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Relationship with Philippe Marchant >= 0

Relationship with Joana Lio y Rossollo >= 0


It is such a nice day. Everything outside looks picturesque and you feel compelled to enjoy them.


And miraculously, you do get to enjoy them. Apparently there's going to be some special guests visiting the school and you are dismissed an hour earlier than usual to let the professors prepare.


Passing by the impossibly crystalline Ardica Lake, a conversation with unfamiliar voice caught your attention.


Three shimmering figures sitting by the edge of the lake? You can't quite make out whatever the figure is, besides they faintly resemble three children of your height.


"Sounds nice! When will you get the four kids into the Academagia?"


"Not so soon. I am still struggling with their behaviors. But a visit here really helps, you know. It is a lot more easier to visualize them being here now that I get a nice glimpse of the place..."


One of the figure stand up.


"...And I have to go. Underground, you know. Being delicious and whatnot."


A screen of smoke obscure your vision all of a sudden. When your vision clears, two of the shimmering figure are standing before you, and the third is no where to be found.


"Hey! You! Entertain us! Tell something romantic with Philippe Marchant!"


You aren't sure which one is speaking; they are, after all, shimmering figures. But they definitely sounds excited.


What are you going to do?



Investigation 1: Refuse. (Automatic Success)


Whether your reasons, you refuse, in your own way - maybe being romantic sounds disgusting. Maybe it is just Philippe Marchant. Maybe you are afraid that someone will view you as competition, or maybe you are too young. Or you really don't know him that well.


"Hey! You can't refuse us! We bends reality!" One of the figure waves its hand and comets become to fall from the sky.


Hm. Is that a threat? If so, it is a very good one. Do you still intend to stand your ground?


Open Exit 1



Exit 1: Refuse again. (Automatic Success)


You decline again, in your own way, whatever it is - regardless, it leaves the figures flustered and scratching their heads.


"Whatever, we will just get some - Oi! There's Joana!" The figures begins to head toward a passing by Joana Lio y Rossollo.


You walk away with the knowledge that romance seems to affect even the most unusual otherworldly creatures, although in even more incomprehensible way. And the comets begin to disappear one by one. And some sickening kissing sound seems to emerge from everywhere around you. But it doesn't bother you, right? Right?


+1 Romance

+1 Composure


Exit 2: Kitten. Yay. (Automatic Success, require completion of A Kitten and A Boy)


You did remember that business with Philippe and a kitten, and -


"GIVE IT TO ME NOW BOY OR I WILL EAT YOU!" A voice bloom out from the tree above you.


You sigh, and rescue a kitten with Philippe Marchant again. Nothing new happens, save for the fact the kitten can speak and urge Philippe to make himself more adorable. At least it was a relaxing experience now that you don't even have to pay attention as you go through the exact process again.


That night, you dream of a kitten swallowing Philippe. Adorable!


-1 Stress

+1 Mammals

+1 Relationship with Philippe Marchant


Exit 3: Trunks. Yay. (Automatic success, require completion of A boy and his trunks)


Philippe and you were on bad terms back then. But less so now. And for some inexplicable reasons you suddenly remember the appearance of his trunks and that is all you can think of for the shimmering figures. Then you tell them of your rivalry.


"Ahhhhhh, unresolved tension!"


You excuse yourself as the two figures become (probably) lost in thought. You think you spot Philippe swimming in the lake just behind the figures.


That night, you dreams of becoming a siren and hiding whether Philippe approach Adrica Lake. Huh.


+1 Observation

+1 Memorization

+1 Storytelling


Exit 4: Bewitched Philippe. Yay. (Automatic Success, Requires completion of either Is This a Prank? or That Lovable Bully Philippe)


There was a time Philippe was bewitched. Intentionally or accidentally. Anyway, he tried to date you. Things happened. It will suffice, whether you embraced or rejected!


"Ooooooh, you!" The shimmering figures begin to acquire a pink, glowing outline. Then they begin to swoon and ignore you.


That night, all your dreams are about Philippe Marchant. You are not sure what to make of it, besides that you feel like you can read him like a parchment.


Inform Philippe Marchant

+1 Memorization

+1 Romance


Exit 5: Dispassion. Try to convince them romantic Philippe things are not so interesting. (Requires Dispassion >= 8, Automatic Success)


It is quite similar. These shimmering figures want romantic stories of Philippe just like how fans swoon over their favorite actor's romantic affairs.


But what is the charm of Philippe here that appeals to these otherworldly entities? Distracted, you walk back to your room without even realizing you are walking away.


That night, you dreams about shimmering figures drawing portraits of the gods. All of them came alive and descended to Elumia. Then you are suddenly nibbling on a plate of pudding.


Weird. But a dream of the century, perhaps?


-1 Concentration

+1 Insight


(Need one more exit for these who didn't get the events but want to try... *goes to sleep*)

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I suppose the typical attraction (I'm not just using this in a romantic sense- maybe fascination or, uh, intriguing-ness (...) would be the better word?) many people have to others who are difficult/troubled might be coming in to play here. While I don't think there are that many people on the forums here that are attracted to guys (much less twelve year old guys), I think almost everyone can relate to the desire to fix (or help, if you want to be more generous) someone who has a horrible personality... especially if elements of their past play in to it.


(I think that's one reason why you see a lot of focus with Phillipe- we see a pretty fair bit of his past, more then most people, plus there's all those Phillipe writings in the toolset that show a lot of a different side from him. I think, if Prudence was a wee bit more nasty, we'd be seeing a similar focus with her (personally, I keep having urges to write stuff like this for her, but more friendship oriented so my female characters can enjoy it to). At the same time, that's why you don't see as much of this with Joana. Why is Joana a jerk? Because it's to impress a boy she likes- who she just met (if Joana was Phillipe's long lost forgotten childhood friend, things might be different), at that. Why is Phillipe a jerk? To impress his family (brothers, in paticular), who are also jerks. Most people object to the notion of changing themselves to impress someone they want to date, but almost everyone again can sympathize with pressures put on them by family to change or be more like them or to live up to their example... so on, so forth.)


Or so goes my armchair analysis. :D

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