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Indeed, I'm sort of frozen right now. Sorry, I've been busy lately (just got a new kitty, and he's a handful and a half), but I'll try in the next few days to post a status overview. Thanks for your interest... it makes me happy to know someone's looking forward to this. :)

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So I said like, two weeks ago that I'd talk about a status overview.


Let me start it off by saying that Antonio is a little stinker. Unlike the other three, he still has no portraits (have I mentioned I have fantastic, professionally done, high quality portraits for Miya and Aaran yet?- no?- well, I just did, and they're gorgeous)... hint, hint, hint to anyone who feels creative. He also had the nerve to get his Antonioohhhhh.doc corrupted. This means I lost- well, to be honest, probably around 85% of the work on him. So far, I've replaced a lot of it (going from memory and making stuff up when I can't- thankfully, Antonio is by far the easiest of the four to write, as he has no real odd speech-pattern and his issues are ones that are easy for me to relate to and thus get on paper). The part I'm dreading is going back and figuring out the fiddly bits again- what percentage each goal he wants to work on should be set on, blah blah. It's not hard, just tedious, as Antonio has like, five million things he wants to do a day and setting how much he wants to work on each specific objective when I've already done that once is a pain in the neck.


So that's the bad news. Save for the portrait thing. Let me again mention that Miya and Aaran now have portraits of awesome. Woohoo! (Louise is still going with that crappy frankenstein I did a while ago, but at least it's something.)


Good news? Other then the Antonio stuff, the writing is done. Done-done. I have success and failure states for every exit, everything mapped out- I think I even have the very complicated 'the play's the thing' adventure figured out, but I fear I just jinxed myself (on the bright side, Schwarzbart's awesome botany/negation wand adventure will finally have some competition in the 'how in the world did that bug get there?' and 'resetting stages is confusing as heck' category?). This... however, done-done doesn't mean done-done-done, you see. Because of errors (the one paragraph per page ones, with those hugeeee spaces of doom) that show up when I copy and paste writing from word (or notepad, or whatever I'm using) directly in the mod tools, I'll retype everything from word in to the modtools rather then copy-pasting. This leaves plenty of time for me to make five gazillion typos and spelling errors, but also means I'll likely decide that I don't like a certain event and start from scratch, realize I left out a step in the adventure I didn't catch when reading my documents, feel a need to rewrite Miya's adventure for the fiftieth (or seventh) time, so on so forth.


Unfortunately, I honestly thought I'd be done with this project by now, and not 'haven't started programing because I'm waiting for the next DLC'. That means, as I'm busier now then I was when I started, that I won't be able to put out the project as fast as I want to. It WILL be done, though, and I hope you can be patient with me. Feel free to bother me about it everyday... once we get the third mod base, anyway.


Currently, I've been testing their AI's in mostly hands-off games (REST! REST FOREVER!)- Antonio's is a bit slapdash, but yeah. Things seem to be working as planned, though Aaran is giving me trouble. I've given him a 1% chance to choose to learn mastery (...spoilers!) on a given day, but despite his personal skill having a chance to give him a mastery skillup, he seems to be choking up and choosing to randomly rest? I'm thinking I did something wrong there. Aaran is not allowed to rest: he must go to the infirmary every fifth day due to his horrible fitness bottoming out. So I do declare and thus it is must be!




Basically, I'm just waiting for the third modbase. I write more things for these four when I get bored. But if you have any questions, want a discussion, or what-the-heck-ever, please post. This thread gets lonely when no one posts in it, and lonely threads are very sad threads.

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Eh, I think nobody posted because they don't want to pressure you :)


Unfortunately I utterly suck at anything graphical, but still....


Fire away your requirements! This is a public forum and I am fairly certain the more people see what you need the bigger chance you will get the help you need :P

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hehe sounds interesting. Congrats for the pictures btw! I'm really looking forward to seeing them in action.


Maybe the mastery doesn't work if he doesn't have 'study mastery' as an eligible option? I'm just guessing, my 1337 programming skillz are about the same as my portrait drawing/photo-manipulating skills, close to non-existent.

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Finally managed to find my Antonio description:

Antonio is the character who has nothing for him, so he's the one I'll start with (though perhaps it should be the other way around?). He's in house Aranaz, which means the robes and border seen on the other male members of Aranaz here: http://academagia.wi...ki/Aymeri_Couer, http://academagia.wi.../Carmine_Sturzo, http://academagia.wi...cresta_Vercesi. He's from Academagia-world-Spain, and thus looks stereotypically Spanish- darker skin and hair then most of the Academagia students, though he has green eyes.


