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To me it seems loosely:


(Skill level * 10) * (Study level / 10) = X


So if you have Negation 13 and full study, then:


(Negation 13 * 10) * (Study 10 / 10)


Which is


130 * 1 = 130


But if you have only 5 study, then


(13 * 10) * (5 / 10)


Which is


130 * .5 = 65


Skill steps also seem to have an effect on it as well, but it's only a few points on the exam. Clearly the most important thing for exams are study, as it greatly increases your skill's "worth" in the equation.


So Study study study!!! :)

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I gave a formula to work with. but mostly yeah, you're right.


it helps sometimes to give some examples.


and I realize that the math was overcomplicated in my example, but I can't help that.



That's just how I roll.

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You should get 50 in the Midterm Exams and 100 in the Endterm Exams. But in year 2 there will be a bonus if your mixed score of midterm and endterm exam extend a certain falue. (How this is calculated is different for each class)


Have the calculations for each class been revealed? Interested in them.

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I can see it now, celebrating, partying, living the highlife! At one of the local taverns during Class hours... Then a professor shows up and starts doling out reprimands and detentions.


Academic immunity!!! "pointing to the 7 top of the class medals attached to the robe" Academic immunity! "Delivered in the voice of the vorcha Ambassador from Mass effect 3's Blasto commercial" (Due to all of the partying and "happy" yelling)


//// incert professor reaction here ////

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