved a Negation spell prepared and so her spell fails.

When I came back from a relaxing walk with Hasso a other student asked me if I can help at the backstage of the Theater again.

Turns out some one of theyr normal team got sick and I already helped there not long ago.

So I spen nearly the complet evening helping at the backstage with the preperations for theyr next play.


Because I agreed to help again at the backstage of the theater I haved to walk Hasso and do my homework bevore the dinner Yesterday.

After a vew hours helping there I return back to the doorm in the night when i hear strange noices from the common room.

My Imagination runned wild and so I haved to put all my courage together to enter the room.

It turned out to be a party of a upperclassmen and they welcomed me and even teached me a new pheme.


Today I visted the Sphinx again after one week break.

She continued to teach me how illustartions for a book are different from drawings and paintings.

But the Sphinx also told me a lot about the History of my College and I also learned how to execute some briliant Tactics.

Back at the College I learned that finaly tomorrow the Scavenger Hunt will start where I have signed up with Vincent over a week ago.


Its good to hear that the letters send with the bird are even a vew days faster then using the normal way.

I wish you all a nice Festival of Blooms.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Looks like it was a bad time to start a Public RPG Game from me, Great Weater, a 2week trip and that I have to change my AntiVirus Setting each time I whant to load a game are together bad for advancing in this game.

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Wednesday the 3. Veranix 1658


Dear Brother,


last Saturday finaly the first round of the Scavenger Hunt started.

So Vincent and I haved to find different items from a list and seeing the list I haved my doubts that we make it in time.

On this list where such things like Woodshaving, Poker, Snuffbox and a loot more.

For most of this items we haved first to find out where we could get them and then for some we even need to pull some tricks to get them.

In the end we managed to get in with all items in the last second and so we are still in this year Scavenger Hunt.

The second round of the Scavenger Hunt will take place next weekend but the Prof wasn't sure if Saturday or Sunday.


Sunday morning sudenly my wand started to give of sparks.

Because I didn know the reason I asked Prof. Knoth and she soon founded the bug that was the reason for this.

After she removed this thiny insekt my wand becames normal again.

It was raining nearly the complet day and so Neta, Vincent and I played some board and card games.

When the sun came out in the late afternoon Neta joined me on my walk with Hasso and on the backway we stoped at the Sphinx.

Because of Neta this time the talk was mostly about the curent fashions of the court.


At the Festival of Blooms I visited the Sphinx at the Morning so I could get back early enough for the fest.

I learned a lot new things from the sphinx like etiquette or Storys about the Mallen Field.

So it got back a bit late, but it all wouldnt be a problem if there wasn't a road block.

Thanks to things I learned watching the Actors from the backstage I managed it that the guards let me pass.

So I could get a special award from the Hands of the Legate Orsi.


Monday in Enchant Class we started to learn some new things about palettes.

During a break I hear Prof. Badcrumble kind of angry talk about a letter she got recently from someone called Fritz Magnus or something like this.

It apears she got a reminder that the money they got from this family are solely to use for the girls dorm and acording to this family it would be the best if all boys would be removed from the Avila College.

Now I am even more glad that I got into the Vernin college instead of Avila.

In the late afternoon I visited the Sphinx again and there I haved a dabte about the importance of using the correct syntax.

After some interesting storrys it comes clear to me that my syntax and resoulting from this my complet grammar was extrem bad so fare.


Yesterday in Enchant class we visited a merchant, a former student of academagia, who now sell wands.

During our visit of this mercant I spoted a woman who took a wand and tryed to leave the shop without paying.

Because I was near the exit I approached her and silently suggested to her that she bether put the wand back what she then did bevore she then finaly left.

In the evening the 2nd year who I tryed to help with his sick mother asked me for help once more.

He found out some kind of Potion sould help his mother but he need my help in gather the Materials.

So together we went to the place where we think we can find this plant.

There we then got stoped by a ,strange looking and armed, human who speaks to us in a language unknow to us both.

I didn't whant to fight him especial because we didn't even know for sure if we find the plant needed there so we left this place the way we came.


Today in Glamour Class we learned a bit about the History of the Middle Empire.

After class was final over I try to find a book about the Language of this Human we encountered yesterday.

From a Professor we even know that the race of this Humanoid is called Pythogorio.

So it wasn't that hard to find the right Language book.

Because actual to learn this language would take to long we lend this book and used it to kind of communicate with this Pythogorio.

We then was brought to a place that is protected by some kind of magical barrier.

Because our Spells where to weak to break trough we haved to do some good old digging to get in.

Inside we meet Prof. Vikery who gave us a potion that should cure the mother of the 2nd year.

I realy hope this potion will finaly help her.


How was your Festival of Blooms? The same as every year?


Greetings your brother Theodor


I hope the story start to get more interesting again.

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Tuesday the 9. Veranix 1658


Dear Brother,


At the end of thursday's glamour class Prof. Ringrayer keep some of his best students back and after the other left he handed us a Adress of a Merchant an she suggested that we visit this Merchant when we find the time.

She also Mentioned that we there can learn what glamour is realy about.

In Astrology class I was invited from Prof Badcrumble to watch a Comet today night together with some other Students she invited.

So I did my homework right after class.

Afterwards the second year who was heappy that his mother is well again invited me to watch a small Archery tournament.

When it got dark I walked together with some other students to the Tertoliod's Pbservatory.

There Prof. Badcrumble told us some about the History of the College of Avial and also teached us two new spells while whe where waiting for the comet.

When the Comet final was visible she told us a lot about this comet also.


Last Friday we learned new Arithemtic theory and a new pheme in the Astrology class.