I've described him before as being charming and nice to look at, and for a child he's handsome (or at least cute). He has tanned skin and dark brown hair that curls: he wears a bandana/sweatband/headband of sorts (everyone seems to have their own word for it- I'm meaning a simple tie that goes around his forehead with ties on the back, though they're not of exagerated length- they're probably short enough that they can't be seen from the front) around his forehead that's a shade of blue that doesn't quite match his robes. His hair is messy, but not very long- going around his ears, but not really further. His eyes are his 'good point'- they're bright green and large, and suit him well. He should be smiling- an easy smile, the one he does so often (that sounds so lame in writing...). He's a generally good natured kid. He doesn't need hands visible, but if one is, him seeming to be offering a hand to the person he's looking at works lovely. His attention should be straight ahead- he's looking at the 'camera' openly, not trying to be shifty.



Bandana's are hard. If you can't do it, skip it, and don't worry about the hands, either.


(And yes, this was written for someone who had no idea what Academagia was. They still managed to turn out awesome portraits, though.)



As for Study Mastery, I don't want to give Aaran it off hand, mainly because the player has to jump through so many hoops to get it- no NPC should have an easier time studying forbidden magics then the PC. If he really wants to Study Mastery, he can max out his Library Knowledge (which he usually eventually does). It's the early game that's giving me problems... but as long as he eventually studies when he has the ability, I suppose it's okay if he wants to clam up in the beginning. Hm.

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I think if Silke gets away with flowers, he can get away with a bandana. Or he can certainly try, anyway. He can do a pretty good Charm + Beguile roll! That'll convince all the teachers?


Right? ...Right? >.>

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So. Um. Hello!


I'm somewhat in the middle of writing some 860 page Exalted fanfic (I regret nothing, internet, I regret nothing), but my free time has finally opened up. This project is back in business, and I will be modding the hell out of this game. Modbase 3 and I have had some time to get acquainted, and we've been chillin' and kicking back with some bad wine and tasty potato chips. All is ready for destruction and chaos.


I simply don't have the amount of free time as I had when I first planned this project, though. This project will take a long time. There's no way around that. I can only hope the wait will be worth it for you all, and thank everyone for sticking with me so far.


So far, I've done nothing. The first step will be transferring the stuff I did from Modbase 2 in to Modbase 3. That'll get the characters in game. Then, it'll be writing adventures and events. To be absolutely blunt, I'm basically not happy with the things I've written so far, so almost everything is going to be rewritten from scratch. That's just going to make the project take even longer, of course, but I really do think it'll be worth it. I've been doing a lot of writing in the last few months, and I'd like to think my writing has improved greatly.


Right now, my plan is to simply put the kids in the game, write out their main adventure and duel adventure (Antonio's duel adventure is sort of like a mini-adventure on its own, because he really doesn't want to duel you), and put in seven events for each of them. That'll be the 'core'. Extra events, and the other adventures involving them- the one about the play, the one about mastery, the one about swords- will be added at a later point. My over goal with this project is to polish and polish these kids till they shine enough that the Legate and others on the Academagia team will add them as a later DLC (...the fact that then I'd just have to write out later adventures for them, not code them, is something of a major bonus). So, um, please cross your fingers with me on that.


Don't expect me to update the progress chart in part one. I'll just post about progress in this thread as it comes. Please feel free to bother and poke me and try and get me to work more on this. If left on my own, I tend to write bad Exalted fanfic and play EUIII (and possibly Skyrim) until the end of my days. I really am one of those people who needs a few pokes on occasion to get things done, and people talking in this thread is a big encouragement to me. I like knowing that people are looking forward to my work. I like people asking questions and discussing things. Please do that! Don't let this thread just become a gaping hole of me making back to back posts.


So, here's my first question, oh masses. Who should I work on first? Someone needs to enter the game and be beta'd before the other three. You can find information about each of them on the first page of this thread. Just tell me who you want to see first, and, um, I'll work on the person you want to see first who has the most votes! ...This informal poll will last a few days. Yeah. I'm not sure when it'll stop.


