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How to get good rings?


I know of one adventure that gives a ring (Bump in the Road)

I ran into two random events that gave me rings (the Hedi cat - though I would guess that's limited to Hedi students - and some weird altar with a skeleton that gave me a useless silver ring)

Any other adventures that give rings?


I know of two nice rings with the shop you get from Oan.

What other shops have good rings?


Can you make rings yourself if your enchant/forge/artificer-skills are high enough?

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Theoretical you can make rings in year 1 but to have the recipe you first haved to own a identfied one of this typ (but not every item have a assotiated recipe) and then you have to search for the necesary material in the shops.

Because the shops are never refilled in year 1 and even common items have maybe just 3 pices spread over all shops, crafting is considered as broken.

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The Adventure is: If Hearing is Believing


It's the check where you try to stop her turning you into a penguin (phase 3 on the wiki), succeed and as Emperer Penguin you get the Gloves of Revision or the Cloak of Beguiling, if you fail then the poor stubby little pengo gets just the ring or coin - I can't remember what they are.


As a continuous adventure (needs only one action) which gives 2 magic items and 5 skill-ups it seems a little generous to me but it's a very funny adventure.


The wiki has a mass of rings posted, one's I've used include the Silencing Ring (-1% Chance of Discovery, +2 Move Silently) Astrologer's Eye (+3% chance of random event) and the Doppleganger Band (-2% Chance of Discovery, +1 Glamour Methods). I think that I bought the last two from Garibaldi's House of Seven Colours, the first may have come from the Underground Goblin Market, I'm not sure though.

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