I also haved a talk with the Sphinx again at this day.

Thanks to the Sphnix I now know a new spell, a bit more about Duels and that the Aultruin Waystation looks for parttime workers for delivering messages.

Because I got back very late and one Gate was blocked by a wolf I haved luck that I didnt get cought by a Prof.

A other Student ariving a vew Minutes bevore me wasn't so lucky.


Saturday we haved a other part of the Scavenger Hunt, this time we haved to find Prof. Badcrumble.

Because of the time limit and the Prof have turned her self in a Plant only out of pure luck I spoted the her in her plant form in the kitchen.

We then managed to run back in time and learned from the Prof. that the final part will hapen at the Festival of the Exile.

After all this searching and running trough half of the academagica I decided its bether to study in the Library instead of walking to the Sphinx.

There I found a book about a Revision Spell I didn't know so fare sadly parts of this book where writen in viloca.

So I first haved to look for a language book and Study this language first a bit bevore I finaly could learn this spell.

The spell I learned called Reviving Homework what is a extrem difficult spell that if cast successfull pressent one's homework in a optimal form.

Sadly its much to difficult for me.


Sunday I just spend time together with Vincent and Neta, we even haved a nice picnic at lunch.

On our way back we spoted a group of snakes transporting a other snake.

It turned out that this snake have eaten a ball that haved a mouse face painted on it.

After we managed to get this ball out of this snake they happy left and we haved something to lough.

Because both of my friends haved other plans for the afternoon I visited the Sphinx once more.

The Sphinx then told me that one of the secrets of the Morvidus College is that many of them manage to become friends with animals and beasts of the wild.

We also haved some talk about Antrophology beside a loot of other topics.


Yesterday Morning I was invited to join a group of 3th year of my college who call them self CoVEaFMoTRaI.

Because the invitation didn't tell me where I would find theyr meeting so I could join.

But thats no problem for someone firm in Astrology, after a bit of Divination and I know where I will find theyr meeting place.

In Aritmethic class we learned some new things about economics.

The late Afternoon I spend then making my Homework and walking with Hasso.

After Dinner I then haved to go to the meeting place and it was the right place.

There I was welcomed by theyr members but I still wonder what 3th years whanted from a 1st year.

The task they gave me for the invitation was to craft some kind of special wand.

I think I play along with them till I know what they are up to.


Today I then worked on the wand.

After I finaly found a practicable way to enchant a non wood object into a wand I haved to buy some needed things.

It took some time to find all the things needed in the city and so it was already dinner time when I was back.

To craft the wand I first haved to assemble a working machanical lookpick that have the shape of a wand.

Then I haved to add the enchantment for a simple Wand with a slight affinity toward Negation magic.

The resoult is maybe the first Mechanical Dooropenerwand.

Sadly I dont know how long the Enchantment will hold.

Still I hope this will open me the entrance to the meetings of the CoVEaFMoTRaI.

When I am now finaly finished with this letter also its already very late in the night.


I hope you all a have or haved a great Festival of the Exil


Greetings your brother Theodor


Hehe this time I haved again nice cliffhangers, maybe not as good as some on the first page but still :)

@Legate from posting below: I try to add them into my story because they give a little extra to it and sometimes are the only real interesting that hapend on one day.

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Sunday the 14. Veranix 1658


Dear Brother,


Wednesday in glamour class when we should read somthing I already know about, I read ahead and learned the spell Reveal Flaw from the book.

This spell helps point out flaws in one's own planing.

After class I joined a small tournament at the Archery Range and actual managed to win a price of 10 Pims.

But maybe I just got the price because my opponent whanted to Show Off to impress a girl and so messed up his shoot.


At the Festival of the Exile there was the last Part of the Scavenger Hunt.

First We haved to solve a very old style Riddle, it was a tough nut to crack, but I managed to solve it and it lead us to the dinning room.

In the dinning room there was a massive chasm across the complet room and behind this two amulets.

But something apear to be not right with this and then I rembered that in glamour class we learned "Glamour is the art of changing how others see the world to your advantage".

And upon inspecting this chasm again it was clear why in my dream I saw me to simply walk over it.

Still I put up a a Protection Sphere around me and use Negation to slow my fall in chase my guese where wrong.

Then I simply walked over this glamour and brought back the amulet.

Becaase the next team also just picked theyr amulat seconds after me we haved to race all the way back to the goal.

To race for around 10 Minutes trough the crowded school hallways is something I dont have to do anytime soon again.

Even with the other team attacking us with spells, what proved useless thanks to my protection sphere, we managed to be the first of this year scavenger hunt.

We got a nice Silver Cup as reward.

For my Enchant Homework I haved to do some work in the forge but first I needed to get materials for this from the city.

In the city I then even got me the powerfull Balanced wand that is attuned to 6 different kind of magic.

Back in the academy I realised that I totall forgot about the festival and now that ther wheren't and flower left I haved to use some leaf.

After the fest was over I then still haved to do the homework in the forge.

When I arived at the forge I haved to find out that there is a uncontrolled fire and the Prof. where still not back from the fest.

Because I haved enough running for today I summoned a heavy rainshower via incantation, a spell I whanted to test for a long time.

The uncontrolled fire ended soon and the 2 other students in the room who didnt do a thing to get the fire under controll get complet drenched.

Serves them right for let a fire to get out of control and then even do nothing.


Thursday in Arithmetic we haved a lasson about Logic in Arithmetic and in the Enchant class we where visted by a Journalist who talked about his job.

In the evening on this day I finaly could present my wand to the Members of the CoVEaFMoTRaI and they seem to be impresed from this work.