Unless no one responds, and then Miya will be up to the plate. But that would make me sad, and you don't want to make me sad, would you? :(


Again, thank you all for being patient with me. I hope to deliver you some fun new students to torture and befriend. Cheers!

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(You are better off reading page 1 unless you are lazy like me)



Have a nice portrait that can fit in with the rest of the students

Provides a religious friend for players who need one

Can be a foil for players who want to be omnipotent (i.e. Freespace)

Plenty of skill (for these who need a slave)




Have a nice portrait that can fit in with the rest of the students


Real misery vs. the likes of Ana, Flore, etc.


+++Vulnerable to pastries





Have a somewhat placeholder-ly portrait

(Need) Special interaction if player has skypirate background?


Possible background retcon (don't believe anything she says, just have fun)

+++Someone who actually specialize in acting

Possibly turns out to be Chinese after all the faux-Japanese stories she tells you





Have a somewhat placeholder-ly portrait

Some current event give the impression that there are only two boys at Avila other than the player


Fragile (A marginally tougher Zoe, but more likely to get into trouble?)

"Tedious" adventure in the works (?)

Can be ignored safely if the player desires




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Mikka! *Hugs*


Where in the Marchant have you been?!


As to which character to write about first, just go with whichever character you feel confident with. I assume Miya?


And Where in the Marchant have you been?!


Hey'ya hey. :) *snugs* I've been... um... writing, mostly! October was busy planning my novel, November was writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month, December was busy being holiday trauma and drama, and now we're finally at January and I think I'm sane again.


As for confidence, I'm pretty confident in all of them at this point. :) I simply said Miya, as she was the first one I invented, so if no one has any preference I'll just go Miya, Aaran, Louise, Antonio as that's how they were created. But I would rather if someone had a preference. It makes me feel like someone is looking forward to this.



As for personalities, the lord of pudding basically has it correct (and Miya will have interactions with the Sky Pirate background, never fear). :D Save for:

Have a somewhat placeholder-ly portrait

Miya and Aaran actually have brilliant, professionally done portraits that look absolutely awesome and fit with the game. /runs around cheering wildly So everyone is fit to go, on the portrait front. Save for if I decide to make another character. A Morjerk werewolf sometimes runs around in my head... but that's a thought for another day.


As for Aaran 'Can be ignored safely if the player desires'...



Aaran attempts to breathe, but it comes out a bit broken.


“So you know what? I’m setting it on fire. I am setting Dorm Tower 8 on fire. I’ll get suspended and kicked out, but as I’m going to die anyway if this situation continues, I don’t even care anymore. Better to die on my own terms then on theirs.”


He pauses, then beams at you. “Want to help?”



(The only options you get are discouraging him, though. Sometimes, I think you have to limit your options.)



A Day of Modding (and other crap) in the world of Mikka



1:30 PM

I am ready! I am prepared! I open up two copies of the mod tools, one using Mod Base 3 with what is affectionately named the 'Miya Mod' (Antonio is jealous that he doesn't get top billing), and one using Mod Base 4 that is also, curiously, named Mod Base 3. My computer does not crash, despite the eleven tabs open in firefox, three word documents, and four PDFs also open. I congratulate my computer and tell it it is a good boy. I open up the student panel and write down 'Miya Hikari' in the first name and surname boxes. I feel like I have made progress.



Where did I put the descriptions for these kids, again? I swear they're somewhere in the thread. Oh, there they are. I'm brilliant, really.


1:47 PM

Oh, so the stupid mod tool decides to delete my progress because I didn't put in a character skill. I see how it is, mod tool. You just wasted seventeen minutes of mine. You will face my wraith, you will!


1:55 PM

Made Miya's personality table instead. That was easy. Miya doesn't like sewing, by the way. She thinks it's peasants work. And she's a princess, dontcha know. She says so, so it must be true... right?


2:02 PM

It's been so long since I've played this game that I'm forgetting easy stuff, like Acrobatics falls under Slight-of-Hand. Sigh.


2:05 PM

Miya's clique ability is absolutely useless and no one who has experience with the game will ever use it. Yet it's still more useful then Zorzi's. Why does Zorzi have such a crappy clique ability? Should I change Miya's so it's actually useful and worthwhile? Right now, I can't come up with anything good, though. Crap. Something to think about for later days. Right now, she just identifies items for you. Too bad shopkeepers do it for free and all that. Shoot, I don't even know if her ability works.


