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DLC 12: Finals and Ordeals

Legate of Mineta

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DLC 12 has been released, and can be found here:


Instructions: Copy all files and place into your Academagia install folder (same folder as Academagia.exe). For example: C:\Program Files\Academagia\Mods\Content.mdm (Please overwrite all files.) Begin a new game, checking 'Finals and Ordeals', to use DLC 12.


N.B.: It is very important that you update your copy of Windows before using Patch 53/DLC 12. The memory streamlines require updated .NET components found in the update.


Before you Install: DLC 12 does not require you to create a new game, but if you wish to have certain fixes, you will need to create a new one. This Patch is cumulative, and contains all previous Content Patches, Code Patches and DLC.


This Patch adds these features:


1) 7 new Adventures

2) 36 new Events

3) Many new Phemes, Spells and Abilities

4) 10 new Items

5) New Locations

6) 2 new Skills


..and corrects these issues:


1) Some Adventures and Events were reworked for continuity

2) Several Adventures and Events now correctly refer to the appropriate Actors

3) Some Adventures and Events had their benefits reworked

4) Several Adventures and Events now have additional Exits

5) Several Item Types were corrected

6) Some Descriptions were reworked for correctness

7) Dale and Yulia now have slightly less gender confusion

8) Certain Phemes no longer affect everyone at the University

9) An error with large saves was corrected

10) The game loads large saves slightly faster now

11) Memory usage was optimized a bit

12) The game runs through Stories quite a bit faster now


...as well as many typos.

Special thanks to the following Academagians who originally suggested or raised awareness of these:










Thanks also to the Community for these Adventures:


Random Event Awesome Community 41 CremePudding

Random Event Awesome Community 42 Leoshi

Random Event Awesome Community 43 CremePudding

Random Event Awesome Community 44 Leoshi

Random Event Awesome Community 45 Adrian

Random Event Awesome Community 46 Mr. Riddler

Random Event Awesome Community 47 Leoshi

Random Event Awesome Community 48 Leoshi

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Glad to see it up. :D Can't wait to see if it helps my memory problems, too! And oo, two new skills. That's more then one!




I wonder where they could be hiding...

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Of course i would not want to mess with the automatically installed files so i'll wait for them to have it. No hurry though, becasue I still got a month and one week to play on mu current game.


Thanks for keeping the game going with new content. Also for such a fast release after DLC 11, it's like only 21 days between them.

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.NET 3.5 SP1 is all that's required, but MS updated some components which we rely on.


Is it the Update they did in 2008, or something from within the past few months?


I.E.: my .NET 3.5/SP1 was installed on October 15th, 2010 - do I need some upgrade to this, or is it okay?


Thanks In Advance

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I would definitely consider running Windows Update on your machine, if the last time it was updated was last October.


Heh. I do not allow Mi¢ro$oft to randomly update my computer at their will...


Q.: What's the difference between a Microsoft Product and a computer virus?

A.: Not all computer viruses crash your system.



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Well, I ran windows update, and then installed the latest update. Now my game does not work at all. It is vastly slower than ever before and simply freezes if I try to save the game, requiring a control-alt-delete to shut down the game to get out of the lock.


Prior to this the game was already so slow that I marveled I was still playing. A save could easily take 30 seconds to a minute, a load much the same. There was a five second lag between any selection and the game responding. It appeared to me like the game was working solely off of harddrive and ignoring 2 gigabytes of ram (I know, that's not a lot anymore). That was 'before' the patch. After the windows update and the new patch, it is ten times worse, let alone unplayable due to not being able to save.

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I am running Windows Vista (I know, problems with Vista) Home Premium upgraded to the latest with Windows Update. My system is an Athlon 64 dual core 4200+ with 2 gig ram and roughly 2 terabytes of hardrive space (a couple hundred spare on the game drive). It is a relatively recent OS install of about six months ago.

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Hello, Legate M:


Well, I ran the .NET update, installed the DLC, and now although startup time (to reach the first screen) seems somewhat faster, I cannot load a saved game. ANY saved game. (I verify that the Saves are still in the folder, they just don't show up when I select "Continue An Adventure.") :unsure:


I am running WinXP/SP2+ (that's WinXP with all of SP3 *except* the problematic bits) and the game has played well until now. Thoughts?


[Also: is there any way to go BACK to the pre-DLC version, say by installing a previous patch, so that I can load my saves?]

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That's really very strange! You could certainly try rolling back to I'd be very interested to learn if the new Patch caused this behavior, or if it was your .NET installation. You *may* want to try moving your save folder, copying it, and then moving it back, if it is a permissions issue.


That's very odd!

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