I was then lead trough a secret passage below our College that and at a huge granite door.

There they handed me a book with a complicat spell in it that I sould cast.

They told me that only the most gifted artisans gain entrance the the Hall of the Grand Artifice.

After I study the spell for some time I feel ready to cast it and actual managed to triger the opening mechanism of this door with this spell.

This Hall apears to be a huge library with at last 3 stories.


Friday we got back to just repeating already learned stuff in every class.

So after class was finaly over I walked together with Hasso to the sphinx to learn some new things.

This time the sphinx teached me about the different smell of flowers and how they are used in perfurms and she also gave me some hints about Neviogation in unknown terretory.


Yesterday after breakfast I haved a tour trough Mineta from one of our natives.

Sadly the tour turned out to be not realy interesting because he mostly only showed us places where you could get food for free.

Just from the look of some of this food I nearly haved to throw up my breakfeast and so I would never touch them even if I am hungry.

After this tour I didn't need anything for lunch because I still haved the pictures of all this bad food in my mind.

So instead of eating lunch I walked to the sphinx and talked with her.

First I learned a new spell to make light called Aganathi's Lamp what is even more flexible in use then my Focused Light but the light it self is not this good.

Then the sphinx even told me how to learn more about people just from watching them.


After breakfeast toady I visited the Archery Range, just to learn that there is again some kind of tournament and so I joined.

This time I was even bether then last time and I wone 25 pims as price money.

For having a bow only around 3 or 4 times in my hand my whole live its not a bad resoult.

At my visit of the Sphinx I got the interesting story about "Toby the Mixed Breed" told.

After the story the Sphinx also told me that in the office of Prof Sido there are sometimes language classes where every student can join if he feels up to them.


Greetings your brother Theodor


@Creme Pudding below ba keep me away with your Mastery ... so fare I managed to have only 2 points in Mastery SS and this even with heavy using of the sphinx

Btw Relationship with Vincent Eins is now 12 :D

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Saturday the 20. Veranix 1658


Dear Brother,


in Class at Monday I finaly understand the new Theoretic aspect of Arithmetic our Prof tried to teach us for some days now.

After I finaly finished this mindbreaking homework we got in Arithmetic I needed a break.

So I visited the so called Cobblestone Path to nowhere to watch some birds.

On my way back to our Campus I walked past the abonded common rooms of college Hedi because I tried a shortcut.

Because it was already dark when I was there I spoted some kind of eerie light and heared some strange moanign from the inside.

As much as I would love to explore this at this day already, I was sure from my dream the night bevore that this would end in a detention and so I continued my way.


Tuesday I for once was glad that we repeated our learn thing in Arithmetic because its still hard to understand what we learned the day bevore.

After the Homework and my usual walk with Hasso I hit the Library.

Because I remember from my visit at the abonded Hedi building the day bevore that the normal entrances are all blocked I decided to search for a secret entrance in the History part of the Library.

On my search I stumbled on a essay about the differnt style in performing magic trough the ages what was a very interesting read.

Maybe I even can use some the things the author have writen about in my own spell performing.

After reading this essay and some of the passages in other books it mentions I also found out that there sould be a secret entrance from the garden to this abonded building.


Wednesday after class I visited the abonded Hedi Building and looked for the Statue that will lead me for the secret entrance.

Sadly there are a vew statues and to most of them I would have to walk trough thorny plant so I feel it was bether to first try to get more infos.

So I visited the Sphinx in hope she heared about the secret entrance.

Sadly it turned out she didn't know more then I'm but instead I learned some new things about the the Histoy of magic.

From the sphinx I also learned a spell called Tracking Beacon what is very annoying to people why try to operate in secret.


In Negation class Thuersday we learned about the Master's Dispel but it looks like only some students of Vernin understand it at all.

After I was finished with the homework and walked with Hasso I decided to search for this secret entrance direct.

To my luck the second statue I tryed was it and the tunnel was still intact.

I then searched around in the inside of the building but its age shows especial at the wooden parts.

Sadly I didnt find anything interesting and so I left the way I came in.

It was already cdark when I left and there I spoted the ghost, this time he or she was outside of the building.

I tryed to hid near the statue but the ghost came direct toward me.

In my suprice I casted a vew deffensive spells and one of them haved a starnge effect on this ghost because the ghost kind of melted till only some kind of goo was left.

Because this was enough for me for one day I walked back when I triped over some kind of root and hit face first a grouping of nettle plants.

To my luck I rember where I could get some linden flowers near our college and how to use them.


Yesterday we haved a unanounced arithmetic quiz what turned out to be exact the things I read in the morning bevore class started.

After class I was challenged to a archery contest from a 2nd year and after some lucky shoots I ended to have 25 pims more in my pocket.

At the Archery Range I then also heared that some girls claim they where attacked from a ghost near the old Hedi common room.

Because I got your letter with the Professor Cogspring BattleMace figure I complet forgot about this.

Instead I asembled this figure and when I finaly was finished it was to late in the night to start any investigations.

Oh and tell the neighbor wo gifted this figure to me my thanks.


Today I spend some time talking with the Sphinx.

Strangly the Sphinx today talked mostly about military stuff like how to command or do the Logistics and then she even performed some famous songs from military units.

After the lunch I then started to search for one of the girls that claim to get attacked by a ghost to talk with them.

It took some asking around till I finaly found one of the 2nd year that where willing to talk about this event.

What I learned from the talk with her is that there where some people that standing behind the ghost when it attacked theyr group.

So I will try to find out more about this peoples who are probably the reason for this ghiost activitys.

Maybe it turns out to be just some kind of bad prank.