2:12 PM

Whatever, it's done. Now she has a clique ability and a normal ability. Take that, modtool! Try deleting my progress now! ...I better save.


2:24 PM

My mother calls me and reminds me to eat. Eating is good for you. I should probably get around to doing that. Currently fiddling with Miya's goals.


2:31 PM

Why does the mod tool not allow me to cut and paste? Why does it hate me? It hates me, doesn't it?


2:42 PM

Miya now has goals. Taking a break to get food.


2:54 PM

Ah, strawberries. It's rare to get good strawberries in the winter, but sometimes you luck out. Alright, time to do Miya's interests.


3:11 PM

Starting to feel bored. Must work on AI - Personal table rather then playing video games, writing Exalted crap, or watching Japanese music videos. Must. Cannot fail!


3:28 PM

Resisting the urge to play videos on youtube. Resisting the urge. Finished the personal table, now we're off to the studies table.


3:34 PM

Why can't all tables be as simple as the studies table? Now to the part that always gives me trouble, the Vendetta table. I never get in enough Vendettas to see students using it, so I'm never sure what to have my students do...


3:49 PM

Vendetta table done, finally. Now for cuteness.


3:52 PM

Well, that was simple. Watch out, Bira! Aki's in the game, and ready for the who-is-more-cute-huh-huh competition. Now let's go back to entering Miya as a student and hope she won't delete herself this time.


4:07 PM

Miya as a shell is in the game. She has an ability, a clique ability, all AI tables, a familiar (although she's missing a familiar ability), and all the information that makes her <i>her</i>. Obviously, she's lacking her adventure(s) and events, but she could successfully be run and exist in a game right now. Hurray, Miya! Time to see what we can do with Aaran.


4:29 PM

...Got distracted reading my Academagia document rather then actually working. Sorry, Aaran. Maybe the Pudding is right- you really are ignorable.


5:01 PM

Well, it took five million years, but Aaran's goals are now in the game. He has weird goals, but I'm pretty sure I mentioned that before.


5:16 PM

Aaran now has interests, and I have the German (I believe?) song Disco Pogo stuck in my head. It's not very helpful for working.


5:23 PM

I load up EUIII and sigh at the loading screen before shutting it back down again. This part... so boring. Just filling in tables. I want to get to the fun, writing stuff! Argghh. Having trouble with Aaran. I want him to have a 15% on his Personal table of using his personal ability, but I can't figure out how to teach him to do that. There's no direct option to say 'just use this skill' that I can find. Any ideas?


5:40 PM

Gave up on that for now, and told him to study astrology some more instead. That'll... solve... something. I don't know. Now the studies table! Woo, an easy one.


5:45 PM

Well, that was simple. Now the horrible Vendetta table. What would Aaran do in a Vendetta, anyway? I'm picturing mostly running screaming. I don't really think he's good at Vendettas.


6:03 PM

Aaran has a Vendetta table, a Personality table, and a familiar. Now he needs to actually become a student.


6:19 PM

Like Miya, Aaran now exists as a shell inside the system. He could be put in to your game and he would do stuff in the background. Unlike Miya, he's even less complete then she is, because I didn't feel like coding up his abilities because they would require slightly more complicated coding then everything I've been doing so far and I feel lazy.


6:20 PM

Seriously, I did two of them, can I stop yet? No? The world is mean. I grumble and sing Japanese songs that I don't know the lyrics to, so it's sort of like 'sanzen tsusomething dansu o so sidan n uu something no'. It's great. I grudgingly open the AI-Goal Section and type in Louise's name.


6:35 PM

Louise has the simplest goals. Antonino has the most complicated ones. I'm not looking forward to doing him. Now, to the interests!


6:46 PM

Off to the personal table. I bet this is pretty boring to read. I want to play Skyrim. I'm sort reading in another tab a long argument on who are the true gods of the setting and why the Tribunal from Morrowind don't count. It's an interesting discussion.


6:50 PM

Okay, usually I don't have any problems with how this game sorts skills, but why the hell is Artisan in Sabotage? Seriously, I just wasted like four minutes trying to figure that one out. ;_;


7:01 PM

Studies table! I love you, studies table! You are so innocent and sweet and never do me any wrong...