As writen above I goten the Cogspring BattleMace figure so say thanks in my name to the person who giftet it to me.

I also wish you all great Fountain days.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Sad, DLC 8 dont contain the Language based Adventures because it would be a nice thing to start one of them next

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Thursday the 25. Veranix 1658


Dear Brother,


last week Sunday I heared that the Ghost attacked more people but the info that people where standing behind this ghost didn't get out of my mind.

Because the Ghost only aprear at the night I spend most of the day talking with the sphinx.

So the sphinx told me some interesting storys about Criminals who managed to escape the law what was kind of interesting especial the part about the Criminal Law of Mineta.

But I also learned that for a civil complain I would have to go to the lesser Court of Civil Law.

In the evening I decided to search the ghost and then go exactly where he whant to prefent me to go.

It was kind of hard to overcome the auro of fear this ghost radiate but I managed to do this and there they where, students who digging a hole.

Because they didnt realise I found them I haved the time to get a Prof. to give them detentions.

Looks like they tried to find the tresure mentioned in one of the books about this place.


A part of the Fountain Days I spend in the Library to finaly learn what I miss to perform the From Nothing, Knowledge spell.

I also spend time enjoing the fest with my friends and helping Prof. Vikery in a project to increase the harvest yield.

But beside that I also found time to visit the Sphinx and talk with her.

This time I learned a lot about how to find friends in the wild and how to treat strangers.


Monday after class we walked to the city for some shoping when I found that a gamesshop have a promotion event win a BattleMace Set as price.

So I entered this tournament and because the waiting for this was long Vincent and Nata left me.

After what feels like hours of waiting where I found the time to learn the rouls and watch the mistakes of the other players it was finaly my turn.

With the strategy I put together I was the only one so fare who managed to win against the shop owner.

Still I haved to wait for the other to finish and there where even a vew player who also managed to win but apearently I was the one who impressed the shop owner the most.

So at the end of the day I got me a new BattleMace Set that now wait for be assembled.


In Astrology class this Thuesday we learned about some Famous Battles that where kind of affected by Astrology.

After class I was challenged to a Archery contest again, this time against the best archer of all 1st years.

To my wonder I even managed to beat him but it was close.

In the end he he just missed the center with his last arrow while I hit it and so I got 60 pim price money.

After this I even found the time to assemble some of the figures.


Yesterday in Aritmethic class we learned how to reasoning trough a arithmetic problem to find the righ answear.

After I am finished with the homework and walked with Hasso I finaly finished assembly the figures.

I even managed to paint the first figure bevore some noices from the common room broken my concentration.

In the common room there was a dance competition and because there was no way I could continue the painting with all the noice I joined them.

It was a funy evening and I even learned a bit about dancing.


Today I finaly managed to finish the painting of my Battlemace figures.

Because the color I used needed some heat to become permanent I visited the forge afterward.

When I arived there was a man of molten metal.

Asking it who it is, it told me that it is a genie, a lord of the arcane.

Because I didnt like how it threats me and the other students I tricked it to get back into its bottle and recork it.

Prof Massioti saw this and even award me 2 merrit for my college.

In the time I haved to wait for the color finaly get a permanet fixture on the figures I started to write this letter in the forge.

Together with Prof. CogSpring you sended me last week I now have a great BattleMace set.


I hope everything is fine and you haved a great fest.


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Wednesday the 3. Anedius 1658


Dear Brother,


not even 2 month left bevore the long summer break, but this also means next month we will have the exam.

But now to what happen the last days.


Last week Friday on my walk trough the city I learned that ther will be a BattleMace tournament soon and with my Curent set I probably have good chances there.

So I signed up to the tournament and then watched some kids playing this game in the shop.

In a talk with the best player there I learned that with just the BattleMace Set I wone I dont will stand a chance in the tournament but when I mentioned that I have the Ultra Rare Prof CogSpring also it got clear the he is envious about this.

To get some practice I decided to play with a other Sutdent wo have expirince with other war games.

Sadly he didnt put up much of a challenge for me because I managed to predict each of his moves.


Saturday I visited the sphinx but she apears to be in a bad mood because all she did is critism my grammar.

So I left her soon and instead joined Vincent in one of his training sessions.

I even learned some easy wrestling moves from him.

In the evening when I looked at my BattleMace set I realised that Prof CogSpring is missing and a ransom note was instead put into my box.

Even with enough money to pay the ransom I doubt that it would be a good idea to pay and instead I decided to start search for my figure at the next day.


Sunday I managed to make sure that I have the right person under suspection about the theft with some Astrology magic.

So I decided to learn more about the thief to get something else in my hand that could be traded for my CogSpring.

I didnt have to watch him for long because he visitied some kind of dancing school with a costume he surly dont whant to see any of his friends.

So using some a paper, some colors, a bit of magic and some skill in painting I managed to get a good trading object.

Showing him the picture I was able to confince him that he bether give back what is my for not telling his friends about this hobby of him.


In Arithmetic Class this Monday we learned some new Propertys of Artithmetic.

After Class was over I decided to visit the so cald Gamers Guild in hope I can learn there to improve my skills in BattleMace.

But let me tell you this "guild" is not what I have expected to find behind this name.

At last I learned how to plan ahead and the patience to wait for the right time to set the plans in motion.


Yesterday I was asked from Prof. Badcrumble to puck up some things for her at Alec's Chemical Supplies during Astrology class.

In return I was invited for a evening lesson in the Tertoliod's Observatory.

Because I did't have much homework I even found the time to visit the Gamers Guild once more bevore the lesson of Prof. Badcrumble started.

Because she teached some much older Students this time in the Observatory I didnt understand much.

But puthing the things I heared there and what I learned so fare in Astrology I think I can now Navigate with the help of the stars.


You won't belive it but today I found a publisher for a book about my fist vew month here at the Academagia.

After a lengthy negotiation I even got a advance pay of 750 pims!

Sure this means I actual have to write it but soon there is the summer vacation and I hope I find enough time then.

At the Bathroom of the Tavern where we haved a small party to celbrate our new buisness relation I even found a secret entrance to the old Sewer.


The BattleMace Tournament will be this Saturday and after this I probably have to start to do some learning for the exams.


Greetings your brother Theodor


For the people wondering I pushed Explore to 20 to get this reward and so the 750 pim needed actual 2 slots to get them.

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Tuesday the 9. Anedius 1658


Dear Brother,


Last thursday we learned some basics about Alchemy in class.

After class I visited the Tower of the Cold Forge because I didn't have any action for a long time and I rembered that I have a way to enter it.

So I explored this tower a bit and after defeating a Puma I found a great blade.

After I inspected it close I realised that I have found the famous Sword of Kush what is reported to be forged by King Vernin!

Even a bit Rusty this sword is much bether then the Long Sword I used so fare in chase I need to fight in close combat.


Friday after class I joined Neta in a shoping trip to the city.

Beside getting some of the supllies I need for class I also managed to find a merchant wo payed me good money for my Long Sword.

But the best was that I even found a great Hat named The Understatement, currently the absolut hit in the Court Fashion, and so I got me this hat.

After the shoping trip I still haved a bit time to plan some tactics for the tournament.


Because at our Shoping trip we didnt get all the materials we need for class I joined a Mountaintrip Saturday Morning.

During this trip one of my class mates lost her wand and so I have to use some magic to levitate magic to pick up her wand.

Back at the Academy I used magic to make sure my understanding of the BattleMace game is at top level.

After lunch I the walked to the shop in the city where the tournament takes place.

I was kind of Suprised how many mistakes my oponents made that I could exploit to my advance and so I won every game.

So after I beaten my final oponent in the evening I was declared the winner of this tournament.


Sunday I accepted a dare to escape the Old Stockades.

To my suprise it was much more diffcult then expected.

So it took me over half of the Sunday to get back out but it was a interesting expirience and I maybe will do it again.

Because there was still time I visited the old Tower of the Cold Forge and was attacked by a Static Tree there.

I managed to defeat this tree but sadly didn't find any treassure like in my last visit.

After this I final started with learning for the exam next month.


Yesterday we learned the spell Amazing Recall in class, a spell that could be usfull for the Students who didnt have put enough time in study for class.

After class I helped Prof. Valenta in her office sorting her papers in hope learn more what we need to know for the Arithmetic exam.

To my suprise it turned out that we even need to know about things I dont remember we ever got teached in her class.

So after I was finsihed with this paperwork I looked in the library for a book that contains the knowledge I am missing but will needed for the arithmetic exam.


Today after class I finished to reading the book and now many things in Arithmetic and even some in Geometry got much more clear.

Because some of the reference books where writen in other languages I even managed to improve some of my language skills.

Did you know that some words of the same meaning sound very similiar in different languages?

After this long reading session I even found some time to start building a parade float for the Diakopi.


I hope you all have a great diakopi and that Hasso like the parade float.


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Sunday the 14. Anedius 1658


Dear Brother,


Wednesday at the end of a History lesson in Negation Class I was assigned to do communtiy service at The Cavalryman's Club.

Together with Tulia who also is assigned to this Club I visited this club after class.

From the major-domo of this club we learned that some members where target of curses.

Hearing glass breaking from the drawing room we hurried there just to see some club members playing with a ball like they'r gone mad.

Checking out for magic I fast found out that the there is a strong magic at the ball they play with.

It was hard to dispel all this magic on the ball especial when it move around all the time, but I managed to do so.

The game ended right after I finaly removed the magic from the ball.

After this we left and I decided to do some physical training at the Athletics room at the gym.


Thursday we haved a History lesson in Enchant class.

When visiting the Club again because we still haven't found out who put the curse on the ball and what else is cursed.

This time we where draw into a food fight of theyr members.

After this "fight" was over we where asked to check on some dice if they where tampered with but everething was fine with them.

We then decided that we have enough seen of this crazyness for one day and left, especial because we needed to clean us and our cloths from the food that hit us.

There was also a Familiar show at the Academagia at the evening that was disrupted from insects.

Only working together we managed to drive this pest away.


Friday, at our third visit, we talked with Lord Sodbury who told us that he lost a old family heirloom.

He also mentioned that there is also something about a curse if his family ever lost this ring and so we decided to play dectective to find this thing.

After some investigation we found out that the major-domo have ordered one of his subordinate to get the ring for him when cleaning.

We then confronted him with the facts when Tulia took over in talking, bether sayed insulting him, I prepared a simple trip spell.

So when he tryed to run my spell was ready and it was easy to takle him.

With the help of other club members the heirloom was returned to its rightfull owner and upon returning to the Academy we were awarded 5 point merrit for each of our college.

On my walk with Hasso at this day when we where near lake Ardica a meteorit hit it.

We managed to get fast enough away to not get wet and when the water returned to the lake I even found a part of the meteorit.


At the Diakopi I managed to finish the parade float just around a half hour bevore the parade begins.

When Hasso final saw it the first time he was very happy.

Thanks to a slight modified private chariot spell the Parade Float could even move on its own under my mental direction.

When the Parade was over I then haved to do some learning.