7:06 PM

I have to leave the studies table behind. :( ;_; Why is the world so cruel? Ugh, Vendetta... I have to make Louise mean. Somehow. I pause to read part of a Lunar flame war on the White Wolf boards for inspiration. Lunar flame wars over there happen like, everyday. It's just thing. Sort of like mentioning 'Mage the Ascension 2nd edition'. It's just all, boom, flame war! Explosion! ...I may be dilly-dallying. Yeah.


7:23 PM

Flame wars are amusing. Finished the Vendetta, finished the personality (very simple), put both Fanuco and the Hochmeister in to the familiar bank. Feeling bored and hungry. It's not my turn to cook, though...


7:36 PM

Louise's shell is in the mod tools. She doesn't have any abilities. Apparently, hanging out with her gives you Eyes on the Back of Your Head. Wouldn't that be a nice clique ability? I'll put in her real abilities later... after I'm done with the mercenary brat. You're up, Antonio!


7:47 PM

Dinner break. Hurray!


8:26 PM

Pizza and wine. Yay. Now I want to play Skyrim. I hum along to the Sons of Skyrim song. Antonio can wait, can't he? Can't he? ...No, I suppose he can't. Ugh, back to work on goals. Big giant sigh.


8:45 PM

Antonio's goal and interests are done. Is it bed time yet?


8:58 PM

I'm on the studies table. So close to having them all in the system... so close...


9:05 PM

Got distracted by Kitty Khan, fierce warrior poet and ruler of the Mogual Horde, demanding his rightful due of pettings. One can not disobey a kitty, after all. He's still a kitten and he's just so cute and adorable and silly and and and and... right, modding. Antonio has a cat. Yep. Studies table.


9:11 PM

Now the cursed Vendetta table. Antonio doesn't have time for your worthless vendettas! He has five hundred skills to build up, and vendettas seriously get in the way of that, you know? ...I suppose he needs a table anyway. Can I just make an 100% of 'study something random and ignore this crap'? ...No? Fine, fine. Stupid vendettas.


9:26 PM

I still don't really know what erraticity, confidence, deception, prosecution, and courage do. So I just make up numbers and hope it doesn't break something. I should really ask Legate for exact descriptions on them, shouldn't I?


9:38 PM

...I have no idea what Antonio would name a clique. I just made something up; I'll come up with something clever later. And that is okay, as he is NOW IN THE GAME. It took me all freakin' day, but all four students are now in the mod tools and could be saved and put in the game in which they would do absolutely nothing but level skills up (and be mean, in Louise's case), but that's okay. They are there. They have all their tables set and all their information put in, and I don't even care that they don't have their skills yet, I'm just so happy this is done. I'm getting a piece of chocolate to celebrate.


9:47 PM

I have chocolate. And I? I am taking a break now. Tomorrow I have off and free, and I can work on adding the abilities in to the game. (I may want to change Louise's ability, hm...) Then, after that, it's pure writing stuff. So... we're at the good point, I hope. :) If I can continue working without getting distracted by youtube, fanfiction, EUIII and Skyrim, this might actually go much quicker then I thought it would. I wonder if I'll be able to do more days like today...


Cheers, everyone, and thanks for reading if you read this. (In which you are probably very bored, and I am sorry.)



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Louise finally has skills. Do these skills actually work? I have no idea. But she has them! She really does!


I should work on Antonio, now, but Skyrim is calling me. Dovahkin, Dovahkin, da da da da da...

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Am I allowed to spam this topic? I figure no one really cares one way or another, but if I'm not allowed, please tell me. >.>


Antonio's skills are in the game. Unlike Louise's, I'm pretty sure his work, as they're both passives.


His clique ability:


Antonio has a philosophy: ‘No matter what the situation, as long as you understand what’s happening, you can take control of it.’ To help share it, he teaches his friends some of the finer points of both Listening and Lip Reading (+1 each), as well as the basics to some of the languages he knows- and he knows a lot of languages, including Bassan, Merilien, Oncestrain, and Vilocian (+1). Unfortunately, there’s another side to this philosophy, and it goes something like, ‘When you can understand and take control of any situation, everyone but yourself comes across as a painfully slow irritant.’ Friends of Antonio will find themselves (though usually unconsciously) picking this up as well, suffering from -2 Temperance, -1 Patience, and worst of all, -1 Stress Maximum.


Is the Stress Maximum too heavy? I could counter it with another hit to Patience instead... um, bah.


Smart people will notice that means friendship with Antonio closes an Adventure to you. This is quite rude of him, and he most sincerely apologizes, but he's sort of jealous that you get to go on adventures while he doesn't, so never mind that apology. Besides, he opens one in return! It's not all bad, right? Right?



Things I need to do besides play Skyrim:

+ Code up Aaran's skills. One of them is easy, but the other is complicated (reference tables ;_; ) and I don't feel like doing it. Blargh.

+ Add in the four familiar skills. None of them have hard skills, so it's just annoying, not difficult.

+ Put in all four duel adventures.


At that point, I'll turn them in to a mod and play a game or two (or get other people to play a game or two if they're willing to send reports) and see what they do day in and day out and what their final skill set and exam scores end up looking at, so I can see if they need their tables tweaked or personality ironed out more.


I'll also be writing. So far, it looks like no opinions, so I'll just work on Miya first (...though she's the only one that I have no idea what her adventure is going to be like), but if anyone wants to put their word in soon, now is certainly the time. :)

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So like, I found my copy of Ars Magica 5 thanks to help from my wonderful mother who keeps track of where I put my gaming books much better then I do. But I probably shouldn't be allowed to play a game until I finish this modding project, no matter how much fun it would be. Must commit! Commit!


I wrote up Miya, Aaran, and Louise's duels, though I didn't put them in game yet. Miya mocks you, Aaran bitches at you, and Louise threatens you. Pretty par for the course. Antonio's is more struggling. I know from the Legate that the Monteon Mercenaries frown upon dueling pretty heavily, but the reason behind that is [redacted]. So I have him straight off refusing the duel (though you can get one from him if you succeed on a Duel roll) and offering to try and bury the hatchet with the player character instead. I just can't have him say exactly why he's refusing the duel. This is somewhat complicated, as Antonio usually likes to talk.


I am reading everyone's familiar skill to get ideas. I know what Louise's does, and I have pretty set ideas for Aaran and Antonio, but Miya's is still giving me trouble.

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Do I expand or do I increase stress? I seriously don't know anymore.


Today I expect to get all four familiar skills, Aaran's abilities, and the four duel adventures in to the game. Then overnight, I'll turn them in to an actual mod and tomorrow zoom through a playthrough and see how their AI is turning out. If anyone wants to do the same thing- there's no real content to test, it's just seeing how the students look at the end of the year skill and stat-wise and making sure their abilities work- let me know. It's boring work, but it has to be done. :)

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Familiars done, Aaran's abilities being coded. I wish the game allowed you to copy and paste code. That would make this reference table a lot easier to do. As it is, I have to type Expand Stress, go to Expand and hit stress, go down to Character and hit Self, and then do it all again five seconds later. Soon to repeat the process with Expand Astrology. That's my number one wish at the moment for Year 2's Mod Tool. Allow me to copy and paste coding! Grr rawrgh!

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I just discovered that the boards have a chat room. Dohhhhhhhhhh.


Aaran is coded up, and three duels are in the game. I'm currently writing up Antonio's duel. He really doesn't want to duel. I feel sort of bad for him, but you probably shouldn't go to a magic school if you never want to magically duel. It just doesn't work very well.


If someone wants to do me a favor, go to the portrait help thread and take the last portrait I made of Louise (the one where I finished off complaining that I was completely done with her) and make the black edges of her little circle-thing transparent. I no longer have the software to do image editing anymore, so I can't do it myself. I'd really appreciate the favor there. Thanks.

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Okay, so I messed up Antonio's Duel Adventure and need to reprogram it (because I used a skill check in step 00, and I forgot that doesn't work). I might just make it checkless, at this point. If you really want a duel, you should be able to get it- just having him refuse once is enough. Even Miss Pacifist doesn't make that big of a deal about it.


Publishing for the night. Predictably, it's at 0% and is probably going to stay there for quite some time. Hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow morning.

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So. Uh. Mod publishing is the slowest thing in the world, seriously. It's at 26%, and I had it going at ten'o'clock last night. I keep staring at it, but sadly, glaring at my computer screen does not make it publish any faster. Something seems unfair about that.


I'm going to write some events. Writing events are easy. It's the adventures that are bothersome... though I do have Louise, Antonio, and Aaran's plotted out and outlined (just need to rewrite them). Miya is still giving me trouble.

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