Because to my feeling Orthography is also part of Enchant I started to learn about the complicate procedure to inscribe items with words of power.


Yesterday on my walk with Hasso I visited the Docks. There I encounter a male Pirate in Girls clotes.

Because he was apearently unarmed I aproached him to ask why he walks around with such hilarious cloths he told me that he lost in a rimbal bet.

After this couldent hold my loughing back.

The rest of this day I continued with my learning of Orthography.


Because my Study in ortography have come to a dead point I visited the Sphinx today.

Beside learning a loot about Ortography I learned many other things today also from the sphinx.

The Sphinx also gratulated me on the great Fashion sense I haved when picking my hat and so we talked some time about the curent Courtly Fashion.

What todays visit was made it a bit confusing and hard to understand was that the sphinx mostly talked in Elumian.


I hope you all haved a great Diakopi.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Grr looks like updating to the newest Gameversion meesed up some things. I hope I still have the will to bring this game to a end even if I cant use it for year 2

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Saturday the 20. Anedius 1658


Dear Brother,


Monday I spend some time in the library to read a book about Ortography the Sphinx sugested to me.

When I finaly learned how to Emboss, a process where the inscription will be magical raised from the item instead of engraving it, I visited the old Tower of the Cold Forge.

In the Tower I once more encountered some kind of beast and wow was this fast.

I couldn't even follow its movment with my eyes and so I heve to avoid its attacks on instinct but there was no way I could hit it.

But then, why hit a moving target if I can cast a spell on a area.

With a glamour I put this beast then to sleep, sadly I couldn't find any treasure in the room this beast guarded.


Tuesday in Enchant class somthing made klick in my mind and I finaly understand how to use the knowledge about Palette we learned in some spells.

After Class I started to train my voice so I can bether perform some of the spell that have difficult words to say.

Because this got anoying very soon I visited the Tower of the Cold Forge once more.

My final oponet on this level was the Ghost who teached me how I can get into this Tower in the first place.

Trough defeating him he was freed from this prisson.

But to enter the second Floor I need a more powerfull spell and sadly I haved to learn that my College haved lost most of its knowledge of the past.

Because the Exams come up soon I dont think I will go to search for this lost knowledge this year.

I think my best chance for this would be one of the library or one of the former Vernin Regent if they still live.


During Lunch break at Wednessday I decided to eat outside because the waiting line of the good was much to long.

To my luck I overheared that some students talking about the great food at the Debatters and they even decided to visit it.

I just followed them to order there some food and it realy tasted good.

To my suprise even some Prof where eating there and not long after I realised this Prof. Briardi asked me to do something for her.

I was told that there is a contract from the Chef for his successor and I should find it and prefent that it get stolen.

To make the story short in the end it tourned out that it was all some kind of ploy becaus the chef made his wive to his Sucessor.

But anyway I was invited by the Prof. for the party in the evening there and even got free food.


Thursday Neta draged me to some kind of Dance School because she was looking for a parner to learn dancing there.

I dont know why she choosen me but its hard to say no to her.

So starting with next week I also have to do some dance Training with her beside learning for the exam.

The rest of the day I then learned for the Exam's and Trained my Voice again a bit to speak more clearly.


Yesterday I visited the Sphinx and haved some talks with her about the things necesary if I ever whant to open a buisness.

It was mostly about the Administartion and Civil Law part we talked and even with the knowledge I already learned It looks like I still miss a lot.

In the evening I then still found some time to learn.


Around 2 weeks agou I learned from one of my Prof. that I could expect questions in the exam about things we never learned in class.

Thats the reason why I focused on learning about Pheme in general this weekend because I hope it will help me in my two Spellmagic class to gain extra points.

During my search for good books about pheme I also found a booklet about comets, some thing we didn't study in astology but belongs to this class.

Sadly this booklet turned out to be only a collection of phoem about comets.

In the evening then I visited a Tavern just to spend some time away from the Academy.

When I was aproched by a women after I sat down I realised that I just entered the tavern my dream warned me about.

This woman tryed to bewitch me and it was realy hard to break free from her spell but focusing on Arithmetic calculations I managed to leave the Tavern bevore this witch could try something else.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Because I haved over 5 crash to desktop on reloading for gething one Match Wits with the Emporer to have 3 SS it took me some time to finish this letter

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Friday the 26. Anedius 1658


Dear Brother,


Last Sunday I continued to learn more about Pheme in general in the library.

When I made a brake I encountered a wounded black snake.

Because my knowledge of revision I know a spell to cure wounds and so I used it on the snake and it worked.

After I cured the snake I continued on my way to the rimbal field.

You know I am not a big fan of Rimbal but from time to time playing a game is nice especial after spending the complet day in the dusty library.

Even knowing some Tactics of this game on the field I allways feel like a rookie.


Monday during Lunch break I haved to help a other student to retrive the wand who have fallen into the canal.

To his luck I managed to fish it out at the Castle Bridge.

After class I visted the Sphinx to clear up some confusions about the things I learned in the last days.

Sadly the explanations of the Sphinx using music therms didnt help me much to reduce this confusions.


Tuesday we learned again some new things about the History of Magic.

Looks like our Prof. add such side lectures from time to time that the necesary repeating dont get to boring for the Students who already have memorized what is repeated.

After Class was over I followed the instruction of one of the books I found during my Studys last weekend to a Place called Edge of Nowhere.

The Magic needed to find this place was difficult to perform corect because the right state of Mind is also needed.

This place is a cliff at a bottomless hole that not even have the usual mist.

To my wonder I heared a voice coming from down there that greeted me and offerd me to ask one of 3 questions.

So I asked about Being and learned some strange knowledge about this but it also somehow make sense to me.


During our Lunch break at Wednesday I discovered that one of the baby griffon is escaped and after I told this to the Zoology Prof I even got 2 points of merit for my College.

Most of the day I spend learning for Arithmetic but I also found the time for a walk with Hasso and to put some thoughts for my book on paper.


After class yesterday I walked with Hasso and when I tryed to climb up on some huge rocks just to discovere that they are a illusion.

This Illusion hided a long passage into the hill, a way down to a strange pyramid shaped tempel.

To my wondering is the light down in the cave bright as daylight and there are even some birds living down there.

Aproaching the tempel I encountered a ghost who talked to me in old Elumian.

Because I already haved some encounter with ghosts I didn't fear him.

So I tryed to figure out what he have to tell me but he use a different dialect then the one I learned from the sphinx so it was kind of hard.

Even with the ghost asking me to leave I decided otherwise and so I was asked to meet a other ghost.

From this other ghost, apearently a warrior, I learned that they agreed to a eternal servitude gea, something I probably only would consider in the most grim situation.

He told me that If I whant to learn more I should come back at a other day and talk with a Library of them.

Because my I am interested whats this is all about and I also hope that I maybe find a way to break the gea I agreed to come back.

Sadly when I returned I didn't find much time left to learn.


Today I spend the free time to learn for Glamour and even managed to learn a new spell.

I realy hope I will find enough time to learn next week because the next days I will spend a loot of time in the dance school together with Neta.

Because I also whant to visit this temple next week once more and I also should have put some pages together for my book bevore I meet my publisher next month time can realy become a issue.

To my luck my first exam starts towards the end of the second Kaliri week and so I still have some time.


I hope you all haved a nice The Pellae, sadly I have to help in the preperations tomorrow because I was "volunteered" by a Prof.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Wow over 1000 views of this thread, thanks to all wo have followed this story so fare.

Sorry the reloading crash slows me curent down because after 2 or 3 crash I usual don't whant to continue for some time

Only a bit over 1 Month and probably 5 letters left

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Wednesday the 3. Kaliri 1658


Dear Brother,


As mentioned in my last letter I was volunteered to help arranging the floats at The Paella.

We where just finished when the direction of water flow sudenly changed to the oposit direction and so we haved to rearange all floats.

The Parade was kind of interesting when it finaly starts but I would have prefered to find time to learn or continue writing my book.

At last I wasn't forced to watch the complet parade and then help again and so Neta and I could leave to get to the Avendra's Studio for the Dancing lessons we have paid for.

Never have I thought that dancing is so excausing and complicated.

When we returned there was a party at the Vernin common room because we first year again won got a Prize for the Highes Merrit.

From Vincent and some other I then got the Pheme showed they where teached because of this.


Saturday I aweaked with sore muscle and I would have preferd to keep in bed but thats was no option.

In the morning I could releax my muscles a bit with just learning but even bevore noon Neta showed up.

So I then haved to repeat with her what we have learned the day bevore in the dance school.

After lunch we then haved spend the complet rest of the day at the Avendra's Studio again to learn dancing.


Sunday Morning I again found some time to learn.

As Saturday I also haved to spend some time bevore Lunch to train what we have learened in the studio the day bevore.

At last Sunnday was the last day we haved this intense dance training programm and I even start to enjoy dancing.


Monday I visited the strange temple again that I discovered the week bevore.

The ghost of the warrior I meet last time lead me to the library.

There I encountered the next ghost apearently a extrem old male Librarian.

Because this ghost apearently loved to hear him self talk It was hard to get the topic to what realy happened her.

At last I learned some new things about Calligraphy from him bevore he finaly showed me a ritual place.

There the skeletal remains of the ghosts are laying.

I also learned that they tryed to get the person back, they have sworn the oat to, from a other dimension where she was banished to from her enemys.

The ghost also told me that when they failed in this ritual theyr mistress orderd them to die and then guard this place for ever!

Who can be so cruel to the people who are loyal to one?

I haved the feeling something is missing at the ritual place but wasn't clear what so I make some drawing on paper of this ritual place and then returned to the academy.


When I awakened Yesterday it got clear to me what I haved missed the day bevore, the Focus of the ritual was missing!

From what I understand this kind of magic it must be something of great personal relevance to the mistress like her familiar.

After Class I then returned to the tempel and asked the about the Focus of the ritual the told me that two of the followers have removed it and brought it to a other etage of the tempel that is warded.

I also was told that to enter this place I need to have a wardstone as it was given to all who have done the gea.

So I made some research in the library of this temple how I can enchant my own wardstone.

Sadly it turned out that I couldn't find all the things needed for this in the temple and so I haved to return to the Academy to finish it there.


At the Lunch break today I saved a other Vernin Student from geting eaten by a plant.

Probably again some kind of prank or messed up spell that this kind of plant is so close to the paths.

After class I haved to visit the city to get some materials to finish the Wardstone.

I also readed some books how to best fight ghosts to be bether prepeared when I visit this tempel tomorrow again.


I hope everything is fine at home, just around one month till I can travel home and see you all again.


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Tuesday the 9. Kaliri 1658


Dear Brother,


Thursday Morning some Students haved the idea of making a barbecue for breakfeast instead of the usual food from the canteen.

Because I thought its something great for a change and so I joined them with my own magical fire.

After Class I visited the temple, hoping that I was prepared enough.

I was lead by a ghost trough many etages of this temple till I meet two other ghosts.

From this two I learned that the focus they used for theyr ritual is the wand of her mistress.

What it makes a very good focus is that part of it is from the dead familiar of her.

The main problem was that the wand keep everething working in this cave and as soon I dimish its power to remove it or destroy it the chances are big that I end under tons of stones.

Then there was also the problem that as soon I decide what way I will use to free this ghosts one of the two ghost will attack me.

So I first used a spell that ensures that I could escape as fast as posible from the cave bevore I then wakened the magic that conects this staff with the tempel.

After this, even with the preperation magic, I barely made it back to the surface bevore the entry colapsed.

I am not sure what I will do with the wand but maybe I keep it till I know more about how it was made and what power it haves.


Last Friday and Saturday I spend then learning so there is nothing to write about this days.


Sunday I was challanged by a other BattleMace Player to a two game battle.

When I loose he will get my Prof. ClockSpring and if I win I would get his Board Game The Proving Ground.

The Battle Mace Game was easy wone by me but The Proving Ground was new to me and so I haved to learn the rouls first.

To my Suprise I even wone against him in this game also and So I now also have this interesting Board Game also.


Yesterday the final Exam started and so did the supervised learning that replace normal class.

My first exam will be at Thursday and till then I will use this time in the class rooms for my exam preperations.

After class I spend some time in the Vegetable Gardens watching the animals there and to releaxe.

When I feelt refreshed enough I then visited a library to continue to learn.

Because I used my Focused Light for the reading I didn't realise that the library lights where extinguished.

When i got close to a Raven Statue its eyes begane to gleam red and 3 ghostly people apear.

Talking to my mind they told me a sob story about theyr kingdom and its fall.

At the end of this story they requesting my asistance in finding the 3 parts of a book to get free of theyr prison.

One of the ghostly persons then showed me to a book that sould help me finding the tree parts.

And so I left the library with a book writen in a strange language I never seen bevore.


Today after the supervised learning I visited the Help desk to ask for a person who can help me with the strange language of this book.

They send me to a other person who apearently study old, dead languages.

When I told him the sob story I heared yesterday, he confirmed that this is part of the History of the destroyed Nation of Constadrian.

He then told me that he will do some research where we could find this 3 book parts and that I sould meet him again at the weekend.

Because I also got a note of my publisher that he whant to see me this friday, I probably will spend the rest of the day writing on my manuscript.


In 2 days the exams will start for me so I hope I know enough to get past the 100 points needed for a good passing in each class.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Sorry I haved problems with this monday because I end up with a CTD after every second reload

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Reserved for the next letter




Tuesday the 9. Kaliri 1658


Dear Brother,




In 2 days the exams will start for me so I hope I know enough to get past the 100% in each class.


Greetings your brother Theodor




Actually, it sounds quite in-character to send such a short letter; Theodor is obviously busy preparing for exam! :P

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Monday the 15. Kaliri 1658


Dear Brother,


last Wednesday I added some pheme to the spell I use for writing the manuscript to ensure I am one of the best in the geometry exam.

Because I needed something ready for friday I spend the complet day after the supervised learning continue writting on the book manuscript.


In the Geometry Exam last Thursday I managed to answear all the normal questions and many of the extra point one.

After the exam was over I continued with my manuscript using the spell again.

Instead of adding Pheme for Geometry , this time I added some Shield Pheme to asist me in the exam at the next day.


Friday we then haved the Negation Exam and I have a realy good fealing about this because I managed to answear nearly all questions.

After the exam was over I haved a meeting with my publisher in the city and so I visit his office together with Hasso and the mansucripts I haved so fare.

You whon't belive it but he was more then happy how my book turned out so fare and even gave me 1000 pims for continue my writing.


Saturday Morning I meet with Barnes, the person who agreed to help me on the search for the 3 parts of the book, again.

It turns out hat he found the locations of two parts of this book already.

So we first visited a restaurant where the chef thinks his part of the book is a ancient recipes book.

Even with all his guest driven away from the terible cooking he made from the recipes of the book he still demanded money or at last help in finding a good new recipe.

So Barnes and I helped him making a new recipe a chocolate pie/cake hybrid and after the first passant tryed it the restaurant filed fastly.

If you ever visit Mineta you have to try this at Bubbles' Gourmet Eatery.

After we got the first part we haved to visit a cemetery because Barnes told me that the second part is probably buried there.

Because we didnt whant to get cought as graverober we asked the caretake for it and all he whanted was a sinister puppet play.

After we performed a drama with the puppets we got the book part and also a strange magical puppet.

When we returned tothe Academagica the resoults of the exam where already posted and here are my scores:

I was best in the Geometry Exam with 160 Points with the second best only having 113 points.

In the Negation exam I scored even 190 Points, 58 points more then the second best.


Yesterday I spend nearly all of the day learning.

Only for my walk with Hasso and some time watching Animals in the Vegetable Gardens I left the library.


Today after the supervised learning I visted the Gym to do some workout.

Beside some Archery practic I also did some swimming and wrestling training.

Btw. from time to time I now even beat Vincent in Running competitions!



Theodor Fit 10 Running 12 Competition 13

Vincent Fit 12 Running 11 Competition 10



After a bath and then walking with Hasso I still found time for learning.


Tomorrow I will meet Barnes again in hope he found out where the 3th part of the book is to find.

My next Exam are Astrology at Tuesday and Enchant at Friday.


I hope you haved a great The Theneia.


Greetings your brother Theodor


With Private Carriot I used a kind of unusual Phemecarrier this time for the exam but after 3 casting I managed to get 1000 pim and glory from Write Travelogue

@CremePudding do you realy belive that Theodor can learn for 3 or more days without gething dragged into a new Adventure?

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